The 10 Best Half Helmet No Mushroom to Protect Your Head!

Best Half Helmet No Mushroom

In this article, we’ll assist you in cutting down the number of poor motorcycle helmet options available to you. We’ll discuss flaws and pricing ranges while showing half-helmets with top-notch construction and cutting-edge technology.

We’ll give you our best selection and offer advice at the end of the post so you can decide what to buy. We’ll also talk about several concerns that are frequently brought up, such as weight, material, and the “mushroom head” appearance.

You will appear fashionable wearing one of these helmets when riding a Harley, a cruiser, or any other motorbike. You can fit them inside any type of tiny bag or backpack due to their outstanding ventilation and small size. So, keep reading if you’re seeking for the best half helmet no mushroom! Here They Are:

  1. Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet
  2. LS2 Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet
  3. Vega Half-Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet
  4. Daytona Skull Cap Half Motorcycle Helmet
  5. HCI-100 Half Helmet
  6. GLX M15 Half Helmet
  7. Raider Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Half Helmet
  8. ScorpionExo EXO-C110 Unisex Half Helmet
  9. VCAN Cruiser Patriotic USA Half Helmet
  10. Bell Rough Half Motorcycle Helmet

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Half Helmet No Mushroom!

Reviews of Top 10 Best Half Helmet No Mushroom for You

Our Pick

1. Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

This helmet contains speaker pockets for mounting speakers and a speed dial fit system that keeps you stable while you’re riding. It also has speaker pockets for mounting communication devices.

Additionally, it includes a detachable neck curtain for cooler months and an interior sun shield. The fit of the Bell Pit Boss Helmet is one of its outstanding features. Bell continues to be one of the greatest brands on the market, thanks in part to features like the Innovative Speed Dial customizable fit system.

Customers are still talking about how comfortable and light it is and how steady it is even at highway speeds. Regarding the inside shield of the helmet, specific customers frequently have complaints. Some people find it challenging to use a transparent shield at night.

The retractable eye shield on the helmet has received conflicting reviews as well; some users claim that their spectacles fit well, while some claim that the visor has a tend to hit the glasses.


  1. It has a cutting-edge speed dial that is adjustable.
  2. It’s constructed of a comfortable, lightweight carbon composite shell.
  3. This one is very stable.
  4. This helmet is a great option for cruising and street touring.


  1. It could be challenging for the rider to adjust the inner shield.

Our Pick

2. LS2 Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

One of the most popular helmet brand companies is Ls2, which provides various helmets. You will also have helmets for street cruising, scooters, and other vehicles. However, this half-face helmet is excellent for street riding. You will experience the most incredible fitting.

Moreover, the EPS interior liner makes this helmet dependable and comfy. With this shield, you can put on a drop-down visor. Additionally, it includes a lock, and this helmet will provide the best protection for you.

Additionally, you will enjoy a fantastic Bluetooth connection, and this helmet has DOT certification. Also, you can easily chat with other passengers while traveling and arrive with seamless installation.

You will also have the best technical fiber lining and flow via the ventilation system. In addition, it contains a moisture-wicking layer that is simple to remove for washing to eliminate odors.


  1. DOT has authorized this one.
  2. It has an airflow ventilation system.
  3. It includes a washable and removable liner.
  4. It also features a technical fabric liner.


  1. It’s a little heavier than the others.

Our Pick

3. Vega Half-Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

Most scooter riders like to use a popular helmet made by Vega, so it comes next. It is the most fashionable style and will suit you well. You will have a helmet with a customizable fit and a design loaded with features.

You will be protected from insects and other flying species thanks to the one drop-down shield that comes with this helmet. No question, this helmet is pretty comfy, and you will not have any trouble wearing the helmet for a long period.

Moreover, it has excellent features and a cutting-edge moisture-wicking lining. Additionally, it boasts the most incredible cushioning and a channeled system. There will be a quick-release strap for you.

You will receive a well-cushioned helmet with an EPS lining that complies with DOT standards. Overall, this helmet has a long guarantee of 5 years and DOT certification. Your helmet will be strong and last for a very long time.


  1. It comes with a five-year guarantee.
  2. It’s also DOT approval.
  3. It’s made of fabric that absorbs moisture away.
  4. Its liner is removable and washable.


  1. It has a very simple design and has no Bluetooth system built-in.

Our Pick

4. Daytona Skull Cap Half Motorcycle Helmet

Both men and women purchase this Daytona helmet. It has impressive fabric and is well-fitting. Additionally, it has fantastic sizing, and you will get the exact sizing. Furthermore, it incorporates a chin strap.

You may also get a visor to protect yourself from UV rays and the helmet. Also, it complies with DOT safety requirements, giving you the best possible head and ear protection in case of an accident.

