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Best Bike Helmet with Lights

Helmets for bikes halve the risk of head injuries. The first step in bike safety is choosing the right helmet, which quite literally has the ability to save your life. One of the best methods to burn calories and lose weight is to go biking.

In addition to wearing a good helmet when cycling in the dim light like early morning, late afternoon, or at night, you should also try to be as visible as possible. And thus, having a bike helmet with integrated lights could turn out to be the best choice.

Some cycling helmets come equipped with LED lights that can be turned with the push of a button. Your headgear now makes you much more visible, increasing your ability to prevent accidents altogether in addition to protecting your head in the case of an accident.

In this article, I’ll list the top 7 bike helmets with lights available on the market right now. Here are they:

  1. Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet.
  2. Retrospec Lennon Bike Helmet with LED Light.
  3. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Bike Helmet.
  4. Retrospec Silas Adult Bike Helmet with Light.
  5. Schwinn Beam LED Lighted Bike Helmet.
  6. XNITO Bike Helmet with LED Lights.
  7. Abus Urban-I Helmet with LED Taillight.
  8. Sena R2 Smart Bluetooth Road Cycling Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Bike Helmets with Lights

Reviews of Top 8 Best Bike Helmets with Lights

Our Pick

1. Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet

Bright front and rear LED lights will upgrade your bike helmet and make you more visible to moving cars. The Lumos Ultra has received the most funding on Kickstarter in both the “bike” and “bike accessories” categories.

This helmet is lightweight, not too bulky, and simple to adjust. The front-facing lighting on the helmet does a good job of increasing your visibility and can be configured to flash or stay on. On the back of the helmet are a charging port and a button to turn on the light.

Every rider will be happy after trying out the Lumos Ultra. After riding with the Lumos Ultra, you wouldn’t want another helmet. It is a MIPS helmet with a sophisticated safety design that allows the helmet to absorb rotational impact force in order to help protect your head.


  • It fits perfectly.
  • It gives you a stylish look.
  • This bike helmet is excellent, especially at night.
  • It features an extremely bright signal and headlights.


  • It was a bit expensive.

Our Pick

2. Retrospec Lennon Bike Helmet with LED Light

The Retrospec Lennon is a sleek commuter helmet for riders on a budget, providing the appearance and feel of a high-end item without the high-end price.

Thick athletic wicking pads, an easy-to-use dial-adjust cage, and a built-in LED blinking light in the back for better visibility are all included as standard equipment with the Lennon.

From beginner riders to experienced cyclists, this helmet is the go-to model for all situations. Long rides will be more pleased with this CM-4’s padding. The 15 vents and contoured design of this helmet, along with the inside air channels, force ventilation through and around the helmet for a cool, pleasant ride.

But, Lennon’s cheaper cost is evident in the way it was built. The Lennon won’t hold up as well over time as other helmets on my list because it was made with a less dependable “hardshell” construction rather than a premium “in mold” one.


  • It has reflective straps and graphics for increased visibility.
  • It is available in five sporty colors.
  • Its sleek design slices through the wind, making city commuting simple.
  • Your safety is ensured by its built-in 5-LED 3-function flashing safety light.


  • The LED Light cover is quite challenging to remove.

Our Pick

3. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Bike Helmet

The Schwinn Thrasher has the widest range of size adjustments and is the least expensive helmet on this list. This helmet comes in one size that fits all and can be adjusted from small to extra big. It provides adequate protection for your head and has a good fit.

Although the visor cannot be adjusted, it is simply snapped on and off to make removal simple. By pushing the center, the LED’s circular form can be turned on or off.

Two LR41 button batteries are used to power the LED. These are already included with the helmet and have a plastic strip that needs to be removed before use. It’s a nice, reasonably priced bike helmet with an integrated light that is lightweight and should suit almost any head size.


  • It keeps you cool with 21 flow vents.
  • Easy adjustment is provided through its Dial Fit system.
  • The removable visor aids in glare reduction.
  • Worth of money.


