Best Budget Bike Helmet of 2023: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Budget Bike Helmet

I hope you are on this website because you know that wearing one of the best bike helmets could save your life as the weather begins to warm up and you plan to start riding your bike more.

However, finding the perfect bike helmet for you can be challenging depending on your riding style and other factors. The best cheap bike helmets frequently offer features from more costly helmets at a significantly lower cost.

After researching the top budget-friendly helmets on the market right now, I have listed the top 9 best budget bike helmets for men, women, and kids to make your purchase easier. So, here are they:

  1. Giro Fixture MIPS II Men’s Mountain Cycling Helmet.
  2. BELL Formula LED MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet.
  3. Retrospec CM-1 Bicycle Helmet for Adult Commuter.
  4. BELL Trace MIPS Adult Recreational Bike Helmet.
  5. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet.
  6. Giro Isode MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet.
  7. Retrospec Lennon Bike Helmet.
  8. Schwinn Thrasher Youth Bike Helmet.
  9. Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS Bike Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Budget Bike Helmet

Reviews of Top 9 Best Budget Bike Helmets for You

Our Pick

1. Giro Fixture MIPS II Men’s Mountain Cycling Helmet

This favorite affordable helmet has been updated, and the Giro Fixture II MIPS remains the top spot on my list. With its deep fit, highly adjustable fit harness, and MIPS rotational impact system, it received top scores for comfort and protection.

In order to absorb rotational forces, the MIPS system has a plastic insert that is designed to rotate inside the outer foam shell on impact. You’ll be surprised to learn that Giro offers this top-notch safety feature at a competitive price, as it’s typically only seen on more expensive models.

Considering how much additional safety it offers, the design is thoughtful and elegant. Whether you’re tackling the nearby mountain bike trails or commuting to work, this stylish all-around helmet will fit every cycling situation.


  • The price is too reasonable.
  • Looks great and fits perfectly.
  • Its reflective details make it more visible at night or in poor light.
  • To redirect energy in an accident, it features Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.


  • Its ear splitters are not adjustable.

Our Pick

2. BELL Formula LED MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

Amazing in terms of appearance, feel, and performance is the Bell Formula LED MIPS Road helmet. There is a lot to enjoy about this cradle, including excellent ventilation, great fit, and MIPS technology. In general, this is a fantastic helmet for road riding or casual cycling.

Multi-directional Impact Protection System, or MIPS, is a cutting-edge slip-plane technology found inside the helmet that is intended to lessen rotational forces that various impacts can cause. Many areas of the helmet shell have a durable reflective coating procedure applied for excellent low-light visibility.

It has a simple, lightweight fit system with a rubber over-molded dial that is easy to operate and has built-in MIPS adjustments. It incorporates Quick-adjust fasteners, which keep the straps flat and in the right place. It complies with important safety requirements including MIPS.


  • This helmet is comfortable to wear.
  • It’s very lightweight.
  • Looks very stylish.
  • Worth of money.


  • A bit expensive.

Our Pick

3. Retrospec CM-1 Bicycle Helmet for Adult Commuter

Check out the Retrospec CM-1 if you’re seeking a bike helmet that won’t break the bank. This option is a standard, simple bike helmet that will suit your requirements.

Because of its incredible adaptability, whether you need it for commuting, skating, biking, or something else, I prefer this helmet.

For those of us searching for a simple, dependable helmet that will keep our heads safe, this helmet offers a ton of value. The CM-1 features plenty of inside padding, a strong EPS foam shell, and a very durable ABS outer liner.

This helmet’s thickest EPS shell is CPSC-certified and offers enough protection in the case of an impact. It comes in small, medium, and large shell sizes, and will fit perfectly. The straps include sliding adjustable ear-splitter clips and the chin buckle is easily adjustable to ensure a snug fit.


  • It fits perfectly.
  • Has a simple look.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • It’s very versatile.


  • It might feel heavy for some.

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Our Pick

4. BELL Trace MIPS Adult Recreational Bike Helmet

Models of bike helmets like the Trace MIPS are rated based on a number of factors. This helmet is much sleeker and less bulky, and the dial looks and functions smoother.