Your helmet will keep your head safe and comfy and have a detachable inside liner. It is simply adjustable to fit all head shapes and offers universal sizing. It will comfortably fit on your head, whether oval or round.


  1. This one is comfortable and protective.
  2. It gives you the most accurate fit.
  3. Worth of money.
  4. Very protective.


  1. The structure is not attractive.

Our Pick

5. HCI-100 Half Helmet

This is one of the lightest helmets on the market, so if that is a priority for you, check out the HCI 100 Half Helmet. This DOT-approved lightweight helmet is one of the most affordable options on this list, coming in at just under $20.

You get a lot of bang for your buck at just 2 pounds. Neck pain sufferers will benefit significantly from such a design. You won’t have trouble moving your head about while riding because it’s light.

Some of the helmets on this list don’t have high-tech features like this one. It’s safe and meets all regulations, but make sure you only use it for cruising. Speeds greater than 45 mph have been reported to be effective in poor performance by specific users.

Others believe that having mushroom-shaped head results from a short or narrow head. Despite these drawbacks, the HCI is an excellent value for its features. DOT approval for a helmet this bright is challenging to come by.


  1. Very lightweight.
  2. DOT approved.
  3. Worth of money.
  4. Most inexpensive one.


  1. It looks like a mushroom a little bit.

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Our Pick

6. GLX M15 Half Helmet

There are several benefits to purchasing a GLX helmet, and this particular model has outstanding features. Advanced polycarbonate will be used for your shell. You will also get a helmet that has received DOT approval. Additionally, it has the best fitting and highest level of comfort.

Moreover, it boasts superior fitting and CAD technologies. For numerous hours, you can wear a comfortable helmet. This helmet has been carefully made and offers an incomparable safety design. You will receive a helmet with outstanding safety components.

You will also get a detachable peak visor with an excellent strap design. Plus, a fast-release strap will be available for you to use in case of accidents. Also, it is well suited for individuals who can ride on the road while wearing it safely and comfortably.

The best part about this helmet is that it is made of gorgeous synthetic leather. Furthermore, it has the best fitting and a lengthy guarantee.


  1. This helmet is lightweight and DOT-certified.
  2. A one-year limited warranty is included with GLX.
  3. Provide the customers with universal fitting.
  4. It is made of luxurious materials as well.


  1. The chin strap needs to be more stronger.

Our Pick

7. Raider Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Half Helmet

The following product is a reasonably strong helmet made by the rider company. Your neck will feel fewer strain thanks to a helmet with a lightweight thermoplastic shell. You will receive a ventilated helmet and a mesh forehead liner with it.

Additionally, it has a fantastic open ear retention mechanism and a cushioned lining. It features a tough UV coating and will give you the clearest sound possible. Also, it has a single quick-release chin strap and low-profile construction.

The best part about this helmet is that you can wear sunglasses comfortably while using it, giving you the best possible wind sensation on your face. Plus, it offers a solid head fit, and you will like taking this helmet for extended trips. Overall, this helmet offers protection for the ears and the major part of the head.


  1. It has a low-profile appearance.
  2. It is manufactured with a durable UV material.
  3. It includes one chin strap with a fast release.
  4. It offers a secure head fitting for you.


  1. It offers fundamental characteristics.

Our Pick

8. ScorpionExo EXO-C110 Unisex Half Helmet

The trendy helmet from vega is up next. You will get the most comfortable fitting, and it arrives with DOT certification. It features an incredible chin-locking strap, and the upper material is quite protective.   It has a fantastic EPS inside lining for the highest level of comfort.

Moreover, it includes a drop-down sun visor and an innovative polycarbonate shell. The greatest bacteria-free helmet will be yours thanks to the moisture-wicking lining. Because the liner is detachable, washing it is simple.

Because it has ear flaps and the most amazing aero-tuned ventilation system, we enjoyed the half-face style of this helmet. It also includes a dual-density foam liner and comes with a 5-year guarantee.


  1. Advanced polycarbonate shell construction.
  2. Fits really well.
  3. Worth of money.
  4. Gives you a stylish look.


  1. It’s an expensive helmet.

Our Pick

9. VCAN Cruiser Patriotic USA Half Helmet

Are you looking for a helmet with stunning graphics? Then you must select the helmet with the excellent chin strap and acrylonitrile exterior material. Additionally, the ABS thermoplastic resin shell material is also included.

A DOT-certified helmet will also be available, and the strongest materials are used in the manufacturing of helmets. Also, it has the most luxurious internal cushioning and comfy fitting.

