The 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $500 You’ll Love

Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 500

Wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike is the single most critical thing you can do to protect your head in the event of an accident. Finding the proper size, shape, and type of helmet is essential but not always simple because not all heads are equal, and not all helmets are the same.

While looking for your first motorcycle helmet, it’s understandable to desire to save money. Therefore, the helmets on my list cost less than $500 yet still offer adequate protection and features. For this reason, I’ll describe the top 10 best motorcycle helmets under $500.

Here are they:

  1. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet.
  2. ILM Motorcycle Full Face Helmet.
  3. ILM Adult Dirt Bike Fiberglass Helmet.
  4. Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Adult Street Helmet.
  5. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet.
  6. HJC i10 Helmet.
  7. LS2 Arrow Evo Helmet.
  8. Conquer Snell Full Face Auto Racing Helmet.
  9. BEON Open Face Helmet.
  10. VCAN Cruiser Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $500

Reviews of Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $500 for You

Our Pick

1. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

Being on a budget makes it much harder to obtain Bluetooth-integrated helmets, which are already difficult to find. However, only a few helmets fulfill this description, and the FreedConn BM2-S is one of them.

A Bluetooth-connected modular helmet with a reasonable price tag is the FreedConn BM2-S. And because it is a Bluetooth-integrated helmet, a Bluetooth device is already placed within the helmet.

This FreedConn helmet has a Bluetooth device that is a Bluetooth 3.0 device. Although it may not be the most recent Bluetooth version on the market, it will undoubtedly provide you with the essential functions. And that’s reasonable, given the price at which this intercom-integrated helmet is sold.

Although it is a less expensive choice, the safety of this helmet was not compromised. It’s a helmet with DOT approval. The modular flip-up features of this BM2-S helmet are very pleasant.


  1. Outstanding value for the money.
  2. Has a good interior.
  3. You can easily control Bluetooth.
  4. Also includes an adjustable sun visor.


  1. Quite loud.

Our Pick

2. ILM Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

The quality of manufacture of this helmet is comparable to that of more expensive options. Also, the design is fantastic. The helmet has several vents and is exceptionally lightweight.

The quality of manufacture of this helmet is comparable to that of more expensive options. Also, the design is fantastic. The helmet has several vents and is exceptionally lightweight.

The air circulation within the helmet is superior to even the priciest choices. It also includes two visors and a removable inner shade for when you wish to use one.

A Neoprene chin cover is included with the helmet to prevent fogging and to insulate against the cold on chilly days. This product meets DOT standards.  It has very comfortable padding, with a selection of two visor and spoiler combinations (one with a chrome tint and one with a clear visor).


  1. It meets both DOT and FMVVS-218 safety standers.
  2. Worth of money.
  3. Made of high-quality shells.
  4. Has multiple vents for maximum airflow.


  1. A bit expensive.

Our Pick

3. ILM Adult Dirt Bike Fiberglass Helmet

Fiberglass ILM-610 Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) composite shell and high-density EPS foam is used in the construction of safe, lightweight dirt bike helmets to increase comfort and safety in the event of an accident. It is appropriate for mountain biking, ATV, UTV, off-road motorbike riding, and more.

You can maintain it as clean as new by washing the detachable, breathable mesh fabric that makes up the lining. The sun visor may also be adjusted to the sun’s direction to prevent direct sunlight. It is also interchangeable and detachable when not in use.

To gently adjust the shield’s position to suit your demands, turn the screws. While riding throughout the day, it helps to lessen eye strain and is removable. The top, back, and front airflow vents are composed of stainless steel mesh to maximize air circulation.

The interior lining is quite lovely, cozy, and removable for washing. By pulling on the red strap, which features a rapid-release mechanism on the chin strap that works well, you may quickly remove the helmet even while wearing gloves.


  1. The visor can be adjusted easily.
  2. It’s DOT approval.
  3. It’s very convenient and lightweight.
  4. Worth the price.


  1. You should be careful about its sizing.

Our Pick

4. Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Adult Street Helmet

Scorpion’s best racing/sports bike helmet is Exo R1 Air. It’s a full-face composite helmet for track and sports bikes. It has superb aerodynamics, all-around vision, and impact protection.

A single slider controls the R1 Air’s dual chin bar vent. Inside the chin bar, a slider lets you direct demisting air to your mouth or visor back. Scorpion sells the F1 Air with clear and dark-tinted visors. Both visors have tear-off posts and a Pinlock anti-fog insert.