  • A bit heavier.

Our Pick

4. Retrospec Silas Adult Bike Helmet with Light

This classic bike helmet Silas has been updated, renovated, and is prepared for adventure anytime you are. You’ll forget you’re wearing it thanks to Silas’ adjustable straps, ErgoKnob dial, and 24 vents that let you feel the breeze in your hair.

Bike with the comfort of knowing Retrospec’s Silas bike helmet has you covered, whether you’re riding to work or through the back alleys of city streets. Literally, this thin, durable plastic outer shell bicycle helmet is made with EPS foam that safeguards you without adding weight.

When it comes to protecting the rider, a helmet’s fit is just as crucial as its construction, so the manufacturers equipped this cycling helmet with an ergo knob adjustment dial for a consistently secure, comfortable fit.

With 24 vents, Silas has excellent ventilation to move air over and through the bike helmet, wick away perspiration, and keep you cool as you ride. It is designed to safeguard you while giving you the confidence that you have chosen the most affordable bike helmet available.


  • It’s a very lightweight helmet.
  • Feels comfortable to wear.
  • It meets U.S. CPSC safety regulations.
  • It is a helmet with a classical style that has 24 vents to keep you cool.


  • You should be careful with the sizing.

Our Pick

5. Schwinn Beam LED Lighted Bike Helmet

The Beam Lighted Reflective Adult Helmet from Schwinn is a modern helmet that is both fashionable and protective. The integrated rear light on the Beam serves as its signature, casting a strong red beam to alert other riders and motorists of your presence at night.

It’s a critical safety element, but it’s also a money-saving feature that your wallet will value. The top and sides are reflective to increase your visibility while riding, and the light is simply detachable for daytime riding or when it’s time to replace the provided batteries.

The adjustable dial fit knob, which provides 360˚ of flexibility, ensures a comfortable fit, and the 18 perfectly placed air vents will keep you feeling cool as a cucumber. A safe, fashionable, and flamboyant helmet like the Beam will light up your ride.


  • For the ideal custom fit, its 360° adjustable dial fit is available.
  • Its built-in rear light improves visibility at night.
  • During hot summer rides, it is 18 perfectly placed vents to keep heads cool.
  • Its Reflective strips increase visibility for greater safety.


  • Not that comfortable.

Our Pick

6. XNITO Bike Helmet with LED Lights

According to CPSC and NTA-8776 safety requirements, the XNITO e-bike helmet has received dual certification. The helmet is made to provide protection at higher speeds up to 28 mph. It provides more impact protection as well as more temple and back of the head covering.

Due to its specially designed LED front and back lights, visibility at night and in dense fog is increased by up to 100%. They have 3 settings, is USB rechargeable, light, water-resistant, and can illuminate for up to 10 hours. With a helmet on, it is simple to press the buttons to change the lighting mode.

The helmet has a cool urban appearance. In order to improve ventilation, the aerodynamic design of the helmet has 10 vents on the front and crest that actively absorb airflow and send it via the inner cooling channels. The fabric visor, which is removable, shields the eyes from the sun.


  • It’s very lightweight.
  • It fits perfectly on your skull.
  • Your head will be well-protected with this helmet.
  • Worth the money.


  • A bit expensive.

Our Pick

7. Abus Urban-I Helmet with LED Taillight

The Urban-I is made for commuters, daily riders, tourists, and BMX riders. The helmet has an In-Mold design for a long-lasting fusion of the outer shell with the substance that absorbs shock (EPS).

For safety, stability, and a comfortable fit, its ZoomLite precise adjustment has a retention system made of durable yet lightweight, flexible plastic. The helmet has large, noticeable integrated LED rear lights with 180-degree visibility and large reflectors for better rider safety.

There are 12 air inlets and 5 exits, which provide comfy ventilation. For ultimate comfort, the internal padding is washable and detachable, and the soft-touch straps are very simple to adjust. The visor is quick and simple to put on and take off according to rider choice.


