Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 100 Dollars That You Will Love!

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 100

When riding a motorcycle, wearing a helmet helps prevent serious head injuries. Additionally, it lowers the chance of accidents and the overall expense of medical care.

But for some people, making a reasonable budget is really hard. Of course, we all want the best helmet available, but not everyone can or wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a helmet because it might not be the worth of money.

However, many excellent helmets are available if you have a budget of less than $100. The top 11 best motorcycle helmets are under 100 dollars for you, so don’t hesitate to check them out!

Here are they:

  1. LS2 Full Face Rapid Street Helmet
  2. GMAX FF-49 Full Face Street Helmet
  3. 1 Strom Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet
  4. ILM Full Face Street Bike Helmet
  5. AHR RUN-M Full Face Flip Up Helmet
  6. WOW Motorcycle Full Face Street Bike Helmet
  7. NENKI Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  8. Fuel Full Face Helmet
  9. Razor Full Face Youth Helmet
  10. GDM DK-140 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  11. HJC CL-Y Youth Helmet

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Motorcycle Helmet under 100 Dollars

Reviews of Top 11 Best Motorcycle Helmet under 100 Dollars for You

Our Pick

1. LS2 Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

The LS2 Rapid Street helmet is perfect if you want to spend as little money as possible on a helmet that can keep you safe on every ride.

It is the cheapest item on this list because its typical price is roughly around the $100 range. Even though you’ll miss out on a few items if you choose this one, the modest budget reduction could be beneficial.

It comes in various designs, weighs around 4 lbs., complies with the FMVSS 218 Standard and ECE 22.05 Standard, has a detachable inside fabric, and has adjustable ventilation.

The high-pressure thermoplastic material used to create the shell can withstand significant impacts and abrasions. This thermoplastic has the necessary certifications; it will keep you safe more than adequately.


  1. Has a large number of styles to select from.
  2. This helmet is the cheapest option.
  3. Meets with DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 qualifications.
  4. This is the lightest helmet that will fit you perfectly.


  1. There are no screens on the vents.

Our Pick

2. GMAX FF-49 Full Face Street Helmet

The GMax FF49 helmet has many features that we would often find in pricier helmets. This GMax helmet is lower in weight and has a better fit. It is scratch-resistant and has a face shield with 100% UV400 protection.

Its DuPont Coolmax inside, which is washable, detachable, and customizable, keeps us dry and comfortable. Fresh air is blown in, and heated air from channeled vents is evacuated thanks to the airflow through the rear exhaust and intake/exhaust forehead vents.

The big eye-port of this helmet enhances the riders’ angle of vision so they can see well. These helmets also come with chin curtains and breathe protectors, which will lessen airflow.

A poly alloy shell that is lower in weight assists in injury prevention. It is a cost-effective product with many advantages. The GMax FF 49 helmet has DOT approval.

The GMax FF49 helmet is our second-best product since it has excellent protection features. Because it has features such as a big eye-port, superior fitting, chin curtain, and breath protectors, it is the highest-rated product.


  1. It includes a chin curtain and breath protectors.
  2. Extremely lightweight.
  3. Improves vision with extra-large eye ports.
  4. It’s DuPont Coolmax interior keeps us relaxed and at ease while driving.


  1. This helmet’s facial pads are too tight.

Our Pick

3. 1 Strom Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

No matter what size their head is, everyone can wear the helmet since it accommodates every head size imaginable. Its plush cushioning keeps you at ease, making you feel nourished and comfy. You can take the padding off and wash it so the helmet will always feel and smell like new.

1Storm did not hold back on the material either. It uses an alloy shell exterior with thermoplastic qualities, keeping you cool and maintaining durability.

The shape itself is pretty aerodynamic, which keeps you moving at maximum speed at all times. Even when you don’t want the visor on, the helmet features a dual visor mechanism to shield your eyes from the oncoming wind.

It gives you the appearance that your visor is open while your eyes are still protected. Your eyesight won’t be impacted after you put the visor down.

