Best Motorcycle Helmets For Every Riders in 2023!

Best Motorcycle Helmet

Buying a helmet is a must for any motorcyclist. High-quality motorcycle helmets can keep you comfortable and increase aerodynamics to protect your head in the case of an accident or a fall. Most helmet manufacturers offer helmets for all head sizes and shapes, providing you with various options.

Selecting the best motorcycle helmet for you might be complex and challenging, but I’m here to assist. There are lots of different motorcycle helmets available, with a range of features, comfort levels, designs, and more.

I’ve compiled a selection of the top 20 best motorcycle helmets available to riders after carefully reading manufacturer websites and analyzing the numerous features, materials, and information. There is something for everyone on my list because it includes a range of riding styles and pricing points. So, here they are:

  1. Bell Race Star Flex Street Motorcycle Helmet.
  2. Shoei RF-1400 Dedicated 2 Men’s Street Helmet.
  3. Arai XD4 Depart Adult Dual Sport Helmet.
  4. Simpson M59M1 Mod Bandit Full Face Helmet.
  5. AGV K-6 Solid Adult Street Helmet.
  6. Bell RS7 (HANS) Racing Helmet.
  7. Shark HE3306DGMAL Unisex- Adult Helmet.
  8. Aria Regent-X Adult Street Helmet.
  9. LS2 Thunder Carbon Helmet.
  10. RaceQuip Full Face Helmet.
  11. AGV Pista GP RR Helmet.
  12. Shoei Neotec II Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet.
  13. KLIM Krios Motorcycle Helmet.
  14. Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet.
  15. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet.
  16. Bell Mag-9 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet.
  17. HJC CS-R3 Unisex Full Face Helmet.
  18. Shoei Solid X-14 Sports Bike Helmet.
  19. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet.
  20. ScorpionEXO EXO Covert X Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets

Reviews of Top 20 Best Motorcycle Helmets for You

Our Pick

1. Bell Race Star Flex Street Motorcycle Helmet

The Race Star Flex was built to be highly secure. Bell employs three densities of foam that are meant to compress in response to a crash force, reducing that energy so that it fades by the speed and power of a tumble, earning it a five-star rating from the U.K.’s Sharp rating agency.

The Bell Race Star DLX Flex, the company’s most recent top-line race helmet, proves that Bell is still a leader in its field. The chin vent and the one above the visor are very effective vents on this helmet. These two vents are placed at the very front of the helmet. Thus they obviously receive the most airflow.

One of its lid’s advantages is the visor. It is incredibly simple to change and has excellent clarity and breadth. A Pinlock 120 insert guards the vise against the mist. In terms of moisture absorption, this is the middle grade of Pinlock’s three insert grades, and it is included in the package with the helmet.

The cheek pads are very simple to fit because they are attached with magnetic clips, and the helmet’s interior is completely removable for cleaning. There are recesses for intercom speakers; they are often filled with foam wedges but can be removed to make space for the speakers.


  1. It’s very lightweight.
  2. It’s also DOT-approved.
  3. Looks very stylish.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. It’s a bit expensive.

Our Pick

2. Shoei RF-1400 Dedicated 2 Men’s Street Hel

SHOEI’s RF line has a long history of almost four decades. SHOEI, which is constantly focused on innovation, announced the 1400 model in 2021. The aerodynamics and ventilation of this road-riding helmet were tested in the SHOEI wind tunnel facility.

Six air intake vents and four exhaust vents are intended to keep your head cool, and in comparison to the RF-1200, there is less upward lift and drag. The shield’s unique, airtight window beading provides wind and rain protection.

Along with a dual layer and many layers of fiberglass, the liner is also detachable and washable. This Snell M2020D and DOT-approved helmet weighs 3 pounds and 10 ounces and is offered in various hues and designs.


  1. This helmet is very lightweight.
  2. It is extremely quiet and comfortable to wear.
  3. This helmet helps to reduce air noise.
  4. It has DOT approval and complies with FMVSS 218.


