The Best BMX Helmets for Your Needs and Budget!

Best BMX Helmets

The standard BMX helmet will seem unusual to you if you are used to modern road bike helmets or even to most MTB options, mainly due to its hard outer shell. It is warmer, heavier, and bulkier than a roadie’s helmet.

BMX helmets offer ventilation to keep the biker cool during intense rides and are composed of strong materials that can survive the impact of a crash. Consider purchasing one of these premium alternatives if you’re a BMX enthusiast searching for a durable helmet.

Most BMX helmets are made for freestyle riders and offer the same amount of protection as a skate helmet. Depending on your needs, I have compiled a selection of the top 9 best BMX helmets currently available. Here are they:

  1. Triple 8’s The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet.
  2. Triple Eight Dual Certified MIPS Bike Helmet.
  3. BELL Adult Full Face Bike Helmet.
  4. Troy Lee Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet.
  5. Troy Lee Designs Adult BMX Helmet.
  6. Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet.
  7. Fox Racing Flight Sport Bicycle Helmet.
  8. BELL Local Adult BMX Bike Helmet.
  9. Giro Quarter Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best BMX Helmets.

Reviews of Top 9 Best BMX Helmets for You

Our Pick

1. Triple 8’s The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

This is the very first and best helmet that fully integrates thick dual-density soft foam, luxurious Sweatsaver fabric, and high-impact absorbing EPS Foam. According to US CPSC Bike and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards, it is dual-approved.

The outrageous color schemes that Triple Eight is famous for are completely honored on THE Sweatsaver. For hours of motorcycling, the classic shell form created by renowned action Sports Company Triple Eight offers comfort and ventilation.

It’s the perfect helmet for BMX, scooters, roller derby, bicycling, skateboarding, and other action sports. For a customized fit, it comes with two sets of sweat-wicking, odor-free Sweatsaver liners in two different sizes. For washing, the terrycloth liners can be removed from their hook and loop tape attachment.


  • It complies with U.S. CPSC safety regulations.
  • It is constructed of soft Sweatsaver fabric that wicks away moisture.
  • For a custom fit, it comes with two sets of Sweatsaver pads in 2 different sizes.
  • This skateboard helmet has excellent impact-absorbing EPS foam and is Dual certified.


  • A bit expensive.

Our Pick

2. Triple Eight Dual Certified MIPS Bike Helmet

Its ABS exterior is designed for a tight fit and low profile, and it has an impact-absorbing EPS foam liner.

This Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet with MIPS is the ideal fusion of outstanding fit and protection with a traditional Triple Eight design. Both bike and skate certifications are present.

The helmet features a low-friction layer with the trademarked MIPS Technology to lessen rotational forces caused by angled impacts. This helmet’s chin strap can be adjusted, and a side-release squeeze buckle secures it.

This helmet’s MIPS technology mimics the structure of the skull more effectively distributing impacts and lessening the damage. The helmet meets with the ASTM F-1492 skate safety standard as well as the U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for people ages 5 and older.


  • It features a chin strap adjustment with a side-release buckle.
  • This helmet can slide due to its thin friction layer.
  • 2 different sets of detachable helmet pads are included for fit customization.
  • MIPS technology is used in it to lessen rotational forces during impact.


  • Be sure about your sizing.

Our Pick

3. BELL Adult Full-Face Bike Helmet

The Full-9 complies with CPSC and CE bicycle safety standards as well as the most demanding ASTM Downhill Mountain Bike Race standard. Its magnetic cheek pads and the Eject Helmet Removal System are more motocross trickle-down technologies.

No other helmet company has a stronger history in motocross. The Full-9 full-face mountain bike helmet was developed by Bell engineers using a lot of the principles they learned while developing the acclaimed Moto-9 helmet.

The Full-9 also has an integrated breakaway camera mount with Soundtrax built-in speaker pockets and audio wire routing. This is the world’s most advanced helmet for DH or BMX includes a lightweight carbon shell, a large field of vision, Overbrow Ventilation intakes, and Velocity Flow Ventilation.


  • It’s a full-face helmet.
  • It fits perfectly and is lightweight.
  • Feels comfortable to wear.
  • Worth of money.


  • It’s the most expensive one here.

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Our Pick

4. Troy Lee Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

The world’s best Troy Lee Designs Stage Nova BMX Cycling Helmet provides excellent head protection. To safeguard you against high and low-speed impacts, it has a Polylite Shell construction with fiber reinforcement, dual-density EPP and EPS foam, and MIPS technology.