The level of protection provided by this helmet is nothing short of remarkable. This DOT-approved headgear covers your head safely and comfortably, so you will feel entirely secure. As a result, you may ride in comfort, security, and peace of mind.


  1. It has removable and washable padding.
  2. It also has an enormous selection of colors.
  3. Comes with a dual visor setup at a low price.
  4. It accommodates almost all head sizes.


  1. Poor placement of the button to open the visor.

Our Pick

4. ILM Full Face Street Bike Helmet

Look no further if you’re seeking the best inexpensive motorbike helmet for the winter. The majority of excellent motorcycle helmets made an effort to keep you cool and vented so that you wouldn’t feel packed. When winter arrives, they are excellent at keeping your head warm.

This gives you a choice to cover your neck if you wish to shield it from the cold winter air. In addition, it has a good amount of material to provide. Its exterior is made of superior ABS shells.

You should be aware that ABS is both strong and lightweight. As a result, you can count on this to absorb a lot of damage and still hold up while relieving pressure on your neck. As an outcome, it will offer more comfort and safety when riding.

This model also features a dual visor function, much like the previous one. On very sunny days, one visor provides you with a clear vision, while the other provides you with smoked eyesight. Instead of being limited to a particular form, this provides you the freedom to select the choice that would work best for you.


  1. The inner pads can be removed.
  2. It includes a winter scarf that is optional for cold days.
  3. This features a dual visor with smoke and clear vision.
  4. This Is very light in weight, and the ABS shell is durable.


  1. The visor features scratch very quickly.

Our Pick

5. AHR RUN-M Full Face Flip Up Helmet

Some of us would choose the top motorcycle helmets under $100 that provide the most excellent level of safety. You get the fantastic dual visor full-face headgear from the AHR Run-M Full Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet.

You can rely on its unmatched quality and sturdiness to provide reliable pressure. In addition, although having an open face, this helmet will provide your cheeks with a lot of cushioning and protection.

The incredible cushioning of this helmet will also surprise you. It has a delicate feel and doesn’t obstruct your eyesight or other senses. It’s just enough to keep you relaxed without getting in the way.

Furthermore, the cushioning performs well as well. This helmet also has a dependable impact resistance feature to ensure it holds up throughout the most serious accidents.


  1. It meets DOT safety requirements to guarantee your safety.
  2. Features a cutting-edge flip-up design that allows for increased ventilation.
  3. It has an internal dark visor to protect eyesight from sunlight.
  4. Easy to clean because of a detachable and washable lining and cheek pad.


  1. It’s heavier than most of the top motorbike helmets under $100.

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Our Pick

6. WOW Motorcycle Full Face Street Bike Helmet

The list of top-budget motorcycle helmets must always include a WOW brand. Once you see their elegant designs, it won’t take long to understand why they are named wow. The helmets are sleek and beautifully curved.

You can express yourself uniquely with so many alternatives. However, other factors besides looks contribute to excellent bike helmets. They must first show their functional capabilities.

The inside cushioning is frequently covered in sweat or other unfavorable materials. Maintaining the highest level of cleanliness is in your own best interest. Since the cushioning can be freely removed for cleaning, you can always maintain its inside clean.

Despite the small price tag, it charges you a lot. Because of its exterior’s low weight and strong metal shell, you feel pretty safe. It may not have as many features as the previous entry, but it does so at a lower cost to compensate for that.


  1. Has a detachable inner cushion.
  2. It has heavy padding for comfort and safety.
  3. There are several different color options.
  4. The Interior can be cleaned easily.


  1. The visor isn’t particularly robust.

Our Pick

7. NENKI Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet continues NENKI’s tradition of making helmets with appealing designs and vibrant patterns. One of the most excellent motorcycle helmets under $100 and the most striking is the NENKI NK-856 Full Face Helmet.

In addition, this helmet is exceptionally robust because of the expanded polystyrene and the fiberglass-injected shell. Additionally, you’ll experience significant impact absorption at an uncommon level in budget-friendly helmets.