  1. A bit expensive.

Our Pick

3. Arai XD4 Depart Adult Dual Sport Helmet

One of the top ADV touring helmets on the market and one of the few that get a Snell safety certificate is the Arai XD4, which is well-known worldwide. The XD4 features awesome properties such as the comfort lining and cheek pads with 5mm peel-away pads that let riders customize the fit.

The Arai XD4 Helmet’s shell has been aerodynamically optimized. Together with the detachable floating peak, they direct air into the newly redesigned vents, enhancing ventilation and reducing buffeting at high speeds.

To keep you cool, there are multiple side cowl vents with sculpted openings, top diffuser vents with exhaust ports, and a chin vent with intake ports. Overall, it is breathable, pleasant, and lightweight.

One drawback is that if you don’t have a windshield, your head may get a little bit of wind when you turn. But because of its superior comfort, durability, and safety features, the XD-4 is the go-to helmet for many experienced ADV riders.


  1. Snell M2020 and the DOT have approved it.
  2. Its interior is entirely changeable, washable, and removable.
  3. For additional comfort, its Dry-Cool system keeps you dry and cool.
  4. Its improved shell design improves aerodynamic stability at higher street speeds.


  1. It can be noisy sometimes.

Our Pick

4. Simpson M59M1 Mod Bandit Full Face Helmet

For motorcyclists just like you, the Simpson M59M1 Mod Bandit Modular Helmet was created based on comfort. The Mod Bandit’s simple one-handed opening mechanism lets you get some fresh air when you stop.

The interior is entirely removable and washable to maintain the freshness and durability of the inside things. The Simpson Mod Bandit Modular Helmet is a must-have since it works well for daily commuting and is ready for long trips.

The Mod Bandit, an advanced modular helmet, is one of the newest products available. The Mod Bandit stands out from the crowd because of its intriguing shell design and the high quality of its external fit and finish. Its angular shape offers more than just an aggressive appearance.


  1. It offers superb ventilation.
  2. It gives an aesthetic look.
  3. DOT and ECE approve it.
  4. Very comfortable to wear.


  1. It fits better on a long oval skull shape only.

Our Pick

5. AGV K-6 Solid Adult Street Helmet

The AGV K6 is absurdly lightweight. I spent a lot of time testing it and listing all of its characteristics. Still, my shortest summary of its qualities starts and stops with its ultra-low weight, as wearing the K6 is significantly less tiring than wearing any other street helmet.

AGV includes a Pinlock insert with the K6 to put the additional lens within the visor to avoid fogging. This system guarantees less messing and more focus on the road if your current helmet fogs too readily and you have to open it frequently to de-mist.

In the U.K.’s Sharp Helmet Scheme test, the K6 also received 5/5 stars, partly because AGV built it using five different densities of EPS foam. Modern technology has been designed to spread the impact of an accident so that your head absorbs as little energy as possible.


  1. It is certified by DOT and ECE 22.05.
  2. It comes with a wind protector.
  3. Every interior part is easily detachable and washable.
  4. It’s specially made to allow wearing glasses.


  1. Working the visor mechanism can be challenging.

Our Pick

6. Bell RS7 (HANS) Racing Helmet

The Bell RS7 (HANS) Carbon racing helmet, which is based on the ground-breaking HP7 design and has an ultra-lightweight carbon shell made using Bell’s high-pressure unique molding technique, offers racers unrivaled acoustic comfort, aerodynamic performance, and energy absorption capacity.

The sleek, aerodynamic design has an innovative ventilation system with 14 air intake and extraction channels for optimal airflow and ventilation. This helmet features an all-carbon shell with multi-density and multi-piece lining for exceptional energy absorption and impact performance.

The RS7 is FIA 8859, and Snell SA2020 approved. The RS7 has a bare shell with 14 air intake and extraction channels and a clear shield. Connectors for forced air are purchased separately. To increase aerodynamic performance, extra spoilers and gurneys are offered separately.


