How to Carry a Spare Helmet On a Motorcycle For Safe Riding

How to carry a spare helmet on a motorcycle?

You must have a passenger helmet on your motorcycle most of the time. At the same time, it’s critical to get the helmet positioned correctly.

Any trip-related incident may be attributed to your lack of awareness of the circumstance. It’s possible to injure yourself or others if you put the extra helmet in the wrong spot.

I’ll show you how to securely transport a passenger helmet on a motorcycle to prevent such a tragic accident.

It’s critical to ensure your passenger is wearing a helmet to keep them safe. But how are you going to get their helmet on your bike? Here are some suggestions on how to proceed.

 A motorbike is an efficient mode of transportation for two people, but one of the riders will almost always need to wear a helmet.

While many bikes have locations to keep these helmets on the bike, there may be situations when it is essential to carry another person’s helmet. Depending on the requirements and preferences, numerous approaches can be practical.

One of the most critical aspects of safety is using a helmet. Wearing a helmet can significantly decrease your risk of suffering a significant head injury in the case of an accident. Thus I strongly advise you to do so at all times.

But what about bringing your passenger in the back seat? What are your plans for their helmet? I’m going to fix all of your troubles with this blog article! Indeed, after reading this post, you can take the passenger helmet without difficulty.

Passenger Helmet Carrying Methods on a Motorcycle

In this section, we’ll cover several methods of carrying passenger helmets. All of these are safe and may do in time. You can choose to follow one of them based on your own preferences.

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Cargo Net

KOFULL 20" x 20" Cargo Net, 6 Hooks Motorcycle Cargo Net

A cargo net is woven with several hooks around the edges, constructed of elastic cords. Hooks are either plastic or metal coated in plastic, like a bungee cord, and available at various lengths. Using them is a pleasure.

To secure the motorcycle’s pillion seat, you place the helmet there and cover the net with the cargo net. Choosing a smaller net with a smaller weave will ensure the helmet is securely kept in place. Ensure the net is put evenly over the helmet to don’t fall out.

Strap it to a Back Rest

If your motorbike has a backrest or a sissy bar, you may use it to keep an extra helmet. The simplest method is to wrap the strap over a backrest post, but the helmet will move around a lot during riding if you can’t get it tight correctly. Consider using a bungee cord or two for further security.

Elastic Helmet Strap

Caddystrap Motorcycle Helmet Carrier Strap

This strap resembles a cargo net; however, only two hooks exist. Four strong elastic straps are collected and secured to a hook for each end. Attach the hooks to your motorcycle’s grab grips or rear foot pegs if you have them.

The helmet may be secured using four separate straps. The straps’ placement is adjustable, allowing you to secure various helmet models by rearranging the straps. They’re available on Amazon here.

Oxford Lidlash Helmet Bag

Lidlash is a helmet bag created by Oxford Products, a British company that sells a wide range of outdoor equipment, such as motorcycle accessories. The product is just a bag with straps.

The straps go beneath the back seat and hold the helmet on top of the seat.


Motorcycle Seat Tail Bag Backpack Dual Use Motorbike Rear Seat Bag Motorcycle Waterproof Helmet Bag

A dedicated space for carrying a helmet is included in specific motorbike backpacks. Today’s modern helmets only weigh a few pounds, so weight isn’t an issue, but the bulky size of a full-face helmet appears to be a bit odd.

However, I’ve never ridden with a helmet in my backpack, so I can’t say. However, it is a reasonable option to bring a spare helmet.

Saddle Bags

Kemimoto Motorcycle Saddlebags

This is a cinch. With saddlebags big enough to fit a helmet, your concern is over. As long as you have enough room in your saddlebags, it doesn’t matter if they are hard panniers, leather, or canvas.

But this may not be ideal if you have a tiny saddlebag and a full-face helmet. A full-face helmet won’t fit your SWMotech Blaze saddlebag system since the top opening isn’t big enough.

Helmet Carrier Strap

Nylon Caddystrap, available on Amazon, has two D-rings on one end. Remove your rear seat, put the strap across the bike, and then put your seat on top.

