9 Best Aero MIPS Helmet MIPS Helmet for Cycling!

Best Aero MIPS Helmet

The aero road helmet can be identified by its profile, which frequently has a smooth frontal area and fewer air vents. With little turbulence, the rear will frequently extend to steer the air past the back of the head.

The best aero helmets can offer a variety of advantages. Due to the decreased drag, they provide “free speed,” The only drawback is that they tend to get a little warmer on long, slow climbs.

You’re sure to find one that fits you well and appeals to your aesthetic preferences because so many options are available. I hope this Top 9 Best Aero MIPS Helmets list will help you find the best one. So, here are they:

  1. Giro Eclipse Spherical Adult Road Helmet.
  2. KASK Protone Icon Bike Helmet.
  3. Giro Vanquish MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet.
  4. MET – Manta MIPS Bike Helmet.
  5. Oakley Aro5 Helmet.
  6. POC Ventral Spin Helmet.
  7. BELL Z20 Aero MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet.
  8. Giro Aero head MIPS Adult Road Helmet.
  9. KASK Adult Aero Bike Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Aero MIPS Helmets

Reviews of Top 9 Best Aero MIPS Helmets for You

1. Giro Eclipse Spherical Adult Road Helmet

The premier aero helmet currently worn by World Tour pros is the Giro Eclipse.  It utilizes Giro’s exclusive MIPS Spherical technology. The MIPS sliding plane is integrated into the helmet between two layers of EPS foam instead of being attached to the interior surface.

The Giro Eclipse Spherical Helmet was developed to provide superior head protection, aggressively excellent airflow, and enhanced aerodynamic performance. It is the best option for training and racing on roads and gravel.

The helmet has good ventilation, so you won’t overheat even moving quickly, though the less aerodynamic Giro Aether is slightly cooler. Also, the Giro Eclipse Spherical is light, well-ventilated, and low-profile. Additionally, it is designed to be quiet.


  • It has a compact and lightweight design.
  • The helmet’s unique design offers excellent ventilation.
  • There are 14 internal Wind Tunnel vents on it.
  • It has MIPS protection technology.


  • A bit expensive.

2. KASK Protone Icon Bike Helmet

A well-known helmet that offers the ideal mixture between aerodynamics and breathability is the Kask Protone. The smooth, rounded form at the back helps direct air past the head with little turbulence, while the 12 wide frontal vents provide a lot of airflow across the head.

With speed, safety, comfort, and enhanced performance at the core of its design, the Protone Icon helmet is an impressively aerodynamic road cycling helmet perfect for cyclocross, XC Marathons, and road cycling.

The “Octo Fit” technology from Kask enables a variety of adjustments to fit all head sizes. This provides a snug fit and keeps the head in a comfortable position. Additionally, there is 3D dry padding and an eco-leather chin strap, both of which add to the comfort.

Kask’s manufacturing of safety helmets is renowned for striking the ideal mix between technological brilliance, usability, and appealing design while upholding a dedication to the industry’s highest standards.


  • The helmet has good airflow.
  • It provides a variety of colors.
  • It has a chin strap that fits snugly without a flap.
  • It’s very lightweight.


  • Headbands and caps may not fit properly due to their poor head retention.

3. Giro Vanquish MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet

The Giro Vanquish MIPS is the only helmet on this list that will look as good on the road as in a time trial. Giro makes some fairly difficult-to-compare claims about the aerodynamics of the Vanquish, which was designed utilizing CFD and wind tunnel testing.

The Vanquish offers excellent comfort. Once dialed in, the straps are simple to adjust and remain in place. The Roc Loc Air is compact, secure, and clear of eyeglass stems. The MIPS technology, which decreases strain levels during impact and improves your safety, is another advantage of Vanquish.

Instead of sunglasses, you can use the included magnetic removable eye shield with a Zeiss lens to improve aerodynamics and increase contrast, making it easier to see objects at a distance.


  • Its magnetic eye shield is removable.
  • It will give you a stylish look.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.
  • Its integrated visor is perfect for riders who take part in time trials.


  • It might feel heavy to some riders.

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4. MET – Manta MIPS Bike Helmet

The Met Manta Mips Aero Road helmet provides a superb balance of aerodynamic performance and breathability. The Met Manta Mips impresses with what appears to be good aero performance, good levels of cooling, weight, and comfort, and being elegantly combined with Mips protection.

The Manta is a lightweight aero helmet ideal for cyclists with neck strain from using heavier helmets or bikes that don’t fit them properly. Due to the Safe-T Orbital Fit System’s high degrees of adjustability and simple securing with the Fidlock magnetic buckle, owners gush about its comfort.

The Manta’s closed aerodynamic design and high ventilation levels are balanced well, which is one of its strongest points. Users of the Manta often remark on how effectively the helmet cools the head and prevents overheating.