  1. It’s very lightweight.
  2. To improve energy absorption and impact performance, it features a multi-piece lining.
  3. For proper ventilation, it also features 14 air intake and extraction channels.
  4. Both advanced multi-density and lightweight carbon composite are used in its construction.


  1. It’s costly.

Our Pick

7. Shark HE3306DGMAL Unisex- Adult Helmet

With the Shark Street-Drak Helmet, you can finally live out your childhood dream of being a fighter pilot, even if all you’ve ever done is ride a motorcycle.

The aviator-inspired design, which was once known as the Shark Raw Helmet, mixes a 3/4 thermoplastic shell with off-road style goggles and a mean-looking face mask to construct a helmet ideal for tearing up the roads in whatever urban jungle you feel safe.

Even the warmest heads stay excellent thanks to the sweat-wicking lining and ventilation system. While the plastic face mask doesn’t offer impact protection, it performs an excellent job of keeping bugs and road debris out of your mouth.

The Street Drak is a helmet for individuals who aren’t scared to stand out from the crowd, no matter what you’re riding. The Shark Raw complies with all DOT and ECE requirements while being classified as an open-face helmet. It complies with all standards and is secure to wear.


  1. It is DOT certified.
  2. Comes with 5 years of warranty.
  3. The ventilation is too good.
  4. It is made from injected thermoplastic resin.


  1. You might hear some noise at high speeds.

Our Pick

8. Aria Regent-X Adult Street Helmet

This Arai Regent-X helmet is outstanding for its excellent construction and unique, appealing design. Despite the design’s simplicity, the rider is attracted to the helmet’s gray and black color due to its elegant appearance.

Additionally, the helmet features a neck roll to keep the rider comfortable and lessen the burden of the helmet on the head and neck. While traveling over the road’s jolts and bumps, this neck roll maintains your neck balanced and straight.

The helmet’s visor is sturdy and removable. The rider can easily see anything coming from the front side thanks to the transparent vision, which lowers the danger of accidents on the road caused by distortion.

When you’re riding in the rain, the visor’s rubber edging will protect water from getting on your head. Bikers can travel more freely in wet conditions thanks to this waterproof feature. With all the features you need at an affordable price, this helmet is the perfect option for you.


  1. It offers a comfortable fit.
  2. Gives an aesthetic and aggressive look.
  3. Very lightweight to wear.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. There is no peel-off layer on the cheek pads.

Our Pick

9. LS2 Thunder Carbon Helmet

The LS2 Thunder Carbon FIM is a fantastic helmet. The glossy spoiler’s adjustable ventilation vents work well with the matte 9K kevlar-reinforced carbon fiber weave to create an attractive look.

A group of LS2 riders from the Moto 3, Moto 2, WSBK, and FIM EWC worked with engineers in Spain to create the LS2 Thunder Carbon Helmet. The Pure Carbon Fiber shell is thin, aerodynamic, and stable on your head.

Since the eye port is tall and wide, you can see everything in front of you and your sides while riding. The 3mm face shield is race-ready, equipped with tear-off posts, and features the Pinlock system for the highest level of fog resistance.

The removable, machine-washable moisture-wicking fabric liner and completely adjustable flow-through ventilation help to keep you cool and dry while you ride.


  1. It’s very lightweight.
  2. It is certified with DOT, ECE, and FIM.
  3. It is made of Kevlar reinforced carbon fiber shell.
  4. There are 3 shell sizes available for a perfect fit.


Our Pick

10. RaceQuip Full Face Helmet

Modern production methods and contemporary aesthetics combine to create the Snell SA2020-certified RaceQuip PRO20 Side Air full-face auto-racing helmet. Because they include a space to attach a hose for fresh air, these helmets are also known as forced air, blower, or pumper helmets.

The shell is constructed utilizing pre-preg composite materials inserted into pressurized steel molds to provide the ideal low weight and strength balance. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner and reinforced M6 threaded HANS/HNR inserts are attached to the shell.

