9 Best Road Bike Helmet Under $100 in 2023.

Best Road Bike Helmet under $100

Well, it makes sense for most people to search for the best helmet for their budget. You may still get a safe, high-quality bike helmet even on a tight budget.

A bike helmet is the single most crucial piece of safety equipment you can wear. It’s the one thing where you don’t want to risk safety to save money, and it may appear like you’re cutting corners by purchasing such a critical safety tool for less than $100.

Moreover, a high-end bicycle helmet will be quite expensive and have functions that you may not require at all. This is the reason in this article, I’ll compile a list of the top 9 best road bike helmets under $100 that will meet any budget and include all of the features you need. So, here are they:

  1. Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet.
  2. BELL Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet.
  3. Giro Agilis MIPS Men’s Road Cycling Helmet.
  4. Smith Optics Signal MIPS Road Cycling Helmet.
  5. BELL Avenue MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet.
  6. Giro Tremor MIPS Unisex Youth Cycling Helmet.
  7. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet.
  8. ABUS Viantor Unisex-adult ‎Cycling Helmet.
  9. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Lightweight Bike Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Road Bike Helmet under $100

Reviews of Top 10 Best Road Bikes Under $100 for You

Our Pick

1. Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

In the field of biking, Giro is well-known, and their helmets are excellent. It has cutting-edge safety safeguards. The Giro Register is a good helmet that will do a great job of protecting you.

With over 20 vents, this helmet allows wind to pass through as you wear it, keeping your head cool. It’s simple to see how effective it is since you can actually see out the channels that the air will blow through in the picture.

The Giro Register MIPS bike helmet represents the best of what Giro offers regarding biking accessories. The Giro Register has MIPS protection, just like other helmets I’ll suggest and it offers cutting-edge head protection also.


  • It fits perfectly.
  • It feels comfortable to wear.
  • For both big and small heads, this is adjustable.
  • Worth of money.


  • There might be some problem with its chin strap.

Our Pick

2. BELL Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

This helmet is MIPS-rated, like the others, to help lessen rotational forces from impacts. Bell produced this cutting-edge safety helmet. Bell has a long history of producing bicycle accessories, and they are known for their premium helmets.

The minimalist Bell bike helmet is made to be very light and barely noticeable, but it still offers the highest level of road safety protection. The helmet has a dial at the back that is simple to operate with one hand and allows you to modify the MIPS system to fit your head like it was built just for you.

Given how well it functions, it is clear that this company has been producing these items for more than 60 years. The exterior shell of this bike helmet is attached to the EPS foam using the same in-mold construction as previous top helmets, resulting in an extremely sturdy one-piece helmet.


  • This is a lightweight helmet.
  • It’s also a lightweight helmet.
  • It can safeguard your head in the event of an accident.
  • This helmet’s outer shell is made of EPS foam liner.


  • Some customers have issues with its chinstraps.

Our Pick

3. Giro Agilis MIPS Men’s Road Cycling Helmet

Giro is a remarkable company that has produced high-quality gear for more than three decades. During riding, this helmet will provide you with excellent protection and support. Bike lovers keep going back to Giro for more thanks to its superb design and faultless safety features.

The Agilis is a less expensive version of the luxurious Giro Aether Spherical. The design and weight of Agilis are key differences. It won’t appear to be a mushroom even if you have a large head because of its low profile design. Its superior comfort compared to other helmets in this budget is also widely accepted.

The Agilis MIPS offers deep coverage and an airy design that fits snugly over your head while still being attractive. This model will give you much more than simply a helmet thanks to its distinctive size and color options.


  • This product is safe and secure.
  • It fits perfectly and feels cozy.
  • The sizing guidelines are precise and detailed.
  • The quality of this helmet’s manufacturing is excellent.


  • It features a small chin strap.

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Our Pick

4. Smith Optics Signal MIPS Road Cycling Helmet

No matter where your wheels take you, the Smith Signal helmet provides you with all the protection you need. It is designed for enjoyable bike rides as well as daily commutes. The Smith Optics Signal helmet’s availability in a wide range of sizes is one of its best features.

One helmet that has a modern appearance, excellent ventilation, and offers you a high level of protection is the Signal. Many believe that it is comfy and that it weighs about average. It fits persons with various head sizes, ranging from small to large.

In the case of a crash, its MIPS protection technology aids in reducing angled impact forces, and an adjustable dial on the back lets you customize the fit for comfort. Moreover, its strategic venting maintains airflow, prevents lens fog, and keeps your head cool.


  • It has 21 fixed vents that allow for constant ventilation.
  • It offers 270 degrees of fit adjustment with its VaporFit dial mechanism.
  • Smith eyewear is integrated with its AirEvac ventilation system for fog-free lenses.
  • It is made for eyewear with the best possible comfort, ventilation, and storage options.


  • It was a bit expensive.