To secure the helmet, fasten the chin strap and set it on the backseat. The two D-rings on the Caddystrap may be used to tighten it around the helmet’s chin strap.

Carry it on Your Arm

If you don’t have other options for carrying a replacement helmet while riding, you may always slide it up your arm.

Slide the helmet to approximately your elbow, like a vast elbow pad, by hooking the chin strap together. This strategy would be OK for short distances, but I doubt it is the safest.

While it’s unlikely to impair your ability to handle the bike, I can’t fathom the bruises, if not worse, you’d suffer if you crashed and landed on that arm. As a result, you must utilize this strategy at your own risk.

Strap to Grab Bar

The helmet strap may be wrapped around your motorcycle’s rear grab bars or hand handles if it has such features.

 To minimize movement when the bike is moving, make sure it’s as snug as possible. Keep in mind that it might lay on the body of your bike, causing damage to the paint.

All of this, of course, relies on your motorcycle’s design. As a last check, ensure it does not rest on your exhaust pipe.

Hook under Passenger Seat

Helmet hooks are commonly seen under the passenger seat of many bikes. D-rings on your helmet strap may connect your helmet to your bike, but the ideal method to utilize this hook is to place your helmet on the side of the bike and secure the seat.

The pull tab on one of the D rings would make it easy to attach the ring to the hook. Also, pay attention to the position of the helmet. Your helmet will probably shift about while you’re riding and harm the paint.

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Modified Cargo Net

Some motorbike riders are afraid of putting hooks on their vehicles for fear of scratching the paint or chrome. The hooks on the cargo net might be removed as a possible remedy.

The luggage net may be hooked beneath the back seat and the seat reattached to the bike. After that, stretch the net over the helmet and secure it.

Other spots on the bike, such as the rear foot peg or the tail subframe spools, are good places to hook up the net on the other side of the bike. Finding anything to secure each location might be a challenge with this strategy, and your motorcycle’s features will determine whether or not you can use it.

Tail Bag

It came with a Givi hard tail case when I purchased my Honda CB500X pre-owned. Due to my displeasure with its appearance, I rarely take it with me when I leave the house. Nevertheless, it’s a great spot to keep a full-face helmet.

In addition, if you’re carrying someone, it doubles as a comfortable back rest. So, a tail bag or hard-shelled top case is ideal for carrying an additional helmet. The ability to lock a hard shell case is an additional perk.

What else can I say? If you feel the necessity, there are several options for transporting a spare helmet. You can’t use the helmet argument if you don’t want to ride with someone else.

What can I do to keep my motorbike helmet safe from being stolen? 

In parking lots and rest areas, motorcycle helmets are likely to be targeted by those who want to steal them. As a result, it is preferable to keep your helmet in a pannier or a top box that can be firmly closed; cable locks can be used to ensure adequate seal.

Keeping them protected from the sun is another benefit of storing them in protective cases. You may also utilize the built-in helmet locks next to the seats, which are available on some motorcycles, to prevent your helmet from being stolen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the procedure for attaching a helmet to a bag?

The chin straps may be attached to the backpack’s retention straps. To avoid the helmet from bouncing about, just tighten the straps to your liking.

How do you travel with wearing a helmet?

Motorcycle helmets are allowed to be carried on as carry-on equipment by the TSA. They can be put in your luggage as well.

On a sissy bar, how do you secure a helmet?

Once you’ve attached the helmet strap around the sissy bar, you must tighten the straps until the helmet no longer moves.

Final Thoughts

As far as we’re concerned, we’ve covered all the bases. Before I say goodbye, here’s one more suggestion on how to transport a replacement motorbike helmet.

Pre-installed hooks and tie-down straps should always precede anything that requires drilling into your motorbike. By now, you should be able to answer confidently when asked how to transport a spare motorbike helmet, now that you’ve read all of our expert advice.

Friends and family members may now travel with you on the road easily, and any dangers to their safety will be much-minimized thanks to the excellent protection provided by helmets. I wish you and your travel companion all the best on your journey!

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