The RaceQuip PRO20 Side Air Helmet is appropriate for use in all motorsports because of the Nomex® interior, paint, and kevlar chin strap, which all have a Snell SA rating.

The RaceQuip PRO20 Side Air helmet offers excellent value thanks to the combination of all these features with a sleek aerodynamic FRP Composite shell and a medium-sized chin spoiler.


  1. The helmet has a Snell SA2020 certification.
  2. Its lining is made of expanded polystyrene (EPS).
  3. It’s pretty comfortable wearing this helmet.
  4. It’s a great-looking helmet.


  1. The padding is not that plush and soft.

Our Pick

11. AGV Pista GP RR Helmet

One of the most recognizable motorcycle helmets on the planet, the AGV Pista GP-RR is worn by competitors in the MotoGP, WorldSBK, and BSB races.

The Pista GP-visor RR’s is among the first things you’ll notice because it is robust. The entire visor is around 2mm thick, and it barely flexes in your hands. Although a transparent visor is offered in standard trim, my lid already had an AGV UK smoked visor attached.

Pinlock and explicit tear-off strips are included with the Pista GP-RR. Tear-offs are helpful for professional club racers and track day riders but can be challenging to install neatly.


  1. It’s made of a 100% carbon fiber shell.
  2. It’s very lightweight.
  3. Comfortable to wear.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. It’s the most expensive one on my list.

Our Pick

12. Shoei Neotec II Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

The Shoei Neotec II from Shoei offers excellent quality while providing the convenience of a two-in-one design. Its integrated sun shield and Pinlock® Evo fog-resistant system increase visibility, and its extensive three-position upper ventilation system encourage dynamic cooling.

The Neotec II features a revolutionary top air outlet construction that combines with its deflecting chin bar to decrease wind noise and its streamlined shape and shell-integrated spoiler.

This modular helmet has an open-face design that can be flipped up while still providing the same level of protection as a full-face helmet. Many experts also appreciate this helmet’s multi-ply Matrix AIM shell and multi-piece EPS lining, which provide best-in-class safety.

The Neotec II is a better solution for safety, comfort, convenience, and communication on a motorcycle than it is a helmet. With the installation of the accompanying Pinlock Evo fog-resistant lining and the new venting, which flows much more air and seals tightly, you are essentially impervious to the weather.


  1. It’s very comfortable wearing this helmet.
  2. It has cutting-edge noise-reducing technology.
  3. It features both open-face and full-face configurations.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. It’s very pricy.

Our Pick

13. KLIM Krios Motorcycle Helmet

Klim designed the Krios with comfort and adaptability in mind by concentrating on the demands of riders in the actual world. It has four configuration choices, a large carbon weave casing that was hand-laid, and excellent acoustics.

This helmet looks fantastic right out of the box. Excellent color scheme, an aggressive exhaust vent, and good details under the peak on a substantial carbon weave shell. At 1360g, it is incredibly light and feels like a cloud. Additionally, the helmet is packaged with a dark smoked visor and a Pinlock insert for the visor.

The Krios is designed for motorcyclists who seek a versatile helmet without making too many compromises. It performs as a daily dual sport helmet on trips when the surface conditions continuously change. Even though it costs more than other quality helmets, at $550, it’s still a fantastic deal.


  1. For a dual sport helmet, it is very quiet.
  2. It has a good field of vision.
  3. It’s really lightweight.
  4. It has a soft interior with a quick-drying, anti-bacterial liner.


  1. Might feel some issue with its ventilation.

Our Pick

14. Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet

Shoei’s Motion Energy Distribution System (MEDS), which offers lateral dampening between the helmet shell and the cushioned liner, is installed in the VFX-Evo. In the case of an accident, the MEDS construction aims to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the skull.

The VFX-Evo’s visor is well-integrated aerodynamically, reducing helmet lift even when traveling at high speeds in an open sand wash in sixth gear. Its design is beneficial for blocking the rays of the rising sun.

