The 10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets For Hitting The Road

Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

A dual-sport helmet can be ideal if you prefer a little wild ride. Dual-sport helmets combine the best features of both full-face and half-helmet designs, making them perfect for commuting and long highway rides.

Trail riding is as simple as road riding if you have a good adventure or dual-sport helmet. These models must be durable in various conditions as they are intended for usage in various riding styles.

Fortunately, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best dual-sport motorcycle helmets. These models are both fashionable and useful, regardless of your riding experience. Here are they:

  1. ScorpionEXO EXO-AT950 Helmet.
  2. KLIM Krios Pro Adventure Motorcycle Helmet.
  3. Arai XD4 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet.
  4. BELL MX-9 Adventure Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets.
  5. AGV AX9 Street Motorcycle Helmet.
  6. Shoei Hornet X2 Sovereign Helmet.
  7. Nolan Helmets N70-2 X Metal Helmet.
  8. AFX FX-41DS Helmet.
  9. HJC DS-X1 Men’s Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet.
  10. GDM Beast Dual-Sport Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets

Review of Top 10 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets for You

Our Pick

1. ScorpionEXO EXO-AT950 Helmet

The AT950 is the modular dual-sport helmet to purchase if you’re searching for one. Riders may have an above-average feeling and build quality for a starting price of just under $270.

Advanced polycarbonate, a dual-density inner lining, many vents, a drop-down sun visor, and integrated speaker cut-outs are all features of the AT950. Riders can keep or remove the peak depending on the situation because it is removable. There is no Pinlock included.

Like any other dual-sport helmet, the face shield can be worn or removed to make space for goggles. The shield provides better visibility, especially when it’s raining. However, the visor has an anti-fog coating. The Scorpion does not fog or allow water to seep like other models.


  1. This helmet looks fantastic.
  2. It is DOT certified.
  3. It can be worn as a full-face ADV helmet.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. It’s a little heavy.

Our Pick

2. KLIM Krios Pro Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

The Klim Krios helmet is made of carbon fiber, which makes it durable and lightweight. There are two shell types and four different size choices for this model. Because of its versatility and ability to fit practically all skull shapes, few riders might feel uncomfortable while wearing this helmet.

The Krios is a fully-loaded adventure lid with DOT and ECE certifications and many convenience features. This is the world’s lightest adventure helmet.

With a clear and tinted shield included, this model is suitable for the majority of weather conditions. It doesn’t come with a pinlock insert out of the box but is pinlock-ready to prevent fog.

You’ll like the liner mostly because it is flexible while still fitting tightly against your skin. So you won’t have to worry about scratching or rubbing if you have to travel with glasses or headphones.


  1. It has received DOT and ECE approval.
  2. A quick-release shield is included.
  3. It features a quality liner system and an efficient ventilation design.
  4. Its excellent ventilation systems ensure that riders won’t overheat on hot terrain.


  1. It can be difficult to use the liner.

Our Pick

3. Arai XD4 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Arai is a popular helmet brand that is usually praised for having a premium appearance and feel. The XD-4 has one of the company’s greatest composite shells, making it both lightweight and durable.

This particular model has a unique style that makes it appear to be something you’d use while dirt biking. This adventure helmet’s modular construction is one of its exceptional features. With a windscreen and a peak visor, you are ready to hit the trail furnished.

The XD-4’s excellent ventilation is one of its other best features. The positioning of the vents ensures you won’t overheat even after riding all day because it was designed to be used on the track.


  1. It features high-quality cushioning and padding.
  2. It’s a very quiet helmet.
  3. It has DOT and SNELL safety ratings.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. It feels a bit heavy.

Our Pick

4. BELL MX-9 Adventure Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

If you’re searching for an adventure or dual-sports helmet, the Bell MX-9 is an affordable option. The Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which has lately experienced more scientific benefits, is one of the main advantages.

It also features Bell’s unique Velocity-flow ventilation system to keep you cool on the trails. Air flows quickly and effectively thanks to the three front vents and two forehead vents. You won’t get too hot when wearing the MX-9, no matter the riding circumstances.

The MX-9 is one of the most comfortable helmets, which is another factor in why you’ll love it so much. Bell has always produced superior internal fabrics and padding, and this particular model is very comfortable. Also, the fabric is ideal for a summer ride because it wicks away moisture and controls air temperature.