  • It’s extremely lightweight.
  • It fits the head well and is comfortable.
  • The interior padding is detachable and washable.
  • Optimal ventilation is provided by its 12 inlet vents and 5 outlet vents.


  • A bit expensive.

Our Pick

8. Sena R2 Smart Bluetooth Road Cycling Helmet

One of the top manufacturers of bike and helmet accessories worldwide is Sena. The Sena R2 is undoubtedly one of the many legendary bike helmets that they’ve created. Even though the front of it doesn’t have any light, the rear of it has powerful LED lights.

The bright LED taillight can be seen from almost 30 feet away. As a result, you will be easily visible from a long distance. The greater visibility keeps you safe from bikers behind you. That will be beneficial in avoiding collisions.

Just above the rider’s ear, the R2 has speakers and a microphone that are flawlessly integrated. With the help of Sena’s Bluetooth intercom technology, up to 4 riders may communicate from helmet to helmet at a distance of just over half a mile (900 meters).


  • This R2 is a road cyclist-specific aerodynamic helmet.
  • This R2 also has a Bluetooth intercom system.
  • Anything that is transmitted from a cell phone can listen to.
  • A built-in taillight in this sleek helmet increases your visibility to other cyclists.


  • Doesn’t have many color options.

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What to look for while choosing the best bike helmet with lights?

While looking for a bike helmet with integrated lights, your options are very limited. Hence, choosing the best one for you would be made easier if you were choosy. This brings up how vital it is to consider the basics of helmets with integrated lighting.

LED Light

Take a look at the kind of lights that come with the helmet first. By purchasing a helmet with both front and rear lights, you will undoubtedly experience the highest level of road safety. It will also improve your ability to see the road in front of you.

Light modes

Look for helmets with multiple light modes, such as flashing or steady, to increase your visibility in different situations.

Battery life

Consider the battery life of the lights and how long they will last between charges or battery replacements. You don’t want the lights to die in the middle of a ride.


Most padding can be easily removed for washing. You should also examine the helmet’s breathability to ensure optimum ventilation. Otherwise, wearing the helmet will make you sweat. The helmet should also be portable. I advise purchasing a bike helmet that weighs less than 1 lbs for a comfortable and stress-free ride.


Take the helmet’s construction into account. Polycarbonate is used in most bicycle helmets. It needs to be capable of absorbing impacts and shock. The helmet won’t function otherwise. Most helmets include cushioning inside to protect your head from harm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the brightest color for a bike helmet?

Yellow-colored helmets are the most noticeable at night. For increased visibility throughout the day, you can pick between yellow and blue, or green helmets.

How do you activate a bicycle helmet with lights?

To turn on the lights, activate the power switch on the LED. The steady lighting option is activated by pressing the button once while the helmet lights are off. A second press of the power button will change the lighting mode from steady to flashing.

Why does the helmet have a light on it?

For a warning effect that is extremely noticeable, particularly in foggy, wet, or snowy weather, or at night or in a dark environment, the turn signal light is attached to a bike helmet. This effectively reduces rear-end crashes and ensures driver safety.

Do LEDs work well on bicycles?

When compared to halogen bulbs, the luminous output of an LED is far higher. As a result, the LEDs’ output is increased, which is perfect for riding at night or in low light.

My Final Thoughts

An important factor to think about while biking is accident prevention. The biggest risk for bikers is not being spotted by drivers, especially at night. Consequently, having a bike helmet with integrated lights might be the best choice.

According to numerous statistics, helmets can lower the chance that motorcyclists would sustain fatal injuries. Your safety on and off the roads is significantly enhanced when you choose a helmet with lights.

In the event of a bike accident, wearing a helmet can without a doubt significantly lower your risk of suffering a major injury or even death. I’ve reviewed the top 8 best bike helmets with lights for you. For improved road visibility, you can select either of these. As a result, you will have the best visibility.

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