The Emergency Quick Release System is another unique addition to the VFX-EVO, allowing for quick and easy removal of the helmet in an emergency. In the case of an accident, the rider can quickly and safely remove the helmet from his head by pulling the red strap located at the bottom of the helmet’s two cheek pads.


  1. It offers EQRS quick release system.
  2. It features a high-quality interior liner.
  3. It will fit perfectly on your head.
  4. Easy to use with many features.


  1. You might hear some noise at high speeds.

Our Pick

15. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet

The battery capacity of the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet allows eight hours of talk time and 110.0 hours of standby. The intercom technology on this full-face motorcycle helmet allows for a maximum separation of 1,680.0 feet between two riders.

The one-touch buttons on the helmet will allow riders to accept or decline incoming phone calls and listen to FM radio, music, or GPS navigation instructions. You’ll adore this helmet’s fashionable design.

Experts consider using DSP noise and echo cancellation technology as one of this helmet’s top features. Even with your helmet speakers on, it might be challenging to hear sounds when riding a motorcycle.

The speakers on this helmet actively eliminate incoming noise, enhancing the clarity of Bluetooth calls and music. It has smooth curves and some beautiful angles that give it a very contemporary appearance. It also features a great deal of conversation time.


  1. It complies or meets both DOT safety requirements.
  2. It is lightweight and comfortable.
  3. It also features Bluetooth 3.0 technology.
  4. Both the ear liners and the top liner are washable and detachable.


  1. You might find some noise issues.

Our Pick

16. Bell Mag-9 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is for those riders who want the comfort of a quick on-and-off experience. With its 3/4 appearance, full of modern alternatives, and a feature-rich design, the Mag-9 has you covered for year-round service.

The Bell Mag-9 includes an adjustable front that can be worn in seven different settings, just like most open-face helmets. It can also be worn with or without a face shield or visor that protects the rider’s view.

This helmet’s polycarbonate shell and EPS foam interior allow for a custom fit. The Mag-9 can be combined with a Sena or Card Bluetooth communication system for individuals who like to listen to music or make calls while they are riding.


  1. It’s exceptionally comfortable for the cost.
  2. The built-in sun visor is quite helpful.
  3. It is DOT certified.
  4. It also complies with FMVSS 218 standards.


  1. Sometimes the sun visor lever sticks.

Our Pick

17. HJC CS-R3 Unisex Full Face Helmet

This DOT-compliant helmet’s superior polycarbonate composite construction offers the best fit and comfort possible. The ventilation of the HJC CS-R3 Helmet can be adjusted, and it can later be modified with a choice of various face shield alternatives.

The padding is soft and molds to your face over time, and the vents bring in the fresh air that, together with the sweat-wicking interior, keeps you dry and comfortable.

The RapidFire Shield Replacement System makes changing shields simple, and the shield is Pinlock ready. The padding takes some time to break in, and the CL-17 might occasionally feel slightly restrictive.

Additionally, the top of the shield might rub against your forehead when you are riding, depending on how your head is positioned. Nevertheless, the HJC CL-17 is one of the best motorcycle helmets on the market thanks to its excellent balance of comfort, usability, and price.


  1. This helmet is imported and made in the USA.
  2. It is D.O.T. approved.
  3. It’s very lightweight.
  4. It also offers superior fit and comfort.


  1. It might fog up sometimes.

Our Pick

18. Shoei Solid X-14 Sports Bike Helmet

The aerodynamic Shoei X-14 Helmet is the best option if you often ride at high speeds. The removable rear spoiler flaps can be changed out for smaller ones for a unique performance design, and it includes a lower air spoiler for enhanced aerodynamics when tucked onto a sport bike.

Put it on the track, in the city, or on country roads; it’s quiet, light, and wonderful. The visor is quite simple to replace and doesn’t fog up even when it’s raining. It’s also great for riding sports bikes rapidly and aerodynamically.

