Find The Best Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses!

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses

A helmet is a must-have. No state or country will let you run on their highways these days without this gear. If you persist, you will be subjected to dreadful fines.

On the other hand, other motorists may find it inconvenient to wear a safety-rated motorbike helmet. People who wear glasses, for example, may find it challenging to put these helmets over their heads.

Fortunately, this is an issue that can be resolved. All you need to do now is purchase the best motorcycle helmets for glasses wearers. That’s how simple the answer is. The only issue you have to worry about now is choosing the right helmet to fit your eyes’ unique requirements.

I’ve scoured the market for the best motorcycle helmets for glasses to assist you in making the best decision. And I’ve included the top 10 selections for you. Choose the one that best appeals to you from the selection below. Here are they:

  1. Duke Helmets Dk-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  2. Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet
  3. 1Strome Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet
  4. HJC i90 Helmet SEMI- Flat Black
  5. LS2 Open Face Track Helmet
  6. LS2 Full Face Stream Street Helmet
  7. ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Helmet
  8. Arai XD4 Dual Sport Helmet
  9. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet
  10. Bell Eliminator Street Helmet

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses!

Reviews of Our Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses

Our Pick

1. Duke Helmets Dk-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Among the few helmets on the market, the GDM DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet has exceeded the DOT Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard’s baseline standards, making it one of the best motorcycle helmets for those who wear glasses.

Whether or not you wear glasses, you’ll appreciate this helmet’s quality when you put it on.

Even though it’s a full-face helmet, wearers of glasses won’t be affected by it.  With the helmet, your glasses temples will fit exactly without compromising comfort.

Because of its aerodynamic shell, this helmet is not only durable but also low in weight. In comparison to other helmets, this one isn’t heavy while worn. Additionally, it has hypoallergenic fabric-and-nylon-based cheek pads and an inside lining.

Besides the fact that it wicks moisture, we love that it is hypoallergenic, which means your skin will be free of imperfections! Vents may also be found on this helmet’s forehead, chin, and back. They prevent the helmets inside from becoming excessively hot and humid.


  1. Allows for a more precise and comfortable fit.
  2. There was no compromise in ventilation because of the full-face design.
  3. It’s very lightweight.
  4. This helmet also provides unmatched protection.


  1. When worn at fast speeds, they tend to make a lot of wind noise.

Our Pick

2. Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

This Vega Helmets model is another excellent option for people who wear glasses. This Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet is made for riders who must wear eyeglasses while riding. A variety of sizes and fits are available.

Because of the half-shell design, you won’t have to worry about your glasses getting in the way. If you wear it, you can be assured that it will not cause any issues with the positioning of your glasses.

The helmet’s optically adjustable drop-down sun visor ensures complete eye protection from various risks. Sun and other visual interferences are effectively blocked by the latter.

When wearing this helmet, you should not be concerned about your comfort. Moisture-wicking technology is built into the inside liner, allowing moisture and perspiration to evaporate quickly.

If you have this gear, riding in extreme temperatures will never be uncomfortable. With a dial adjuster, the helmet may fit riders with smaller heads.


  1. It has moisture-wicking features for a comfortable and odor-free ride.
  2. It also comes with an extremely safe and comfortable eye protection.
  3. This is a half-helmet design that the DOT has approved.
  4. Your glasses won’t get stuck on anything with this helmet.


  1. It is not possible to wash the inside cushioning since it is not removable.

Our Pick

3. 1Strome Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

The quality of the 11Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet cannot be questioned. Many bikers have previously tested this gear and found it a great companion for long-distance rides.

Its cutting-edge optical design is one of its most notable features. This helmet is designed for bikers who need to see well. Eyeglass users will also like the helmet’s inside, which is optical insert-compatible. It’s always going to be valuable and convenient.

Additionally, this helmet has a dual-visor design that can be changed. This technology may wear a helmet visor even when there is no light around. You can ride in the dark or in the sun’s light without removing the visor.

It’s crystal-clear and made to withstand the elements. In addition, it can be taken apart for cleaning purposes. The helmet, on the other hand, is constructed from various materials. 


  1. This helmet is a full-face helmet that is completely vented.
  2. This helmet’s pads and lining can be removed and washed.
  3. A quick-release buckle is included in the package.
  4. This helmet is designed to help those who wear eyeglasses.


  1. A bit expensive.

Our Pick

4. HJC i90 Helmet SEMI- Flat Black

HJC’s helmets are always built with glasses users in mind, and the i90 is one of the most comfortable, featuring a glasses groove on either side of the liner.