It’s designed to accommodate riders with medium oval head shapes (most of us), and its newest KwikWick III lining is moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic. It has 3D cheek pads, a broad neck roll (to block noise and wind), and glasses grooves to make it more user-friendly for glasses users.


  1. Made of a multi-layer composite shell.
  2. Includes two face shields prepared for Pin lock Max-Vision.
  3. One clear Pinlock Max-Vision insert also included.
  4. Comes with 5 years of warranty.


  1. Very expensive than other helmets.

Our Pick

5. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet

It’s a brand-new polycarbonate helmet that looks fantastic. Most of the styles and color schemes available for it look great, modern, and plain. It has a sleek and functional design that decreases lifting and buffeting.

The Qualifier DLX comes in three shell sizes, which is helpful since it ensures that the DLX will seem proportionately appropriate on your head no matter which size you select.

But that visor is the DLX’s most remarkable unique feature. Bell can provide this helmet with a light-reactive Transitions visor at this pricing point. One with a NutraFog anti-fog coating that is also UV resistant.


  1. It gives a cool look.
  2. Very comfortable to wear.
  3. It’s very lightweight.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. Some wind noise can be noticed.

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Our Pick

6. HJC i10 Helmet

The HJC i10 Helmet is a full-face helmet with a budget that isn’t too expensive for its light, aerodynamic shell made from polycarbonate. The helmet can exhaust steamy air and moisture through its exclusive Advanced Channeling Ventilation System.

An intake vent in the chin bar is installed to keep the face shield from fogging up. If your face shield gets fogged up easily, you may want to invest in an anti-fog lens (available for purchase separately) to provide a thermal barrier between your warm breath and the cold surface of the shield.

Because the lining can be removed and washed, it will always smell like new. Pressure from your glasses can be alleviated thanks to the special temple grooves. To keep in touch with your riding partners, the HJC i10 Helmet is compatible with the Smart HJC Bluetooth Communication System.


  1. Has excellent comfort and fit.
  2. It provides 95% UV protection.
  3. It has D-Ring with an adjustable chin strap.
  4. There are washable removable crowns and cheek padding.


  1. It’s a bit heavy.

Our Pick

7. LS2 Arrow Evo Helmet

The LS2 Arrow EVO Helmet is a high-performance, full-face motorcycle helmet made in collaboration with LS2 engineers in Spain and professional motorcycle racers from Moto 3, Moto 2, and Moto GP.

This lightweight the protective helmet features a High-Performance Fiberglass Composite (HPFC) shell and multi-density EPS.

High-quality moisture-wicking lining, 3D laser-cut cheek pads, and adjustable multiport ventilation ensure that you’ll always have a comfortable riding temperature, no matter how intense the ride gets.

This 3mm flat race-ready shield has tear-off posts and is Pinlock-ready. The technical fabric lining can be completely removed and cleaned. The material wicks away moisture to keep you dry and cozy.

You can stay cool thanks to fully adjustable flow-through ventilation. The Arrow features a conventional “Double-D Ring” strap for a snug fit. You can discover the required performance regardless of whether you are a commuter, sport rider, or racer. The fit on this model is long oval.


  1. Made of a shell constructed of  (HPFC).
  2. There are 3 different shell sizes.
  3. It includes a detachable lining that wicks moisture.
  4. 3D Laser cut cheek pads are also featured.


  1. It’s only applicable to long oval shapes.

Our Pick

8. Conquer Snell Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

Conquer’s Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet is equipped with a fiberglass composite shell, a face shield with rip-off posts, and a Kevlar chin strap, making it the ideal full-face helmet for the racetrack. Comfortable padding, HANS inserts, and fire safety features make Conquer helmets a safe and sensible choice.

This full-face Snell SA2020 auto-racing helmet features an excellent ventilation system. A padded bag is included for transport and storage. On the next race day, select Conquer for the best in comfort, security, and good looks.

When it comes to racing helmets, Conquer is the clear winner because of its superior design, comfort, and overall quality. With its sleek, aerodynamic design and top-tier ventilation system, the Conquer Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet is ready to rule the track.


  1. Very lightweight.
  2. Affordable and comfortable.
  3. It has detachable cheek pads.
  4. The aerodynamic ridges and chin spoiler add to its exceptional stability.


  1. This racing helmet isn’t DOT-approved. It’s not for roads or streets.

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Our Pick

9. BEON Open-Face Helmet

With its extensive list of standard features and high performance in terms of comfort, size, safety, and usefulness, the BEON Vintage Motorcycle Helmet is ideal for city and touring usage. This is the perfect helmet for a scooter, cafe racer, cruiser, and many other vehicles.