For comfort, a dual-layer, multi-density EPS lining, 3D max-dry technology, and a cheek pad cooling system are included. These features help to minimize impact and increase ventilation. The CWR-F Shield and QR-E System block 99 percent of dangerous UVA and UVB radiation.


  1. It is DOT certified and also meets FMVSS 218 Standards.
  2. Its 5 EPS liner and 4 shell sizes offer more different fit options.
  3. The chin bar has an impact-absorbing EPS liner and a cheek pad cooling system.
  4. The top air intake vent is designed to provide the most airflow into the helmet’s interior.


  1. It might feel heavier on your head.

Our Pick

19. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

The new Shoei GT-Air II maintains the original’s more aggressive design. Shoei advances it considerably by proving that sport-touring gear doesn’t have to be essential in terms of appearance. The numerous graphic options and shell design clearly prove that.

The Shoei GT-Air II has several stylish aero features that highlight its aggressive design. This is most apparent at the chin bar, where fresh air is directed into the vent and around the helmet. In addition, a chin bar spoiler guides air away from the rider’s chin, reducing buffeting and wind noise.

With the new Shoei GT-Air II, ventilation has been improved, and on hot days, you can continue to enjoy a lot of cooling air. Although only 2 intakes and two exhaust ports are visible, there are actually 3 adjustable intake vents on the front and 5 always-open exhaust vents on the back.

When compared to Shoei’s flip-front Neotec, the GT-Air II represents some aesthetic similarities. Fiberglass, carbon fiber, and resin are layered by hand to create a strong, lightweight, and aerodynamic composite.


  1. It is DOT certified.
  2. It comes with 7 years of warranty.
  3. It features a smoke sun visor.
  4. It also features a clear face shield.


  1. Sizing can be an issue.

Our Pick

20. ScorpionEXO EXO Covert X Helmet

ScorpionExo’s newest motorcycle helmet, the Covert X, is part of their highly regarded Covert family. The Covert X is a half-helmet design with a polycarbonate shell, just like the original Covert.

Intakes for forehead vents that are subtly incorporated improve airflow to keep you comfortable on hot days. The thermodynamic composite technology (TCT) shell offers the highest protection level, blends fiberglass, aramid, and poly-resin fibers.

The Covert X’s shell is more impact-resistant, lighter, and more rigid. Improved internal air channels through the EPS and redesigned front vents improve airflow. The KwikWick 3 liner provides greater comfort than ever for the trip.

Drop-down clear and dark smoke sun visors are also included to provide a clear view of the tarmac in front. The Covert X Helmet’s biggest selling point is versatility. Full-face, three-quarter, and half-helmet modes are the three various riding configurations made possible by the innovative design.

To completely change Covert X’s appearance, you can add or remove the molded polycarbonate face mask, rear comfortable neck sleeve, ear coverings, and drop-down visor. All of them are included. As far as I know, no one helmet has ever accomplished this much.


  1. This helmet is also DOT-certified.
  2. It includes a five-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  3. It features a clear visor for riding at night.
  4. Also features a quickly detachable front mask with built-in neodymium magnets.


  1. The chin strap isn’t cushioned correctly.

What to Look for While Purchasing The Best Motorcycle Helmet for You?

Getting a motorcycle helmet that has received DOT approval is important because safety is its top priority. Getting a helmet that fits your head correctly is essential, along with qualifications. You should also think about visibility and comfort.

Since a motorcycle helmet is an essential piece of riding equipment, you may want to experiment with a few different models before choosing the best one for your head shape and riding style. So, follow these factors:

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

1. Full-face helmets:

Full-face helmets provide the most protection for the head and neck. Most people agree that they are the most secure kind of motorcycle helmet.