Several sections of the inner lining, including the crown and cheek pads, can be removed. Doing so may wash and air-dry them while also making it easier to adjust them more quickly to suit your glasses better.

It includes a one-touch open and close locking system that is easy to use. Simply flip it up to swiftly put on or take off your glasses in seconds.

The ACS sophisticated ventilation system, paired with the SuperCool moisture-wicking inner lining, keeps the humidity within the helmet low, which helps to minimize fogging. There’s even a deflector for your breath.

The i90 is a terrific helmet in and of itself, but it’s especially nice for people who wear glasses because of how comfortable it is. Customize your helmet with a wide range of sizing and color options and an aerodynamic polycarbonate shell.


  1. It is constructed of high-quality materials.
  2. Can get it at a reasonable price.
  3. Gives you a comfortable fit.
  4. It’s very lightweight.


  1. You might hear wind noises.

Our Pick

5. LS2 Open Face Track Helmet

We now have an open-face helmet, which is unique from the other helmets we’ve looked at. As you may be aware, these products leave your face uncovered, eliminating the chin bar seen in full-face options.

Its ¾ design also offers a wide field of view, allowing you to use your peripheral vision correctly. However, one drawback these helmets cannot solve is the fact that they provide a lesser level of facial protection.

Because there is no chin bar, it will not protect your face in the event of an accident. As a consequence, it would be advantageous if you remembered this. Aside from that, this helmet operates admirably, particularly with the built-in double shield system.

It has a dual-layer shield that shields you from the sun and the wind. Due to the different sizes of the shields, this is conceivable. 

In terms of construction, this product has a high-quality ABS outer shell that provides sturdy protection for the interior. This layer’s High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology (AKA HPTT) complies with all DOT and ECE requirements.

It has a ventilation system that allows air to circulate through it. This method allows you to have fine-grained control over the experience. It’s one of the most acceptable motorcycle helmets for glasses because of this.


  1. You can easily regulate how much air and light you need.
  2. Gives you a sun shield with a built-in twin-shield system.
  3. It’s simple to switch the shield.
  4. You will have complete control over the elements with fully adjustable flow-through ventilation.


  1. It’s not as safe as wearing a full-face helmet.

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Our Pick

6. LS2 Full Face Stream Street Helmet

If you want enough space for your glasses in your helmet, you’ll need to go for a big size. Consequently, our following recommendation is an LS2 XX-Large helmet, which has enough room for your glasses.

Not only that, but the maker also provides a thorough guide for determining the correct size for your head based on your measurements. 

Polycarbonate is a common material for the outer layer of a helmet, as you surely know. It’s light and provides adequate protection for the inside and your head against any collision.

Another important consideration for these products is whether or not they are DOT authorized. To meet this requirement, a helmet must undergo extensive testing to demonstrate that it can survive significant impacts without hurting the rider.

This helmet receives that certification stamp and the FMVSS 218 Standard. These two certifications together indicate that this item is one of the safest solutions available.

This helmet has a long oval fit that should be comfortable for most users. You should, however, double-check. It also has a built-in Twin Screen drop-down sun shield that you can toggle with a touch to protect your eyes.


  1. It has a quick-release chin strap with DOT approval.
  2. The chin strap is simple to release and secure.
  3. This one is suitable for the long-oval size.
  4. It has a washable and readily removable technical fabric lining.


  1. The quality of the neck collar could be better.

Our Pick

7. ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Helmet

It’s surprising to learn that an intelligent helmet like the ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 is an excellent option for riders who wear glasses. Even with your glasses on, it does not affect your vision.

The visor of this helmet has been constructed to enhance visibility, so you can still see well. Even at night, the visor may be flipped down. It may look colored from the outside, but it feels like there are no obstacles on your side.

To increase the sturdiness of these materials, they have been treated with high-grade resin. The result is an ultra-durable helmet that is light and easy to handle.

It’s also worth noting that the Scorpion helmet’s ratchet mechanism locks its visor in an elliptical motion. It allows for a failsafe closure of the eyeshield, preventing any elements from passing through.

This ergonomic ratchet method also guarantees that the eyeshield may change quickly and without additional equipment. That is efficiency in action.

The inner, however, contains a washable moisture-wicking lining. Even the warmth and heat won’t stop you from having a wonderful time on the road.