It also no longer needs to be pushed to spin. This helmet fits your head perfectly and is quite comfortable to wear.

With the additional MIPs protection, this is a highly comfortable helmet for a weekend fighter. The MIPs hardware combines undetected and has very little weight. With its sweat Guide pad design, moisture is absorbed from the brow pad and eyewear.


  • It offers a comfortable feel.
  • It fits perfectly on your head.
  • It gives a stylish appearance.
  • Worth of money.


  • There might be some issue with its chin strap.

Our Pick

5. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet

At a very affordable price, the Fixture MIPS provides good safety, a really comfortable fit, and quite fashionable looks. To properly match your bike, it also comes in 11 different colors.

If you wear it, it feels comforting and goes down quite a bit at the back for decent skull coverage. It is held firmly in place and easily adjustable because of the Roc Loc Sport retention system.

The quality is excellent. The straps are satisfyingly thin and soft, and the quality is consistent overall. With a variety of styles and color options, this mountain bike helmet offers some of the best performance value on the market. It will keep you feeling fantastic for miles.


  • Fits perfectly.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • It was not expensive.
  • The worth of cost.


  • You might hear some wind noise.

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Our Pick

6. Giro Isode MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

For the price, the Giro Isode MIPS is a surprisingly comfortable, competent, and robust helmet. Having a MIPS rotational impact liner integrated, the Isode is simultaneously among the lightweight and most protective budget helmets.

The Isode is perfect for recreational or road riding, where you don’t have to worry about the rocks and other surface defects that could cause a crash and hit you in the lower back.

The Isode is also available in a single “Universal Adult” shell size, which is said to accommodate those with head circumferences from 54 to 61 cm. This helmet keeps things cool and airy on hot days, long rides, and hill climbs thanks to its 22 vents that connect to interior channels in the EPS foam.


  • It fits perfectly.
  • It looks great and comes with a visor.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Worth of money.


  • It has non-adjustable ear splitters.

Our Pick

7. Retrospec Lennon Bike Helmet

Your new favorite helmet is here. Lennon features adjustable straps for the ideal fit, ventilation for breathability, and a built-in LED light for security.

No matter how experienced you are or what time of daytime you prefer to ride, Lennon will quickly become your preferred bicycle accessory.

Its sleek design slices through the wind, making city commuting simple. For extended rides, the CM-4 is padded for comfort. The 15 vents and contoured design of this helmet, along with the inside air channels, force ventilation through and around the helmet for a cool, pleasant ride.

It has an integrated 5-LED, 3-function flashing safety light that helps in making you visible and safe while driving. The reflective straps and patterns on the CM-4 give it five sporty hues for increased visibility.


  • It covers your head perfectly.
  • It’s very lightweight.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Worth of money.


  • The LED light might not work properly.

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Our Pick

8. Schwinn Thrasher Youth Bike Helmet

If you’re buying helmets for yourself but want to buy one for your kid then this helmet is for you. It’s very light in weight, stylish, and ensures safety. Let your kid ride with Schwinn and enjoy his freedom.

The Schwinn Thrasher Bicycle Helmet offers stylish protection for your young child. The Schwinn 360 Comfort System with dial fit and full range padding for a customized fit is a feature of the Thrasher. Moreover, full-shell coverage offers additional security.

The Thrasher also has an enduringly fashionable, angular design. But that’s not all; 20 strategically positioned vents provide the maximum amount of air, ensuring that your child will stay cool and comfortable throughout even the hottest summer rides.


  • It’s very lightweight.
  • This helmet is made specifically for kids.
  • It offers a unique fit due to its Easy-adjust dial system.
  • It meets the CPSC Safety Standard for People Ages 5 and Older.


  • It could be heavy for some users.

Our Pick

9. Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified MIPS Bike Helmet

Another best budget bike helmet for kids is this one. It is so comfortable and lightweight that your child will be pleased with this one. If you want a helmet for your kid that won’t break the bank then this triple eight gotham dual certified bike helmet is for you.