The chin bar, which offers essential safety, is one of these helmets’ most recognizable characteristics. However, full-face motorcycle helmets typically weigh more than other helmets

2. Half Helmet:

Half-helmets cover the rider’s forehead and the top of their heads. These helmets are significantly less safe than other helmets due to their open design, despite being excellent for airflow and visibility. Most do not have visors. Thus riders must use eye protection such as goggles or sunglasses.

3. Flip-up (modular) helmet:

These helmets have a similar shape to full-face helmets but are heavier because of additional hinge elements that also slightly reduce their safety. Riders who need to maintain an upright posture, such as those on tourers and cruisers, benefit most from modular helmets.

4. Dirt-bike Helmets:

These full motorcycle helmets are the most durable and are specially made for off-road riding. They are manufactured to effectively absorb significant impact while maintaining the rider’s head stable.

Because they aren’t exceptionally aerodynamic, they aren’t the ideal option for regular street riding. It’s vital to remember that they weren’t made for high speeds, and wearing them at high speeds can put riders at risk.

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5. Dual sport helmet:

Dual-sport helmets combine the features of full-face and off-road helmets. They have a larger eye protection visor than full-face helmets and can also be used with goggles. It is a helmet that performs well both on the road and in the dirt.

6. Open-face helmet:

The pleasure of riding a two-wheeler is made possible with open-face helmets. This design’s increased ventilation keeps the head and faces cool in hot weather. Longer visors on open-face helmets provide extra weather protection whenever you need it.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety qualifications

Many institutions must confirm motorcycle helmet safety requirements before being certified for mass manufacture. A helpful guide on motorcycle helmet safety and all the related considerations should be considered when picking your next helmet.

1. DOT:

Before a helmet is being sold in the US for use on public roads, the DOT must certify it. The impact absorption, penetration resistance, and retention tests for helmets must be passed.

These tests must also have a minimum field of vision of 105.0 degrees from the helmet’s center and no surface projections that are larger than 5.0 millimeters. FMVSS-218 is the latest DOT standard.


The Snell Foundation usually uses a set standard to examine a helmet’s performance. Manufacturers are free to voluntarily submit their helmets for testing that is more extensive than the DOT’s standards due to the independent private non-profit.

Previously certified helmets will also undergo regular Snell testing to ensure continuous compliance. Although it is not required, SNELL certification is another excellent sign of helmet safety. SNELL M2020 is the current SNELL standard.

3. ECE:

The Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) approval is basically the European version of the DOT. This is also a trustworthy safety certification.


No inefficient materials are used in the construction of motorcycle helmets because all of them must meet specific quality standards before being sold. There are some significant variations regarding the weight and strength of the materials utilized.

Bluetooth Speakers

To listen to your favorite music, more expensive helmets come with speakers that connect to the infotainment system on your bike. For some models, a microphone is also included, converting your helmet into a wearable smartphone.

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While riding with a shield, your face is protected from debris, insects, etc.. Full-face and flip-up helmets both include them as standard equipment. They can be purchased in clear plastic, various transparent colors that suit your bike, or with a tint that provides UV protection.


When riding a motorbike, it is essential to have good visibility, especially while wearing a helmet. Either an anti-fog visor or good ventilation will ensure that your sun visor won’t fog up quickly.

It’s worth noting that some helmet designs prioritize visibility over safety. Unlike full-face and dual sport helmets, which cover the whole rider’s head, half helmets cover the top half but allow for significantly better visibility. Consider your helmet’s visibility requirements before making a purchase.


There will be less stress on the neck with a lightweight helmet. The shells of many helmets are made of carbon fiber or another lightweight material, which helps keep the helmet light but jacks up the retail price.

Because of the necessity for a mechanism to flip up the visor, modular helmets are often heavier than full-face helmets.

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Inner Padding

While riding, your motorcycle helmet should be snug on your head because a loose-fitting helmet provides poor protection. Many motorcycle helmets contain removable or movable liners to ensure a perfect fit.

Two layers of protection are present inside the standard motorcycle helmets to prevent your head from moving around excessively during an accident.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is typically used for the first layer, is effective at absorbing some of the kinetic energy transferred from a collision. The second, softer layer is for comfort and might be made from suede, fabric, mesh, or other materials.