This helmet has a dual visor that consists of an inner sun shield and an iridium red visor. This combination offers variety and the flexibility to employ it based on the particular weather while you’re traveling.

You won’t ever feel too warm, even in the summer, thanks to the many vents that keep the refreshing air flowing in and help to avoid fogging. Additionally, it has a lining that is both detachable and washable.


  1. This helmet is made of very sturdy material.
  2. It has a beautiful and eye-catching design.
  3. It features excellent ventilation.
  4. This helmet effectively absorbs impacts.


  1. It does not eliminate wind noise fully.

Our Pick

8. Fuel Full Face Helmet

One of the most acceptable motorcycle helmets under $100 that doesn’t scrimp on fantastic features is the Fuel Helmets SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet. This helmet is not at all heavy. This helmet will keep you comfortable and has a lightweight thermoplastic shell that can endure for a very long period.

We also appreciate that the cheek cushions are detachable, so we may clean them anytime we desire. Additionally, there is the dual-vented diffuser, which permits the most airflow.

You’ll be entirely shielded from the sun when wearing this helmet. You may choose the one that exactly suits your head thanks to the three sizes offered.

It won’t cause discomfort, even if you wear it for a very long period. You should also be aware that the DOT has approved this excellent helmet so that you can have confidence in its safety.


  1. Diffuser with two vents for optimal ventilation.
  2. Exceptional crash protection is provided.
  3. It’s very robust.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. The vent switches are problematic.

Our Pick

9. Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

The full-face youth helmet from Razor is known for its lightweight durability. The full-face helmet delivers the best protection for high-intensity riding that demands full-facial covering headgear. It is built with a big eye port that gives plenty of area for goggles and exceptional visibility.

The extra sizing cushions and ergonomically constructed padding ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort. The chin strap is simple to tighten and secure thanks to the side-release buckles, and the 17 vents ensure that the wearer’s head is always excellent.

Razor Full Face Youth Helmet’s affordability is only fair, given that it is marketed for young people. In addition to its affordable pricing, this helmet has some incredible features. It is regarded as one of the finest motorcycle helmets under $100.

Like other excellent helmets on the market, it includes additional padding that guarantees a snugger, more comfortable fit. Additionally, it features a strap, a snap fastener, and an adjustable visor that you may customize.


  1. Offers excellent ventilation.
  2. Includes an adjustable visor.
  3. It also has a large eye port.
  4. Provides a comfortable fit.


  1. It’s not as durable as you would expect.

Our Pick

10. GDM DK-140 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

With the debut of this GDM unit, we turn our attention to a high-end helmet with a lot to offer you. Although the sleek design is already glorious, it does not sacrifice any valuable functions. This excellent headgear results from the combination of all its unique aspects.

This item has a stylish design, as we’ve already noted. Just observe how every curve and edge makes the item feel incredibly aerodynamic. 

It has air vents on top to offer you even more control over the winds. You can experience cooling and relaxation, and you can breathe easily. Despite its full-faced appearance, you’ll feel like you’re in a vast open space.

GDM chose a different approach to their headwear than a dual visor setup. The transparent screen and the tinted visor are provided for you to install and attach. 

It has a remarkable twin D-ring chin strap that is comfortable and secure. It doesn’t feel like the belt is slicing into your chin. Instead, it gives you the impression of being caressed while securely fastening the helmet to your head.


  1. It includes a free tinted visor.
  2. It has an excellent ventilation option.
  3. A double D-ring chin strap provides additional protection.
  4. It has the most modern design without losing any valuable features.


  1. It comes with just a few color choices.

Our Pick

11. HJC CL-Y Youth Helmet

This cutting-edge helmet has a thermoplastic shell, which makes it sturdy and portable. This helmet is affordable and meets all your needs so that you may buy it with ease.

It provides a wider eye-port for increased visibility, helping to prevent accidents. It looks appealing and has an eyeglass shape. You may now ride your motorbike in luxury and enjoy it.

