Best E-Bike Helmet for Your Next Adventure!

Best E Bike Helmet

There is a helmet for you, whether you’re an e-commuter in the city or a downhill mountain biker. In recent years, e-bike helmets have become popular due to the increasing number of people riding electric bikes.

They might initially appear like any ordinary commuter-friendly lid. However, the best electric bike helmets include extra features that you won’t typically find on a cycling helmet until you look closer.

Improved safety is a significant focus of many of these design components. After all, many people find that the best electric bikes allow them to travel more quickly than on a traditional bicycle.

A proper e-bike helmet should cover more of the head than a conventional helmet. I’ve chosen the top 8 models that match the needs of current e-bike users to help you focus your search for the best e-bike helmet. Here are they:

  1. Giro Escape MIPS Adult Urban Cycling Helmet.
  2. Triple Eight Certified Helmet.
  3. Bern Hudson Commuter Helmet.
  4. Sena Smart Bluetooth Road Cycling Helmet.
  5. Giro Ethos MIPS Cycling Helmet.
  6. Retrospec Dakota Bicycle Helmet.
  7. POC Corpora AID Cycling Helmet.
  8. Giro Bexley MIPS Adult Urban Cycling Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best E-Bike Helmets

Reviews of Top 8 Best E-Bike Helmets for You

Our Pick

1. Giro Escape MIPS Adult Urban Cycling Helmet

In the Escape MIPS, Giro effortlessly combines fashion and safety. The profile is attractive and comfortable. Many areas are covered, and the MIPS liner is more seamlessly incorporated than earlier models. This excellent MIPS-equipped helmet from Giro is reasonably priced.

For today’s lifestyle, the Escape MIPS is the best option. With a strong ABS plastic shell, integrated, rechargeable LED front and rear lights, and a streamlined design that provides excellent ventilation and in-depth coverage, the Escape MIPS is built to last.

The luxurious fit features the dial-adjustable Roc Loc® Sport MIPS system, which offers more excellent stability and superior fit comfort. An Integrated MIPS brain protection system is also included with the Escape MIPS, which can help to deflect impact forces and add an additional layer of protection during certain collisions.


  • It is a comfortable helmet.
  • It is exceptionally lightweight.
  • It looks good and has a stylish design.
  • It includes integrated, rechargeable LED lights on the front and back.


  • There is no USB-C charging.

Our Pick

2. Triple Eight Certified Helmet

The Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet is simple and highly fashionable.

The best high-impact absorber EPS foam, thick dual-density soft foam, and plush Sweatsaver fabric are all fully integrated into this helmet, making it the only one on the market that offers dual-certified protection and the best comfort.

It is rounder in shape and lacks a visor that could come loose or break off. Instead of slits, it features ventilation holes on the top. The helmet’s name and a reflective logo are printed on the elegantly curved lip on the back. Additionally, even during long commutes, the helmet feels incredibly light.

The deep dish form of the Triple 8 helmet enables it to enclose your head completely. This makes it sit more securely and keeps it from moving while you’re riding. Another factor that is crucial for safety in the event of an accident. Also, this helmet has easy-to-use adjustment straps for the chin, front tilt, and back tilt.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It feels comfortable to wear.
  • It has many colours to choose from.
  • The worth of money.


  • Measure your skull size correctly.

Our Pick

3. Bern Hudson Commuter Helmet

One of Bern’s safest helmets is the Hudson, created for commuters. Awarded for innovation in 2021 by an outdoor retailer, it has recently received praise for its functional, safe, and slick urban design.

The MIPS lining and in-mould construction provide safety while the urban design and fabric bill look slick around town. The NTA-8776 certification, which indicates that the helmet has been tested in greater speed incidents, will delight e-bike riders.

The Bern Hudson retails reasonably priced and comes in 6 different matte hues. The Hudson has a commuter-style shape with an extended back part and 13 strategically positioned vents, similar to Bern’s winter sports helmets.


  • It’s intended to keep you cool and cosy.
  • Both MIPS lining and NTA-8776 certification are present.
  • It comes with a portable, water-resistant LED system.
  • It includes 13 vents that are positioned carefully for the best airflow.