  1. This helmet is very quiet.
  2. It provides outstanding ventilation.
  3. The lining is incredibly plush and comfortable.
  4. It has a washable liner made of materials that dry quickly.


  1. It might feel heavy.

Our Pick

5. AGV AX9 Street Motorcycle Helmet

AGV has totally redesigned the ventilation system on the chin-bar with this new model, providing users with venting that can be closed from the front or back and the ability to remove the front closure system to enable a more open chin vent.

AGV is one of the more expensive dual-sport helmet brands currently available. You won’t regret purchasing this, but it is one of the most expensive models you will ever see.

The quality of this dual-sport helmet’s construction is the first thing you’ll notice. The shell is made of a composite material made of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass. You may purchase a full carbon-fiber helmet if you want to spend even more money.

These materials provide strong protection without adding weight, making them ideal for the AX-9. As this model weighs only 3.4 pounds, most riders will feel that they are wearing nothing at all.


  1. Its ventilation system is adjustable.
  2. It gives a stylish look.
  3. Made from high-quality materials.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. It can be noisy on the road sometimes.

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Our Pick

6. Shoei Hornet X2 Sovereign Helmet

One of the better-rounded dual-sport models available is the Hornet X2, which is an excellent option for both beginners and experts. Many riders admire Shoei’s dedication to quality, and the company offers a wide variety of helmet designs to meet all requirements.

One of the better-rounded dual-sport models available is the Hornet X2, which is an excellent option for both beginners and experts. Many riders admire Shoei’s dedication to quality, and the company offers a wide variety of helmet designs to meet all requirements.

Additionally, it has a few good upgrades. The EQRS system, which enables quick and secure removal in the event of an accident, is now included with the most recent model. It is comfortable for all-day riding because of its multi-density EPS liner.

Practically every other aspect of the Hornet X2 is well-designed, including the broad field of view and the ability to remove the shield without removing the visor. It is generally quiet inside, and the ventilation is perfect for all riding circumstances.


  1. It comes with 4 size options for a better fit.
  2. Designed to perform at its best under all circumstances.
  3. It also comes with 5 years of warranty.
  4. Looks very aesthetic and feels comfortable.


  1. It feels heavy.

Our Pick

7. Nolan Helmets N70-2 X Metal Helmet

The first adventure-style offroad crossover helmet available on the market is the N70-2 X. Nolan created this helmet that can play in the dirt by combining their years of expertise, creativity, and dedication to excellent quality.

The protective chin bar, face shield, and adjustable peak are all included, allowing you to customize the N70-2 X’s six different configurations. The rider enjoys the same advantages of a full-face helmet once the chin bar and face shield are installed.

The exterior is made of polycarbonate, which is both lightweight and durable. You can also benefit from the Clima comfort padding on the inside for further comfort. The integrated neck-roll is adjustable and washable and features adjustment points for added comfort.


  1. This helmet offers increased airflow.
  2. Its unique design allows you to wear your own glasses or goggles.
  3. It’s DOT approved and very comfortable to wear.
  4. It also features a clear anti-fog Pinlock lens.


  1. It only comes with 2 shell sizes.

Our Pick

8. AFX FX-41DS Helmet

The AFX FX-41 helmet is completely packed to the gills with features and includes creature comforts that cannot be found in other more expensive competitors at this lower price. Owning this model will be helpful if you intend to ride in the summer heat.

The FX-41 DS Helmet features a large eyeport with an optically correct UV and scratch-resistant face shield, 17 points of ventilation, a removable peak visor, a drop-down internal sun visor, and an incredibly soft inner liner.

The FX-41 has received both DOT and ECE 22.05 safety ratings, completing an impressive list of features. The FX-41 DS Helmet covers all the basics and is suitable for novice and expert riders. It is perfect for ADV touring, dual-sport, and Hooligan Street riding.


  1. It provides a comfortable feel.
  2. It offers excellent safety ratings.
  3. It has an excellent ventilation system.
  4. It meets the requirements of DOT FMVSS-218 and ECE 22.05 for the safety of motorcycle helmets.


  1. Because of the massive airflow, it is deafening.

Our Pick

9. HJC DS-X1 Men’s Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

HJC has a wide range of products available, ranging in price from low to high. Its DS-X1 adventure helmet is simple to adjust for usage on the street or in the dirt.  The shield can be swiftly removed to wear goggles for off-road activities, and the peak is simply detachable for tracking miles at highway speeds.