A quality helmet should also provide the best possible climate control to avoid overheating or excessive cooling, which might cause you to become distracted while riding. Helmets that wick away moisture and have sufficient ventilation will help keep your head dry.

Before you ride, make sure the weight of your helmet is comfortable. Most motorcyclists can comfortably use a helmet weighing 5.0 pounds or less, but anything heavier could injure your neck.

Head Shapes

Motorcycle helmets are available in various shapes and sizes because every person’s head is unique. Round, intermediate, and long oval are the most significant shape types.

Choose a cloth tape to measure your head accurately. The size of the head is measured from directly above the eyebrows to the thickest part of the back of the head. Compare your head’s measurement with the manufacturer’s sizing chart after taking your head measurement.

As it can be challenging to do on your own, i advise getting a buddy to help you precisely measure the size of your skull. Additionally, I’d like to point out that you have to measure your head shape instead of your face shape.


Depending on your model, a motorbike helmet’s price can vary. For example, half helmets are frequently the least expensive, making them the favored option for riders on a tight budget.

Half helmets are frequently sold for between $100 and $200. On the other hand, full-face helmets will cost significantly more. You must make a budget for yourself. Prices for premium helmets can range from $200 to over $2,000.

Your options will be a little more limited if you know your budget. Nevertheless, don’t imagine that purchasing an excellent helmet won’t require you to spend any money at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of motorcycle helmet is recommended for use?

The ideal helmet is a full-face model since it is the most secure. While you could argue that comfort is crucial for safety, face covering is one of those factors that is better to have than not to have.

What exactly are DOT and ECE certifications mean?

U.S. Department of Transportation, or DOT, is shorthand for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218 (FMVSS 218). Manufacturers rely on consumers’ trust in their products and their own claims of DOT compliance while marketing their helmets.

Random testing is conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to assure compliance. The ECE, which stands for the Economic Commission for Europe, has identical safety requirements as the DOT.

Do all states require helmet use for motorcyclists?

No. Helmet laws vary from state to state, with some having none at all and others demanding their use for all riders. Furthermore, many governments limit who must comply with the helmet regulation based on age.

Florida and Michigan also utilize a combination of age and medical insurance as a condition to determine whether helmets are required.

Can I decorate my motorcycle helmet with stickers?

The clear coating on most helmets is resistant to glue and UV rays, making it ideal for stickers. Some helmet makers, however, warn against attaching stickers to your helmet since the glue used to secure them can eventually weaken the helmet’s structure.

What should I wear under my helmet to keep me safe while riding my bike?

To help with perspiration absorption, many bikers choose to wear a bandana or a small beanie underneath their motorcycle helmets. It is secure if you wear it does not interfere with your field of vision or how your helmet fits.

How is a motorbike helmet maintained?

Motorcycle helmet maintenance is effortless and easy. Avoid using non-helmet-specific cleaners first. Most helmet manufactures recommend cleaning the shell with warm water and a gentle cloth.

A visor is very simple to clean. You can use water and microfiber to clean your visor or purchase specialized cleaning solutions. Each helmet manufacturer has different cleaning instructions for their liner materials. Just check their instructions properly before starting.

My final Thoughts

Helmets are the one motorbike equipment you should never leave the house without. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike; lowers the chance of accidents by 37% and brain injuries by 67%, according to the (IIHS). This should be enough to convince you to buy and wear a motorbike helmet.

No one can argue that wearing a helmet saves lives, but just 19 states and the District of Columbia have laws requiring motorcycle riders to wear one. It is an easy and reliable way of guarding against severe injuries while riding a motorcycle.

The most significant investment you’ll ever make in motorcycle equipment is a helmet. Choosing the ideal motorcycle helmet for you might be challenging since there are so many models and brands available, each with their own characteristics and advantages. So choose wisely!

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