With MIPS technology, this urban-styled, Dual Certified Gotham helmet has become smarter. The helmet’s MIPS layer, which has low friction, helps to reduce rotational force during falls.

The Gotham also has a modest brim, Triple Eight logo vents, and a unique Conehead EPS liner. The comfort, safety, and excellent looks of the Gotham with MIPS are unmatched by any other helmet.


  • It’s an urban-style helmet.
  • It meets U.S. CPSC safety regulations.
  • Its Conehead EPS liner provides the best protection and ventilation possible.
  • Rotational forces during impact are reduced by its multi-directional impact protection system.


  • Be careful about sizing.

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What to look for while purchasing the best budget bike helmet for you?

Listed here are some of the main features of high-quality, reasonably priced road bike helmets. Study them carefully before buying the best budget bike helmet for you.

Fit Matters

In order to protect your pate in an impact, helmets must fit tightly. Nowadays, most models have a cage-like construction with adjustable inner straps that fit around your head.

Chin straps can stretch and become loose with time, so be sure to tighten them up from time to time. To protect your forehead, helmets are made to sit slightly forward over your brow. Make sure not to push them back.

Shock absorption technology

The best head protection technology for helmets is still a topic of discussion. The majority of researchers think that rotational pressures more frequently bring on concussions.

MIPS technology, which stands for multi-directional impact prevention system, is currently the most widely used alternative to address these kinds of collisions. The helmet’s outer shell is designed to slide slightly on impact to lessen the rotational stress on a person’s head in the event of an accident.

Use case

There are many different uses for bicycles, from commuting to mountain biking, and makers of bicycle helmets produce helmets specifically for those uses.

Although it’s completely okay to wear a mountain bike helmet while riding a bicycle to work, some of its added features, such as a visor or chin guard, may not be something you want to pay extra for or require. Choose a helmet based on how you want to use your bike.


While looking for a new mountain bike helmet, your safety should come first. Even a very cheap bike helmet can offer excellent protection, and wearing one is unquestionably preferable to wearing none.


The most important factor to take into account while selecting a cheap bike helmet, aside from protection, is comfort. Your riding experience will be more pleasant if it is comfortable. The size and shape of your head are just two characteristics that can affect comfort.

It’s possible to find models that fit a wide variety of head sizes because to the improved EPS shell designs and carefully placed padding featured by some manufacturers.


A heavily cushioned helmet could seem cozy at first, but it might feel unbearably tight once you start cycling. When worn on your head, your helmet needs to be able to breathe and ventilate throughout most rides.

It’s important to avoid ending up with wet hair and sweat running down your face whether you’re biking to work or attempting a local climb.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth it to buy a budget bike helmet?

Both inexpensive and expensive crash helmets can be equally safe. Although they undoubtedly lack features and finishes, they can still have a nice appearance. If you spend more money on a helmet, you might get a better fit, more vents, and classier graphics.

However the inexpensive helmets I tested provide comparable basic impact protection to the more expensive ones. Simply look for a helmet that fits you comfortably.

Expensive helmets are more secure?

More expensive helmets could be made with higher-quality materials, better sizing, vents, padding, and other aspects that can make them safer. They might also have superior overall construction and quality control. By purchasing a helmet, you are investing in your safety.

Should a helmet be lightweight or sturdy?

A helmet should always be purchased by its weight. In general, a helmet should weigh between 1200 and 1350 grams.

A heavy helmet is an absolute no-no since it could put undue stress on your neck muscles and hurt your head and surrounding area. Moreover, look for ventilation points so you can breathe properly.

Is the open-face helmet preferable to the full-face one?

Open-face helmets are significantly lighter and less tiring than heavy full-face helmets. You may often fill at service stations without taking off your helmet since your face is visible. The ability to see better and with a wider field of view is a major benefit.

My Final Thoughts

I narrowed down a huge field of helmets to my favorites after months of study and testing in the belief that you’ll get the best helmet for your requirements.

No matter where you ride your bike, I advise you to wear a helmet. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere even though wearing a helmet while riding is not mandated by law for adult motorcyclists in the US.

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