The polycarbonate casing of the DS-X1 features a pinlock-ready shield. Air can flow to the exhaust ports on the back of the helmet through the top and chin vents, which are both closeable. The HJC DS-X1 has DOT certification.

Fortunately, the soft liner of this helmet is simple to clean and does an excellent job of absorbing sweat. Some good speaker cutouts scattered throughout the lining suit any standard Bluetooth kit without trouble.


  1. It is DOT approved.
  2. It features an advanced Polycarbonate composite shell.
  3. It’s very lightweight and gives a comfortable fit.
  4. The interior of the helmet is breathable, detachable, and washable.


  1. You might find some issues with the visor.

Our Pick

10. GDM Beast Dual-Sport Helmet

This dual-sport helmet is reasonably priced and has many functions you might require on your adventure ride. This entry-level helmet includes practical ADV features and some fairly nice and aggressive looks.

This Dual Sport full-face motorcycle helmet is DOT FMVSS-218 certified and comes with a GDM HyperSonic Bluetooth intercom headset. A cutting-edge, lightweight composite poly-alloy is used to build its shell.

It has 5 ventilation points, a washable, removable liner, cheek padding, and a removable visor and shield. It also features two visors in the box and a double D-ring chin strap. It enhances safety and comfort while riding on a street, highway, or other streets.

This helmet lacks the high-end features seen on the Arai or Shoei models. However, it provides the fundamental features and capabilities you might require on an adventurous ride. Also, offers all the essential advantages of a dual-sport helmet at a relatively affordable price.


  1. It is DOT certified.
  2. It gives an aggressive look.
  3. It also features an easy shield and peak removal system.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. The build quality is not that great.

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What to look for while purchasing the best dual sport motorcycle helmet?

There are a few things you should always consider while purchasing a dual-sport helmet, just like any other type of helmet. Knowing what to seek can distinguish between a fantastic experience and a horrible one. So follow these facts before making a purchase:


Your helmet’s key responsibility is to safeguard your head in the event of an accident. Safety is one area where you absolutely should not take any risk. You need a sturdy helmet that will give you the necessary protection.

Please note that most helmets that have received DOT or ECE approval have not undergone formal testing. Although the helmets are constructed following DOT or ECE standards, testing is not actually required to show compliance.

Many of the affordable dual-sport helmets that are available on Amazon are not DOT or ECE-certified. This certification might save your life.

Fit & Comfort

A helmet that fits properly is crucial to its efficacy as a safety feature. A helmet that doesn’t fit properly might cause serious injury if it comes off during an accident or can’t transfer force as expected. A DOT/ECE-approved helmet that fits snugly is safe for riding.


Riders should pay extra attention to their helmet’s weight. The less energy the helmet transfers during impact, the lighter it is. Additionally, wearing a light helmet for long periods of time is far more fun and comfortable.


Many factors, including materials, technology, certifications, and brand, impact a helmet’s price. There are some additional intangible factors as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to get a motorcycle helmet that won’t affect your hair?

With a helmet on, your hair will be affected by every helmet on the market. Nevertheless, not wearing a helmet makes it easier for the wind to mess with your hair. The best protection against helmet hair is to wash, style, and bandanna your hair.

What kind of helmet is the most secure?

The most secure option is a full-face helmet. The full-face helmet provides the most protection for your neck and head. A full-face helmet shields you from the area you’re riding in, including any bugs or debris that might strike your visor due to bad weather.

Should I go for a DOT or an ECE certification?

The ECE 22.05 certification uses a variety of head form sizes, whereas the DOT certification only uses a few. This is another significant distinction between the two certifications. Unlike the DOT certification system, the ECE guarantees that the helmets are examined in its own labs before being put on the market.

Our Final Thoughts

Now is the ideal moment to choose the best dual sport motorcycle helmet if you’re prepared to hit the road. Regardless of how long you’ve been riding, you’re guaranteed to discover a model that suits your needs, as they are all made to suit riders of different skill levels.

Regardless of whether you decide to hit the trail or not, you’ll appreciate their versatility and sturdiness. The best part is that your riding companions will be impressed since these dual sport motorbike helmets look as fantastic as they feel.

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