  1. It comes with tough, fog-resistant eye protection.
  2. The interior has a velvety feel to it, and it is always airy and cool.
  3. Wearing glasses is not affected by its full-face construction.
  4. Its liner is removable and washable.


  1. There are some issues with sizing.

Our Pick

8. Arai XD4 Dual Sport Helmet

This is one of the most costly options, but it is also the best motorcycle helmet for glasses users in its class.

The Arai XD4 Helmet is ideal for people searching for an oval-shaped helmet. It is extremely light, weighing only approximately 4 pounds, making it nearly as light as some of its competitors.

Apart from that, a slew of features that assist justify the price tag. The helmet’s unique FCS cheek pads are one of them. They’re made as comfortable as possible while still being detachable, allowing you to wash them whenever possible.

Furthermore, the internal spacing’s flexibility allows you to use your glasses while wearing this helmet. Dry-Cool technology is incorporated into the lining, allowing it to breathe correctly even at low speeds.

This helmet also includes an emergency cheek pad removal mechanism for your safety. When activated, this device allows a skilled medical expert to remove the helmet quickly.


  1. It’s very lightweight.
  2. Cheek pads can be washed and removed.
  3. The FCS cheek pad is a patented design that provides excellent comfort.
  4. The lightweight fiberglass composite shell keeps the helmet strong without losing its strength.


  1. In humid weather, the visor tends to fog up.

Our Pick

9. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet

The helmet also has a release shield mechanism that allows you to remove the shield with a single click. The cushioned wind collar is another fantastic feature of this helmet, as it helps to suppress wind and noise for a more relaxing ride.

One might question why this helmet is considered the ideal motorcycle helmet for spectacles wearers. We’re here to tell you everything about the benefits of the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet.

First and foremost, this helmet comprises a lightweight polycarbonate composite shell that provides robust head protection. It also comes in three shell sizes to accommodate the wearer’s head, down to the lowest size.

It has built-in speaker pockets where you can plug in your Bluetooth headset and hear other riders on the road! In addition, the headwear incorporates sculpted cheek pads to hold the cheek lining in place and secure.

The liner is also changeable and washable when it comes to the interior. While wearing this helmet, you may quickly and comfortably insert your glasses temple.


  1. It provides excellent performance at a fantastic price.
  2. The visor keeps the glasses from fogging up.
  3. The liner is washable and removable.
  4. For a better fit, the cheek pads have been contoured.


  1. In comparison to other helmets, it is less durable.

Our Pick

10. Bell Eliminator Street Helmet

Because of the more excellent space around the ears, the Eliminator is an ideal choice for glasses wearers. These are speaker pockets but also provide an additional place for your glasses.

Another notable feature of the Eliminator is its weight, which is slightly over three pounds for a full-face helmet. That doesn’t make your head slump or put pressure on your spectacles. Additionally, it is easy to modify to fit your glasses.

Because the Eliminator isn’t a modular helmet, it might be challenging to put on and take off with glasses. Fliping up the face shield to put on, remove, or adjust your glasses is preferable. If you prefer a darker face shield, it’s a little tough to install or swap out, but once it’s on, it’s secure.

The face shield, however, is enhanced thanks to Bell’s ProVision technology. It doesn’t fog thanks to two panes, no matter how sweaty you become. The lining, too, is antimicrobial. I’ve had my number of helmets that have been too nasty to wear before their expiry date, so this is a feature I like.

The size, however, is my absolute favorite element of the Eliminator. The fiberglass composite shell has three distinct sizes, while the EPS is in five different sizes. You’ll receive the most suitable helmet for your head shape this way.


  1. It is lightweight.
  2. Worth of money.
  3. A 6k carbon shell is featured in its auto-inspired design.
  4. This helmet has a unique design.


  1. Glasses are difficult to put on and take off.

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What to Look for While Purchasing The Best Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses?

If you don’t know what qualities to search for, selecting a suitable helmet for glasses users might be tough. Fortunately for you, I’ve detailed the essential factors to consider while looking for the best helmet on the market.


The way a helmet covers your face is the most important feature among helmet designs. There are three types of helmets here: open-face, half-face and full-face. On the other hand, open-face and half-helmets are more suitable with glasses while offering proper protection to the top and back of the head.


If you wear glasses, the second consideration when purchasing a helmet is whether it will be comfortable. Many helmets push on the temples or the tips of your ears, making them difficult to wear.