BEON Open-face helmet with high-density EPS, a comfortable fit, and a very soft inner lining. One gloved hand can easily release the strong Click-n-Secure Quick-Release buckle. It works flawlessly with an anti-scratch visor.

Adults of both genders can wear the 3/4 moped helmet. The vintage motorcycle helmet earmuffs can be simply taken off and cleaned. For four seasons of usage, the inner liner may be washed often to maintain hygiene.


  1. It’s comfortable to wear.
  2. It’s quite durable.
  3. Gives a pleasant look.
  4. DOT approved.


  1. You should be careful about sizing.

Our Pick

10. VCAN Cruiser Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

The VCAN Cruiser Half Helmet combines fashion, safety, and comfort for an enjoyable off-road adventure. The ABS thermoplastic resin shell used to make this skid lid complies with DOT regulations.

One of the most fantastic fits on the market today is made possible by the plush internal cushioning and the twin D ring fastened the adjustable nylon chin strap. It also has washable cheek cushions and a detachable, screw-in visor for added durability.

The high-quality ABS thermoplastic resin exterior easily surpasses DOT requirements. Nylon chin strap with two D-rings for adjustment; complies with FMVSS 218.


  1. It’s simple to put on and off.
  2. The great value of money.
  3. Gives a stylish and unique vibe.
  4. Worth of money.


  1. Not so lightweight.

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What to Look for While Choosing The Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 500?

Choosing the best motorcycle helmet for you can be challenging due to the wide variety of options available. I’ve written this guide to help you out, but to make things even simpler; here are the main points to remember when shopping for a motorbike helmet:

Head Shape

Not every helmet is the perfect option for every head shape. A helmet’s maker will usually say if it is best for long oval (longer front to back), intermediate oval (round), or round oval (longer side to side) heads. Most helmets will be in the middle range.

Read More: How To Determine The Head Shape For Motorcycle Helmet To Fit Your Needs


Most people find that a helmet that doesn’t weigh as much is easier on the neck. The shells of many helmets are made of carbon fiber or another lightweight material, which helps keep the helmet light but jacks up the retail price.

Modular helmets require a mechanism to flip up the visor, making them heavier than full-face helmets.

Read More: How Heavy is a Motorcycle Helmet.


The helmet should be tight and comfortable on your head, with the eye port beginning above your brows. You probably need a smaller size if you can move the helmet from side to side without moving your head.

Read More: How Tight Should a Motorcycle Helmet Be?


Wearing a motorbike helmet may get warm, especially during summer trips. A readily detachable liner, washable and constructed of antibacterial materials, is perfect.


You must create a budget for yourself. Quality helmets may cost anything from $200 to over $2,000. If you know how much you have to invest, you can narrow your options even more. Still, don’t assume you have to spend a lot of money to have an excellent helmet that does its job properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have some questions on your mind. To clarify your doubts, I’ve answered some most asked questions to make it easy for you. 

While shopping for a helmet, how much should I spend?

Premium motorcycle helmets may cost more than $1,000. Those that are simple and inexpensive might be purchased for under $100. Spending between $150 and $200 will get you a quality motorcycle helmet that is a step up from the lowest options available on the market.

Are pricey helmets worth the cost?

Compared to a less costly helmet, which could perform well in one area but poorly in another, the more expensive helmet will perform better. A more costly helmet could last longer and not break down as rapidly, keeping you safer for longer.

Are helmets made of carbon fiber worth it?

Yes, carbon fiber helmets are worth the investment for athletes that take their sport seriously. Saving weight that is placed high in the vehicle makes a significant impact on vehicle performance in racing when every gram counts.

Which material for a helmet is best?

Since polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance for its weight, it is often regarded as a higher-quality helmet material. Due to this characteristic, polycarbonate helmets are frequently lighter and thinner while yet providing an equivalent degree of protection as ABS helmets.

Our Final Thoughts

The most important motorcycle equipment purchase is a helmet. It may be the most costly item on your list (after the bike), but it will be the most important in an accident. The most outstanding motorcycle helmet is adaptable, comfortable, and filled with the newest safety features and helmet ratings.

The top 10 best motorcycle helmets under $500 have been covered thus far. I’ve made an effort to be concise while still giving details. Be with me till the following posts, and let me know your thoughts.

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