  • The price of this helmet is affordable.
  • It’s a very comfortable helmet.
  • It includes a magnetic buckle for easy fastening.
  • It is pretty lightweight.


  • It has a tough strap management system.

5. Oakley Aro5 Helmet

An extremely comfortable helmet with a MIPS liner and a BOA fit system is the Aro 5. It can be adjusted forward and backward but not in height. Sunglasses fit perfectly in the Oakley helmet’s larger front vents. Besides, the ARO5 is cozy, and the interior padding seems minimal.

The permanent splitters leave enough of room around your ears, and the thin webbing fits comfortably on the side of your face. The retention system’s three height settings also simplify locating the sweet spot.

The ARO5 is incredibly stifling at low speeds. Because there are no crucial vents at the back of the helmet, excess heat builds up quickly when climbing uphill. The internal channeling that has been so useful in other aero road helmets at more incredible speeds is useful even at lower ones.


  • It is made of BOA closure and MIPS liner.
  • It has an integrated eyeglasses dock.
  • A moisture-wicking X-STATIC brow pad is present.
  • It will give you a stylish look.


  • A bit expensive.

6. POC Ventral Spin Helmet

The POC Ventral SPIN is an aerodynamically enhanced helmet with excellent ventilation due to its design. The addition of fabric grippers in the vents keeps your sunglasses firmly in place, and the fit is both secure and comfortable.

The Ventral SPIN is POC’s top-of-the-line aerodynamic helmet. It is remarkably lightweight and has many cutting-edge technologies. The Ventral’s distinctive appearance and enhanced aerodynamic performance are intended to increase speed and safety.

Similar to MIPS, POC has created its own SPIN (‘Shearing Pad Inside’) technology that lessens the transmission of rotational forces during a collision. Although the padding somewhat conceals the mechanism, the retention system has a solid feel and can alter its vertical orientation up and down.


  • It is incredibly compact and lightweight.
  • Its EPS liner optimizes weight and safety.
  • Its Eye garage holds sunglasses securely.
  • Its ergonomic precision strap and adjustable system provide a great fit.


  • It was pretty expensive.

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7. BELL Z20 Aero MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

The Bell Z20 Aero MIPS helmet maintains a compromise between aerodynamics and a typical road helmet’s ventilation. Despite being somewhat pricey, it is pleasant to wear and has the added advantages of the MIPS system.

The most crucial aspect is ventilation; Bell’s Z20 shows it is doing it right. It still depends on where you set the vents, not just how many or how big the holes are, even on helmets with 20 or more vents.

The Z20 is constructed of 2 components fused: an EPS (expanded polystyrene) cover section with a polycarbonate outer shell and the internal structure of the conventional Z20 MIPS with all vents blocked out. MIPS layers are increasingly found between the cradle and the EPS on bicycle helmets.


  • This helmet provides a high-performance custom fit.
  • It is MIPS-integrated and offers three-way adjustability.
  • Aerodynamics, comfort, and ventilation are well-balanced on it.
  • The worth of money.


  • Its price is high.

8. Giro Aero head MIPS Adult Road Helmet

The Aero head MIPS has 4 integrated wind tunnel vents, over-brow ventilation, a vented eye shield from ZEISS Optics with a magnetic lens anchor attachment, and a polycarbonate shell with a built-in MIPS system. These features all contribute to the helmet’s ability to keep wearers cool.

There are magnets in two positions on the helmet. The first secure the visor in front of your eyes, while the second lets you secure the visor to the top of the helmet out of the way to make it easier to put on and take off the aero head.

Aero head MIPS also includes a wraparound eye shield with a wide field of vision and a magnetic anchor attachment for placing the lens in the “flipped up” position, ideal for quick changes from the swim to the bike.


  • It’s pretty comfortable.
  • It provides excellent visibility through the visor.
  • The visor is handy for speedy triathlon transitions due to its magnetic attachment.
  • It uses the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in an impact.


  • You may sweat when you use the shield for maximum aerodynamics.

9. KASK Adult Aero Bike Helmet

The fast, comfortable, and surprisingly cool Kask Utopia aero helmet uses WG11 instead of MIPS. Utopia’s 5mm layer of fast-wicking Resistex* padding wicks perspiration from the rider’s head to the helmet’s outer shell, making it pleasant to wear all day.

Even though the Kask Utopia is one of the most excellent helmets on the market, its lack of typical rotational impact protection makes it less appealing. The design is a little bit more distinctive on the interior. Only 4 pieces of cushioning are there in total.

There is a wide variety of design language used in aero helmets. There are many options available that make the head appear longer and rather alien. One of the most attractive aero helmets available is the Kask Utopia.


  • It is super lightweight.
  • Its vents are made to increase cooling and aerodynamics.
  • Its padding can be easily removed, washed, or replaced.
  • Its vertical cushioning strips aid in keeping sweat out of your eyes.