  • It has a few matte colour options.

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Our Pick

4. Sena Smart Bluetooth Road Cycling Helmet

Most cycling smart helmets have various connectivity features that let users make and receive phone calls, listen to music through built-in speakers, and more. The R2 and intelligent EVO R2 road cycling headgear from Sena combine moto tech with cycling.

The new R2 and R2 EVO helmets have an aerodynamic design with increased airflow vents. At the same time, both helmets have built-in taillights for increased visibility while riding; the R2 EVO has Sena’s award-winning Mesh Intercom platform, whereas the R2 has Sena’s Bluetooth intercom communication system.

The R2 EVO with Mesh Intercom is a sleek, aerodynamic road bike that combines technology and security. Sena’s Mesh platform allows riders to come in and out of range while remaining connected to the rest of the group.


  • It offers Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones.
  • Speakers and a microphone are also included in it.
  • For improved rider visibility, it has an integrated LED taillight.
  • It has a mesh intercom that allows riders to talk with each other.


  • A bit expensive.

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Our Pick

5. Giro Ethos MIPS Cycling Helmet

The Ethos MIPS is an elegant update to the famous Giro line of helmets explicitly designed for commuter and e-bike use. The helmet includes 12 vents to help with cooling, and it offers coverage at the back of the skull and around the ears for a secure but comfortable fit.

The helmet features the MIPS safety system to keep the cyclist safe and can be purchased in metallic grey or a chalky colour. To protect both the helmet and the wearer, the front of the headgear has a rubberized TPU brim.

The Ethos model has an integrated lighting system that consists of a row of red LED lights at the back and two white LEF strips at the front of the helmet. The red rear lights put out 30, while the front lights produce 45 lumens.


  • It looks stylish.
  • It is a comfortable helmet.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Worth of the price.


  • A bit expensive.

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Our Pick

6. Retrospec Dakota Bicycle Helmet

The Retrospec CM-1 helmet is here and ready to protect you. Its supreme head protection is enhanced by its standard skate design.

Dakota has a moulded, lightweight ABS shell featuring EPS foam to reduce impact shock. The helmet is built to last because high-quality materials were used in its construction.

It is impact-resistant and fully formed when it arrives, ensuring safety. Its components include segmented EPS lining and ABS hard plastic. Thanks to the combined two features, you can count on this skateboard helmet to offer exceptional protection to your head in the event of a crash.

The size issue must be considered before purchasing a Retrospec helmet, though. Some customers have complained that the medium is too small, even with thicker pads, while others have complained that the large is too huge, even with larger pads.


  • It features EPS foam.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has 10 vents to keep you cool while riding.
  • The worth of money.

Our Pick

7. POC Corpora AID Cycling Helmet

The Corpora AID is one of the best helmets for urban commuting if you’re seeking for one with a good design. With large slot vents front and back and dot vents on the helmet’s crest for ample airflow, the POC Corpora AID helmet has a fashionable urban appearance.

The helmet shell has five built-in red LEDs that may provide up to 18 hours of illumination at the back. To change the light setting, POC provides a single button attached to the straps rather than having you fiddle with a button on the shell.

The shell is composed of ABS plastic, which is supposed to be robust, but the Corpora AID is only offered in white, so it will look scruffy much more quickly than a helmet of a darker colour would. As a commuter helmet, it’s also quite pricey.


  • It fits perfectly and is really cosy.
  • Its magnetic buckle is simple to use.
  • It has a removable visor and internal ventilation channels.
  • It has a multi-impact EPP liner and a tough, long-lasting ABS shell.


  • A bit expensive.

Our Pick

8. Giro Bexley MIPS Adult Urban Cycling Helmet

The Bexley is the helmet to choose if you want a futuristic, aerodynamic appearance and all the necessary comfort and safety features. Additionally, it has the most recent head protection technology certification to NTA 8776, the new Speed E-Bike standard.

Significantly during faster e-bike trips, its retractable and changeable shield shields your eyes from wind and glare. Additionally, the integrated rear light illuminates the whole back panel of the helmet for significantly improved visibility on the road.