Some don’t have enough space for the rims and lenses, which might force them against your head or cause them to be positioned uncomfortably. As a result, they may irritate your eyes and nose.

This is why getting a helmet with plenty of inside room is important. Extra rooms around the ears or a particular groove for glasses are common examples. Similarly, you’ll want a face shield that isn’t too near to your face so that your glasses can fit.

Weight and the right size

Taking the time to check the weights of different helmets is also a good idea. Even if most of them weigh between 3 and 5 lbs on long-distance rides, just one additional pound can make a major difference.

However, you don’t want to go with the lightest helmet. At highway speeds, it’s more likely to fly off your head since it lacks the necessary stability. The best answer is a helmet that is properly suited for your head and has enough weight to keep it in place.


Aside from overall comfort, you’ll want to consider how easy it is to put on and take off your glasses and fix them if they fall out of position. You’ll want to look for a helmet that allows you to access your glasses easily.

For example, a flip-up face shield or chin guard allows you to reach within the helmet and make changes. Open-face helmets are also helpful since you can reach up inside them.


Another common concern for those who wear glasses is that their vision gets cloudy when wearing a motorbike helmet. As you breathe in, water vapor condenses on the lenses’ glass, causing this impact.

An exit route from the helmet is required to keep the moisture from condensing within.

This refers to the fact that a full-face helmet should have adequate ventilation to keep the wearer’s head cool. To prevent condensation on the glasses, a moisture-wicking cloth can be used to extract the vapor from the air.


Underneath the shell, all motorcycle helmets will have some type of liner or padding, which is an essential component. The cushioning serves two purposes: it absorbs impact and provides comfort.

Several companies employ synthetic cellular materials such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) or expanded polypropylene (EPP) for the lining. These can come in various densities and with varying padding, so be sure your helmet is good at this.

The shape of Your Head

Although the shape of your head may not appear important at first, it is critical if you want the helmet to fit your head correctly. Longer, intermediate, and round ovals are the most common shapes.

Getting a better fit by selecting a model based on the shape of your head might enhance your overall enjoyment. The intermediate oval is probably a good bet if you’re still confused.

We also advise that you use the helmet for a time before making a purchase. Then you’ll have a better sense of whether or not it’s the best choice.

Helmet Safety Ratings

Is it even necessary to mention that a helmet must fulfill safety rules to provide head protection? Always keep an eye on the safety rating at all times. Helmets in the United States must be DOT-certified, while helmets purchased in Europe must fulfill ECE-standard specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to wear glasses and a motorcycle helmet simultaneously?

Yes, you certainly can! You may wear your glasses with your helmet on to ensure you can ride your motorbike properly and securely. However, you’ll need to choose a helmet that won’t obstruct your vision.

If you don’t, you can feel uneasy and spend minutes trying to get your glasses in the right place.

What is the best way to keep my motorbike helmet from fogging up?

Riding in the cold, rainy weather with a steamed-up face shield is inconvenient and dangerous since it causes your vision to blur. That’s where the following methods can help, allowing you to clear the path ahead of you swiftly.

Installing a Pinlock visor is one of the most efficient ways to keep moist out of your helmet. It’s a fantastic component that efficiently resists fogging in all temperatures and requires no additional adjustment on your side.

If you don’t have a Pinlock-ready helmet, you can open the vents to manage the quantity of mist that enters your helmet.

Which motorbike helmet will let me use my glasses?

When you’re wearing a helmet, you need to be able to put on your glasses without causing any obstructions while you’re riding. Motorcycle helmets with an open face or modular design are especially well-suited to allow you to wear your glasses.

Which motorbike helmet is the safest to wear?

Without a doubt, full-face helmets would be the solution. These items safeguard your head, face, and neck. Furthermore, unlike open-face helmets, they include chin bars to secure you in an unpleasant incident.

Is it necessary to replace my helmet?

Even if you think it’s OK to keep wearing your helmet for years without any incidents, the truth is quite the opposite. In particular, the helmet’s inner linings will gradually weaken with use. Consequently, it’s recommended that you replace your motorbike helmet every three to five years.

Our Final Thoughts

Currently, the best motorcycle helmets for glasses users are a must. As a rider with problematic eyesight, these helmets are their best option.

If you don’t have the correct helmet, wearing a motorbike helmet while wearing eyeglasses might be challenging. We’ve considered several aspects while developing the list above to help you choose the best helmet for your needs.

You don’t have to worry about finding the ideal motorbike helmet for glasses on our list.

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