You can stay cool while riding due to its large ventilation chin bar opening, 11 high-flow intake ports, and 14 exhaust vents. This helmet also has unique a Fidlock magnetic buckle system, break-away visor screws, and a drawstring pouch with permeable mesh paneling.

The helmet comes with two liners, three sets of cheek pads, and two neck rolls for a bespoke fit, and the contoured 3D XT2 cheek pads ensure an optimal fit. An X-Static helmet liner with quick-drying capabilities is also included with this TLD stage helmet.


  • It features large ventilation to keep you cool.
  • It offers excellent head protection.
  • Its fit can be customized due to the variety of liners and cheek pads.
  • It has a drawstring bag with mesh paneling for breathability.


  • A bit expensive.

Our Pick

5. Troy Lee Designs Adult BMX Helmet

At a weight of about 2lb 8.5oz, the Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite Mono Full-Face Downhill BMX Mountain Bike Adult Helmet is thin and comfy (1150g). This helmet is ideal for BMX riders because it features the TLD Shield Logo design.

With 20 high-flow intake and exhaust ports, this helmet’s lightweight fiberglass shell offers wind tunnel-tested aerodynamics and an effective ventilation system to keep you cool.

The D3 Fiberlite has a snug fit thanks to the 3D cheek pads. The helmet is made to fit snugly and stay in place while riding, despite the lack of an adjustable fit. A one-year manufacturer’s guarantee is also included.


  • It’s very lightweight.
  • It feels comfortable to wear.
  • While riding, the helmet stays on your head perfectly.
  • It offers a stylish look.


  • It could seem a little heavy to some.

Our Pick

6. Bell Sanction Adult Full-Face Bike Helmet

For dirt jump or BMX riders who value comfort and safety above all else, the BELL Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet is ideal. Its lightweight full-face design provides a smaller size and profile while its ABS shell structure and adjustable visor offer outstanding durability.

It’s an ideal way to offer some more protection for a rider who enjoys wearing full-face helmets. This helmet guarantees the best possible airflow while riding with its 15 vents. For a safe and secure fit, getting a head measurement before purchasing this product is crucial.

Those who want full-face protection but prefer a smaller size and profile can go for the Sanction. Choose a Full-9 or Transfer-9 when you’re riding a chairlift. But, if you’re riding a BMX or doing dirt jumps, this helmet will be useful.


  • It is made of a sturdy ABS shell.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes for a snug fit.
  • It features 15 vents for the best possible ventilation while riding.
  • Its full-face lightweight design provides both comfort and protection.


  • There might be some issues with the sizing.

Our Pick

7. Fox Racing Flight Sport Bicycle Helmet

The Fox Racing Flight Sport Hardshell Helmet is a perfect choice to offer you outstanding levels of protection if you’re just getting into street BMX/Dirt jumping.

This entry-level helmet offers safety, making it the ideal option for novices in the worlds of skating, BMX, dirt jumping, and even scootering.

Riders of any age or skill level can feel confident thanks to their single-density EPS layer and tested ABS hard outer shell, and the understated design lets your moves speak for themselves in the aesthetic stakes.

The Flight’s ABS shell provides exceptional durability for extensive usage and protection against the unavoidable bumps and scrapes of dirt biking. When you’re shredding, the 8 large vents on it keep fresh air blowing over your head and keep you cool.


  • It’s lightweight.
  • It fits perfectly on your head.
  • It looks classy and comfortable.
  • It has 8 large vents for great ventilation.


  • There might be some issues with sizing.

Our Pick

8. BELL Local Adult BMX Bike Helmet

This Local Adult BMX Helmet mixes old-school comfort and technology with classic skate-style looks that are equally at home on the dirt or in the streets. The helmet is cozy and stylish and has dual certification for biking and skating. It can be worn on the street or in the dirt.

This Bell Local helmet is unique because it has an on-the-fly adjustable adjustment system. Basically, a dial on the back of the helmet may be turned to modify the Local’s overall size slowly. This is ideal for finding the exact fit, but the system can create a little noise while in use.

This helmet can be worn for a variety of activities, from mountain riding to testing how many car parking spots you can maneuver, thanks to the combination of a secure fit, an ABS hard shell exterior, and a tuned EPS foam liner.