Aside from that, your helmet will include a nylon chin strap and a double D ring adjustable design. Your helmet will also have a cozy moisture-wicking lining to keep your head dry and cool.

And the best thing is that you will have enough room to place the Bluetooth system inside. Due to its amazing aesthetics, you will undoubtedly consider it the best half-helmet without a mushroom appearance.


  1. It complies with DOT safety requirements.
  2. Adjustable double D rings are available.
  3. It features an amazing chin strap.
  4. Fits perfectly on your head.


  1. The graphics can easily chip off.

Our Pick

10. Bell Rough Half Motorcycle Helmet

You may get this helmet by the bell if you want a helmet with the most incredible flex energy management system. Additionally, you will have roost protection and a lightweight carbon composite shell. Also, you will have a liner that wicks away moisture.

Furthermore, it has DOT certification and also protects the head from accidents. An amazing helmet with a magnetic emergency removal system will be provided for you.

The best part about this helmet is that it has enough room where the Bluetooth system can be fixed inside. It will also give space for goggles to be worn comfortably.


  1. Made of a lightweight carbon composite shell.
  2. It features 3 shell and  EPS sizes for a customized fit.
  3. It looks fantastic and fits well.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. It’s a bit pricy.

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What to Look for While Choosing The Best Half Helmet No Mushroom?

Lightweight and highly portable

Half helmets, which weigh between 2 and 2.5 lbs, are the smallest category of motorcycle safety helmets (aside from carbon fiber helmets), whereas other forms of helmets typically weigh between 3 and 4 lbs. They are, therefore the best kind of helmets for motorcyclists who have neck or head problems.

Your neck muscles won’t have to work as hard when wearing a half-face helmet, and your scalp will experience less stress. They are extremely tiny and fit neatly into a small motorbike saddlebag or backpack due to their small form.

Great for a cruiser or a Harley

Half-face helmets will make you appear particularly fantastic on your motorbike, whether you own a Harley Davidson or any other type of cruiser or chopper bike. Due to the slower speed of Harley bikes, you do not require a large full-face helmet to secure you, like you would on a sport bike.

In addition to being a highly fashionable activity in and of itself, riding a Harley Davidson leaves you with no choice but to wear a half helmet if you are the type of guy who enjoys growing his hair and beard.

These are all the explanations for why half-face helmets are the most excellent option for Harley Davidson riders and why wearing one will make your journey even more enjoyable.

Good airflow and comfort

Partially open half helmets, as was previously noted, don’t exert as much stress as full-face helmets. Your scalp will have more room to breathe since it will be sitting more delicately on top of it.

Due to the larger surface that is exposed to the air, they are also significantly better ventilated. A half-face helmet may be gently adjusted into various positions while being worn to improve fit and increase comfort.

Remember that you can eat food, beverages, and even smoke without removing your helmet; pretty great, huh?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Wear Goggles While Wearing A Half Helmet?

Goggles can be worn while wearing a half helmet. You need to choose a large helmet so you can put the glasses in them because your face will be exposed to the sun. The helmet with partial covering also has a drop-down visor, and our guide offers some great choices.

Does a Half Helmet Protect Me Enough?

It depends on your riding form. Half-face helmets, in my opinion, are only secure for experienced motorcyclists who ride very carefully and only at slower speeds (60 mph at max).

A full-face helmet is absolutely something you should choose if you’re a beginning rider and unsure of your riding abilities. Future upgrades to your helmet are always an option.

What Size Half Helmet Should I Wear?

Every motorcycle helmet needs to be secure enough to prevent rotation when you move it. It’s not a smart option to purchase a helmet that fits too tightly. Although it may make you feel safer at first, the helmet may eventually create pressure points that will hurt you in some regions of your head.

Therefore, the ideal approach is to put it on, wear it for a few hours, and then determine whether or not it fits you properly. If you haven’t worn the helmet while riding, you may always return it to the store.

Which riders of bicycles should not use half-helmets?

The half helmets should not be used if your bike quickly. Furthermore, riding at a slow speed, you will feel fine with a partial helmet. For instance, if you bike more quickly, you must purchase full head protection. Therefore, you must get full-face helmets.

Our Final Thoughts

Good luck finding a half helmet, and thanks for reading! Wearing these while riding a motorbike is not the safest option, but many people still choose them for comfort and a better perspective.

Whatever your point of view, always be aware of your speeds and surroundings, ensure that you are not infringing any laws, and always wear sunscreen because they are half helmets that might expose your face.

Before you make your selection, consider all of the aspects as mentioned above carefully. If you have the time, visit a shop and do some fitting there, but if not, just be sure to measure your skull for the size chart. It’s ideal if you try it on so you can see how your skull fits. I wish you luck!

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