The Roc Loc® City Air system’s superior fit and ventilation and four large vents will keep you cool and comfortable for your urban explorations. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, which will provide extra protection in some impacts, is also included with the Bexley MIPS.


  • An excellent choice for an e-bike is this helmet.
  • It has reliable safety features.
  • It feels comfortable.
  • Worth of money.


  • It might feel a bit heavy.

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What to Look for While Choosing The Best E-Bike Helmets?

An e-bike-specific helmet is a smart choice if your e-bike can reach higher speeds; however, riders of lower-speed e-bikes might like an urban design or even a road bike helmet to boost ventilation and comfort. The ideal e-bike helmet for your needs should have the following factors:


Nowadays, safety is the most crucial factor for ordering. The helmets that are made nowadays are not durable enough to withstand crashes. When appropriately blended, polycarbonate helmets are regarded as the best.

Ideal ventilation

The best electric bicycle helmets include an excellent ventilation system. Aerodynamic vents are fitted at various angles to differentiate between cool and hot air. For this reason, you should select a helmet with a superior ventilation system.


To get the ideal helmet, the fit must be perfect. A bike helmet that doesn’t fit well won’t only be uncomfortable, but it won’t offer the same amount of crash safety protection as a helmet should do.

Make sure the helmet’s weight is manageable for you, especially if you intend to bike for an extended period of time. If that worries you, wear a lightweight helmet to prevent strain, discomfort, or dizziness.


E-bike users have access to a variety of helmet designs. A more streamlined road bicycle helmet-like style or a typical mod vintage scooter helmet with a visor might be what you’re after.

Consider adding extra features to a helmet for a more fashionable look, such as a detachable visor that can improve visibility on sunny days and keep you cool in hot weather.

Removable Inner Liner

Most inside foam liners are fastened securely. It must be ventilated to dry up once the inner mesh absorbs the seat. You have to buy the detachable inner liner for this reason. It is removable, which allows for easy drying.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I pick the best helmet?

Your decision to choose an e-bike helmet may depend on a few variables. Cost, appearance, features, and fit are most likely to matter.

Having a budget in mind before starting your search is an intelligent way to save money on a high-quality helmet. There are some fantastic offers to be had on high-end helmets. However, you should spend as much money as possible on a helmet. It is a crucial piece of equipment to keep you safe.

The rest of your decision will be based on appearance, features, and fit. There are many different types and colours of helmets, so if you prefer the idea of wearing a bright red one to make yourself more apparent, you have many options.

What exactly is a MIPS helmet?

The word “MIPS” refers to the multi-directional impact protection system. The MIPS test was explicitly created for bicycle helmets. One of the best e-bike helmets is the one that completed the MIPS testing. The MIPS system was created specifically to lower the risk of brain injuries during accidents.

Are e-bike helmets unique from regular bicycle helmets?

Regular cyclist helmets are frequently used when riding an e-bike at less than 20 mph or for casual, recreational use. The average speed of commuter e-bikes is quicker than those of pedal-powered bicycles, so you might want to consider upgrading to a helmet specifically for use with an e-bike.

Is it worth wearing an electric bike helmet?

Yes, a helmet for an electric bike is definitely beneficial. In comparison to regular bikes, an electric bike is significantly different. E-bikes allow for quicker acceleration and may therefore be riskier. Your risk of getting into a collision or falling could be higher when you are riding an electric bike.

It is best to protect your head and the most delicate area of your body. Your head is protected in a cozy cradle by the helmet’s sturdy outer shell and soft interior lining, keeping you safe and at ease the entire time.

My Final Thoughts

You are generally permitted to use any helmet while riding an e-bike. Yet, additional coverage and safety measures are recommended since you’ll likely be riding in densely populated areas and at a faster average speed than a standard bike.

E-Bike helmets offer more coverage than road cycling helmets, giving them a sometimes-scooter-like appearance. Additionally, they might offer better crash impact protection. A visor may also be included in e-bike helmets for more comprehensive face protection.

All things considered, it is reasonable to state that wearing a helmet is a must when riding an electric bike. The possibility of you falling and hitting with anything is just too high to ignore.

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