  • This helmet is stylish and comfortable.
  • It combines old-school technology with classic skate style.
  • It has an EPS liner and an ABS hard plastic shell.
  • With the flip of a dial, its simple fit system offers an adjustable, secure fit.

Our Pick

9. Giro Quarter Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet

Dirt helmets in the skate style have a difficult life. This Quarter adult mountain cycling helmet can withstand the wear and tear that comes from skating or riding trails since it contains a polyurethane bumper.

The Giro Quarter MIPS is the ideal partner on challenging mountain bike trails because it was created specifically for the tough life that kids (little, big, and adult) put helmets through.

It comes in three Super Fit sizes and a lot of great colors. I believe that the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System featured in this quarter can redirect energy and offer better protection in some impacts.


  • It feels comfortable.
  • It fits perfectly.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • Worth of money.


  • A bit costly.

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What to Look for While Purchasing the Best BMX Helmets?

Your main focus should be safe when it comes to BMX riding. A helmet is among the most crucial items of safety gear for BMX riders. I’ll give you some guidelines in this article on how to purchase the best BMX helmet. Here are they:


An EPS (expanded polystyrene) inner and a polycarbonate outer shell comprise most BMX helmets. EPS is the crushable foam that disperses high-velocity impacts very effectively, which makes it perfect for use in helmets.


Because of the nature of BMX, overall protection takes precedence over cooling. Most other cycling disciplines involve a lot of high-intensity physical activities, especially while racing, which means you’re going to feel the heat, therefore having a helmet with adequate ventilation is crucial.

But don’t worry; almost every BMX helmet still has small vents that let the hottest air out of the shell, no matter how fast you’re riding.

Types of BMX Helmets

There are many different kinds of BMX helmets, and each one is made for a different kind of riding.

Full-face helmets cover most of your head and are made for more extreme or dangerous types of BMX riding, like racing or dirt jumping. Such helmets have a chin guard and often a visor to keep debris from hitting the rider’s face.

Half-shell helmets are lighter than full-face helmets, but they don’t cover as much of your face. They are a good choice for BMX riders who do less serious rides like cruising or street riding.

Skull caps are the least protective and offer the least coverage. They are a good choice for BMX riders who want to wear as a small helmet as possible and ride in a very casual way.

Helmet replacement

Every helmet has an expiry date, so make sure to check the date on yours. Also, you’ll need to get a new helmet if you have an accident. Even if there aren’t any obvious signs of damage, the helmet could still be broken.

FAQs About Best BMX Helmets.

Why do I need a BMX helmet?

BMX is an extreme sport that involves lots of jumps, flips, and tricks. A helmet can help protect your head from potential injury in the event of a fall or collision.

What features should I look for in a BMX helmet?

Look for a helmet that is specifically designed for BMX, with a hard outer shell and soft inner padding for impact absorption. It should also have adequate ventilation to keep you cool during intense riding sessions. A secure fit system is also important to ensure the helmet stays in place during a fall.

How do I choose the right size helmet?

Measure your head circumference and choose a helmet size that corresponds to the measurement. Make sure to try on the helmet before purchasing to ensure a snug fit that doesn’t move around on your head.

What are some of the best BMX helmet brands?

Some top BMX helmet brands include Bell, Fox, Giro, and TSG.

What is MIPS technology in BMX helmets?

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a technology that is designed to reduce rotational forces that can occur during impact. It works by allowing the helmet to rotate slightly upon impact, which can help reduce the likelihood of a concussion.

Can I use a regular bike helmet for BMX?

Using a regular bike helmet for BMX is not recommended, as they are not designed for the specific impacts that can occur in BMX riding. It is important to choose a helmet that is specifically designed for BMX.

How often should I replace my BMX helmet?

It is recommended to replace your helmet every 3-5 years, or sooner if it has been involved in an impact. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or dents, and replace the helmet if you notice any damage.

My Final Thoughts

The ideal BMX helmet you choose will assist keep you safe while you’re out riding, so make sure you have one. You can pick a helmet that will offer the protection you want without compromising comfort by taking into account the type of riding you’ll be performing, the fit of the helmet, and the extra features.

The best BMX bikes are designed to push your capabilities and let you pull off the coolest stunts over the trickiest of obstacles, whether they are in a skate park, on the streets, or down dirt jumps.

With this entire in mind, it is essential to have the proper safety gear, and getting a good helmet is definitely the most crucial decision you can make.

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