  • The technology for rotational impact is lacking.

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What to Look for While Purchasing the Best Aero MIPS Helmet?

It’s an excellent decision to consider whether an aero road bike helmet is a decent choice for you before you click the buy button. Keep in mind the following characteristics:


An aero road bike helmet typically weighs about 280g. (0.62lb). A lightweight helmet is more pleasant and does not cause neck strain on long rides, so weight is quite a significant aspect. MIPS-equipped helmets typically weigh 0.88 to 1.59 ounces (25 to 45 g) more than non-MIPS-equipped models.

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I advise going with your personal preferences when selecting a helmet, with aerodynamics being a secondary consideration.

The variations among the aero helmets in this collection are negligible. Although aero helmets can make an impact and races can be determined by inches, you rarely can determine the difference between two high-end aero helmets.


Ventilation is a crucial component that significantly improves your riding comfort. Unfortunately, ordinary road bicycle helmets have better ventilation than aero helmets.

However, manufacturers are continually pushing the boundaries of design, and some aero helmets have good ventilation. If you cannot test a helmet out on a ride, you must rely on user reviews to determine whether the helmet is adequately vented.

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Multi-directional Impact Protection System is referred to as MIPS. Over 20 years were spent on the development and research of this technology. It lessens the forces created during a collision and the forces that are then communicated to the brain.


To be approved for sale, bicycle helmets in the USA must satisfy the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) quality requirements. There is a standard known as EN 1079 in Europe, AS/NZS 2063 in Australia and New Zealand, etc.

These certifications confirm that the helmet complies with specified safety and protection standards.


POC created SPIN, which is extremely similar to MIPS. MIPS even sued POC for infringing its intellectual property. Although the basis and objective are the same, the technique is different. In contrast to MIPS, SPIN uses SPIN pads to lessen rotational and linear stresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do aero road helmets worth the price?

That is a valid question. Indeed, they are if you’re a racer who values every second. A better-ventilated helmet will be a better option if you’re simply a casual rider, though, as you likely won’t notice the difference in speed.

A more aerodynamic helmet won’t necessarily prevent you from being quicker. Is it appropriate to prioritize comfort over anything else?

Are aero helmets obnoxious to the eye?

Buyers would likely consider an aero helmet’s aesthetics even though it has little bearing on how well it performs.

In particular, with an aero helmet, a bulgy design will likely end up in more wind resistance than a helmet that sits closer to your head; therefore, you should normally try to avoid the “mushroom head” appearance. Naturally, appearances are entirely subjective, so this won’t be a significant factor in your evaluations.

Do aero helmets have vents?

The answer is “Yes” of course. While ventilation may not be your priority when looking for an aero-road helmet, it’s still something to consider, especially if you ride in a warm location.

Cycling helmet aerodynamics and ventilation often work in tandem. However, some manufacturers claim to use the Venturi effect, which states air will accelerate when forced through a small opening.

This implies that air can be directed into tiny vents and dragged out the back to assist cooling. The manufacturer’s consideration of this and the quantity of frontal vents will be shown in the reviews up there, but it’s also important to examine vent size.

To encourage airflow over the top of your head, look for channeling inside the helmet shell. Deeper front-to-back channeling ought to keep your head a little bit cooler.

Are aeronautical helmets cozy?

Even though wearing a helmet could help you ride more quickly, all those valuable seconds you’ve saved will be lost if you stop mid-ride to change the fit.

The best recommendation is to put on the headgear before you buy it and choose the size that fits your head. You should be able to find a headgear that fits because most helmets come in three sizes, sometimes more and sometimes less.

Except the fact that they provide less airflow over the head, aero helmets usually are no less comfortable than standard helmets; nevertheless, if you tend to run hot, you may overheat more quickly in one.

Does a MIPS helmet have value?

Anyone purchasing a new helmet should prioritize safety. Ultimately, the cycle helmet’s sole goal is to safeguard your head in the event of an accident.

All of the helmets in this test will have met the necessary regional industry standards. Still, some go above and beyond by incorporating cutting-edge technology, like MIPS, a “slip-liner” that allows the helmet to rotate independently of the wearer’s head during impact.

This indicates that the MIPS helmet absorbs more energy during angular hits rather than transferring it to the rider’s head.

My Final Thoughts

An aero helmet might be an excellent choice if you compete or live in a flat location without many hills to climb because it decreases drag.

But remember that aero helmets don’t have as good ventilation as regular road cycling helmets, which might cause overheating in warm weather or on tough hills. Additionally, they are typically a little heavier than conventional helmets.

Without costly standardized testing, it is difficult to determine which helmet is the best aerodynamic among the many on the market.

I’ve selected the best aero road cycle helmets from different manufacturers. Many riders worldwide and professional cyclists on the World Tour wear these helmets. You’ll undoubtedly get a helmet you like that is within your price range.

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