Our Pick

5. BELL Avenue MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

Bell Avenue resembles the Bell Formula almost exactly. Avenue is a little more stylish and cost-effective, but heavier. Moreover, it has MIPS to lessen rotational forces during impact and enhance your safety.

Its availability in a variety of colors makes it simple to match it with the rest of your cycling gear, which you will love. It fits people with big heads because several sizes, including those large ones, are available.

Most individuals believe that its primary advantages are comfort and fit. This helmet’s MIPS, or multi-directional impact protection system, is a cutting-edge slip-plane technology that is built inside the headgear and is intended to lessen rotational forces that may be caused by certain impacts.


  • It’s a lightweight helmet.
  • It feels comfortable to wear.
  • It also gives a stylish look.
  • To make the helmet more durable, the outer shell is comprised of EPS foam lining.


  • Some may find its straps a bit short.

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Our Pick

6. Giro Tremor MIPS Unisex Youth Cycling Helmet

For your child, you have to purchase the safest helmet you can. Consumer Reports praised the Giro youth helmet for its superior safety outcomes. This helmet is MIPS-approved, much like the others, and anyone purchasing a helmet for a child would undoubtedly want it.

It has the typical in-mold design, which bonds the outside shell to the interior EPS foam to create an extremely sturdy bike helmet. In fact, this child’s helmet is among the safest available. Despite its smaller size, this helmet has 18 vents, which keeps your head cooler and increases the enjoyment of biking.

This helmet also includes a built-in visor, which will assist shield children’s eyes from the sun and improve biking even more. There is just a dial at the back that you spin to select a suitable tightness setting. It fits young people universally and can be adjusted easily by turning the dial.


  • The built quality of the helmet is excellent.
  • This helmet has a fully adjustable chin strap.
  • It features the MIPS safety system and is lightweight.
  • Reasonably priced and worth the money.


  • It’s only for youth.

7. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

The unique helmet known as Kask will turn heads your way thanks to its fashionable appearance and Multi In-moulding technology. It is an entry-level helmet that meets the best safety standards and is full of features used by experts, such as excellent airflow effectiveness and accurate, comfortable fitting.

The Rapido model features a Up’N’Down fit adjustment system and Multi-In-Moulding technology, which increases head safety. There are 24 vents carefully positioned for optimal airflow on a hot summer day.

The Rapido offers expert performance at entry-level pricing. The polycarbonate layer that surrounds the shell on the top, on the base ring, and on the back allows MIT Technology to provide a better level of head safety with complete polystyrene protection.


  • Its unique design makes eyewear possible.
  • Good ventilation and precise, comfortable fitting both are included.
  • It features a fantastic design and various colors.
  • With adjustable straps and a tightening wheel in the back, it provides an excellent fit.


  • It could be uncomfortable for some bikers.

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Our Pick

8. ABUS Viantor Unisex-adult ‎Cycling Helmet

Let a high-quality, protective helmet with features similar to a race helmet persuade you of its benefits. The Aviator includes the ACTi Cage structural reinforcement built right into the EPS for optimal safety.

The ACTi Cage permits large ventilation apertures without compromising the helmet’s safety. It offers the greatest level of security while providing ideal ventilation and exceptional comfort.

The Abus Viantor is a small helmet with a variety of materials, but it has a great deal of force. Some important safety features of this helmet will keep your head secure and safe. The Aviator from ABUS is the top option for cyclists with long hair because of its compatibility with ponytails.


  • It features an excellent ventilation system.
  • It has an attractive design and fantastic color selections.
  • It has a wheel of adjustment for a customized fit.
  • The material is comprised of shock-absorbing EPS.


  • The size of the helmet may not fit some wearers.

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Our Pick

9. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Lightweight Bike Helmet

Go no further if you’re looking for a comfortable, long-lasting product. Schwinn, a well-established company, offers this adult helmet at a reasonable price. The Schwinn Thrasher Cycling Helmet will help you enjoy your next bike tour or favorite outdoor activity in fashion.

The thrasher has Schwinn’s 360° comfort system, which includes dial fit and full range padding for an adjustable fit and full shell coverage for further protection. The helmet features a Dual Fit adjustable design with simple-to-adjust webbing to ensure a snug fit.

Also, 20 strategically positioned vents provide the maximum amount of airflow, ensuring your comfort even during hot summer rides. The thrasher is a stylish helmet that will keep your head safe. Enjoy riding with Schwinn and your independence.


  • It features a dial-fit knob that is adjustable.
  • It is a lightweight, durable, and cozy helmet.
  • It has removable moisture-wicking pads.
  • 21 airflow vents on it are intended to keep you cool.


  • This helmet’s front visor is not as secure.

What to Look for While Purchasing the Best Road Bike Helmet under $100?

Each helmet is unique because it offers many safety features and options. A helmet is made to be comfortable for the wearer while also providing road safety. The following are some of the most typical safety features found on many of today’s top bike helmets:

Safety Standards

The vital CPSC safety commission labels are present on a road cycling helmet that complies with the minimum Federal Safety Standards for road cycle helmets, indicating that it passed the testing and identifying the manufacturer. This is the bare minimum that any helmet might ever meet.