It contains anti-fog technology that makes riding even in colder weather more comfortable. Or at night since it improves your visibility. This helmet’s soft inside is made even more comfortable by the padding.

With its superb ventilation system, you can wear it all day in the summer without worrying about suffocating from the heat. It includes a neck cover that helps to muffle wind noise. The helmet meets all of your needs while providing UV rays protection.


  1. Shields your skin from the UV rays of the sun.
  2. It’s exceptionally lightweight.
  3. This one is very cost-effective.
  4. This cutting-edge helmet has a thermoplastic shell, making it durable and portable.


  1. Fixed padding limits the options for washing and removing the pads.

What to Look for While Choosing The Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 100?

Here are some factors you should keep in mind before making a purchase now that we have discussed our top recommendations for the best motorcycle helmet under 100 Dollars.

Comfort and Safety

Both of these facets are equally important. You’ll spend time wearing your helmet if you ride regularly. You will have plenty of cushioning for increased comfort and the most pleasing experience.

Your head is additionally impact-protected by the cushioning. To lessen the discomfort, it disperses the hits throughout the helmet. So, ensure that anything you purchase has a dependable and soft lining.

Helmet Size and Shape

You must first be aware of its size and shape. You need to be on the search for a wide range of unusual forms and sizes. Full-faced helmets cover your complete head, whereas half-helmets simply cover the top of your head. Additionally, you must ensure that the form is aerodynamic.

Ensure your helmet fits your head correctly to get the most out of it. There are measuring methods to determine which size will fit you the best. Use that to determine your size and make purchases appropriately.

Shell Material

Although the padding is essential, it won’t matter if the helmet breaks when it hits anything. Finding one with a sturdy shell is necessary for this purpose. Additionally, we advise using lighter materials because heavier ones can strain your neck.

Visor Quality

While other helmets just have a single visor, some come with two. You may pick the one that better suits you, but you should usually try to get one that is also impact and scratch-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which adjustable full-face helmet is best?

This depends on the location where you wear your helmet and the people’s driving skills. A full-face helmet is a perfect option if your safety is your top priority.

It shields the face and everything above. You must search for a well-padded helmet that covers your entire face and has a superior eye-port if you want clear vision with ease of wearing and removing.

Is it necessary to have ventilation in a helmet?

Helmets with high ventilation or airflow are essential in the summer since you’ll be packed in. So, what are your plans for getting enough air into the helmet? To ensure appropriate airflow, certain helmets are equipped with ventilation systems.

Is $100 a fair budget?

A hundred dollars won’t allow you to get the most fantastic helmets available. There are many excellent units within this price range, but that does not imply you should underestimate its value.

Additionally, the improved comfort and breathability of the over $100 are recommended if you plan on traveling a significant distance. However, there is no need to spend more money on more expensive solutions if you don’t go far or regularly. It is ultimately enough budget as a consequence.

Can You Trust Cheap Helmets?

Even while more costly helmets may have more excellent features, affordable helmets may protect your head. The primary function of a helmet is to deflect hits away from the wearer’s head by absorbing them.

The helmet’s plastic material fulfills its job flawlessly. Because even low-cost helmets that have completed safety testing utilize this material, they are just as safe to wear.

Do I require dual visors?

They’re a nice bonus, but they’re not required. Using an additional option, you may also easily switch between a transparent and a smoked visor. It’s up to you whether or not you want a dual-visor motorbike helmet for around $100.

Our Final Thoughts

Helmets are the most crucial gear for motorcycle riders. They protect your heads. Finding a good motorcycle helmet may be challenging since there are many variations in color, form, and size.

This post will assist you in selecting the best helmet under $100 since we’ve covered the best models with various features at reasonable prices.

With all this information in your hands, you can now choose the ideal motorcycle helmet for under $100 that best suits your needs. Consider your options carefully, and remember that this is a long-term investment. Greetings and best wishes!

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