MIPS helmets go above and beyond that, offering much higher levels of protection for the rider’s head. For the best possible head protection, your helmet needs to be MIPS-rated.

The MIPS Brain Protection System is another title for MIPS, which is appropriate given that the system’s main objective is to protect the head and brain as much as possible.


Comfort will be the next thing you need. Comfort is not a single characteristic but rather a combination of many factors. For instance, a helmet’s cushioning, ventilation, adjustable straps, and rotating dial are all important for comfort.

Unfortunately, comfort cannot be guaranteed, so choose a helmet that appeals to you, put it on, and experience how it feels. If you don’t like it, return it.

Air Circulation

Since road biking is typically done in warmer climates, you will undoubtedly become sweaty. Consequently, good airflow through a helmet is important to prevent overheating.

It’s important to note that many of the best helmets feature numerous openings, allowing air to pass through and keeping your head as cool as it would be if you weren’t wearing a helmet.


A bike helmet should comfortably fit your head without pressing on it or creating pressure areas. After the helmet is fastened, it should fit snugly on your head and not move at all when you move your head from side to side and front to rear.

Keep in mind that you’ll be wearing this helmet for several hours at a time, so you should like it.


You should also take a helmet’s weight into account. With time, the increased weight truly affects your neck and head, especially on longer rides. Always remember that you should consider the weight of the helmet.


Furthermore, you should confirm that your bike helmet is adjusted correctly. The straps should be adjustable to get a correct fit and prevent unwanted strain on your head or neck.

Moreover, search for a helmet with a rotating dial system for adjusting it. You can often make micro-adjustments using this dial, which enhances fit and comfort.


This is yet another factor to think about while choosing a bike helmet. It will enhance your riding abilities, but it won’t be as important if you’re just going outside or traveling on weekend short trips.

LED light compatibility

Having an additional rear light attached to your helmet is a good idea if you intend to cycle at night, especially in a city. I advise purchasing a helmet that is equipped with an LED light in these cases. Although most helmets are compatible by default, verifying is still a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I pick a helmet for a road bike?

The best bike helmets are made to suit the wearer while providing comfort and durability. Choose a helmet that fits you properly.

Helmets typically come in the following sizes: Small: 20″-21.75″, Medium: 22.5-23.5 inches, Large: 23.25″-24.75″, and Extra-large: larger than 24.75″.

Search for a helmet with a reputed brand that has passed safety testing and positive customer feedback. Although riders frequently focus on color and style first, the most crucial factors are appropriate to fit and the presence of safety features like MIPS.

Do I require MIPS and what is it?

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It is a technology made to safeguard your brain from harm without compromising quality.

It is a system with two linings that move independently of one another, one inside the helmet and one outside. As a result, in the case of an accident, the helmet can absorb energy.

What qualities should a bike helmet have?

Every bicycle helmet is unique and expertly made with the user in mind. The helmet you wear can save your life depending on whether you are an adult (18+), a teenager (12–21 years old), or a child (under 12).

It’s crucial that the helmet provides even support on both sides and fits your head comfortably. Check the inside of the helmet for correctly positioned and securely fastened padding. It should be snug but not too firm to avoid discomfort when riding.

What is the top brand of bicycle helmets?

Answering this question is challenging. The best bike helmet brands will vary depending on the individual and their requirements.

For instance, some individuals may place a higher priority on safety than on weight or aerodynamics. Also, these elements could change over the years when your priorities change, making things more complicated.

What Labels Are Important to Check for on Road Bike Helmets?

When you flip a helmet over and examine the interior surface that will come into contact with your head, you should see a CPSC sticker for helmets sold in the United States.

This certifies that the helmet complies with federal safety regulations and is safe to wear as a bike helmet. It often includes the date the helmet was manufactured as well as its expiration date. Modern helmets typically last between 3-5 years before needing to be replaced.

This is crucial because many helmets offered online might not comply with American regulations. If you purchase a helmet without one of these stickers or the one higher up, send it back right away!

I verified each of these helmets to make sure they passed safety standards because there are a lot of helmets available online that don’t pass it, and they have all made Consumer Reports’ top list of reliable bike helmets. Any of the helmets I suggest are quite safe, making them all excellent choices.

My Final Thoughts

Always prioritize safety before design for the top 9 best road bike helmets. Although many helmets could have excellent safety features, they might also be poorly made.

Choosing the best bike helmet can be difficult, but trust your instincts and your head while making your decision. Before buying, read all the labels and inform yourself on these important safety aspects.

Although road bike helmets are available for a higher price, these offer the best performance of any bike helmet and will go a long way toward protecting the head in the event of an accident. When a road bike helmet can accomplish all of that for less than $100, you know you’ve got a winner!

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