How to Put a GoPro On a Motorcycle Helmet For Awesome Video Recordings!

How to Put a GoPro On a Motorcycle Helmet

I’m a pro rider, and I know one thing: a GoPro camera is essential when riding a motorcycle. I’ve put a GoPro on my helmet, making for some great footage.

Today I will talk about how to put a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet. This topic is of great interest to many riders, and we are here to help. Whether you are a beginner rider or an experienced rider, this article will be of great help.

What is a GoPro?

What is a GoPro?

A GoPro is a small, lightweight camera used primarily for filming videos and taking pictures. It is a popular camera among riders because it is easy to use and can be attached to a helmet or other gear.

There are many models of Go Pros, and each has its features and advantages. For example, some Go Pros have built-in microphones that allow riders to record audio while riding. Other Go Pros can be used to take pictures or videos in low-light conditions.

Where Can I Put A GoPro On My Motorcycle Helmet?

A GoPro is an excellent option if you’re looking to film your ride while keeping your head protected. Luckily, mounting a GoPro to your motorcycle helmet is easy and can provide some great footage of your journey. Various mounts are available, so finding the right one for you is simple.

Before you mount the GoPro, decide where you want it to be. Motorcycle helmets come in many different sizes and shapes, so it’s essential to find one that will fit the camera properly.

The mount should be placed close to the front or back of the helmet so that the footage looks smooth and uninterrupted.

Be sure to test the fit before installation by fitting the mount onto another helmet and snapping some photos for reference.

Once you have selected an ideal location for your GoPro, it’s time to install it! There are two main types of mounts: suction cups and adhesive pads.

Suction cups are simple but effective; press them onto either side of the helmet and pull them tight. Adhesive pads require a little more finesse; place them on either side of the camera lens, then gently press down until they stick.

Once you have installed the mount, test it by pressing the camera against your forehead and viewing the footage on your phone or computer. If everything looks good, it’s time to put the GoPro on!

There are a few essential tips that will help you get great footage from your GoPro while riding:

  • Choose a clear day to shoot; bright sunlight can affect the quality of footage taken with a GoPro.
  • Avoid filming during high-speed maneuvers; these motions are too chaotic for good footage.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings; if you see something interesting while riding, take a photo or video to remember the moment.

How to Put a GoPro On a Motorcycle Helmet Step-by-Step?

How to Put a GoPro On a Motorcycle Helmet Step-by-Step?

Before we begin, it is essential to understand how a GoPro works. The camera captures high-quality video and pictures when you attach the GoPro to your helmet.

This means that your footage will be clear and well-defined, even when filmed in environments that are difficult for cameras to capture accurately (like on a motorcycle).

To attach the GoPro to your helmet, follow these simple steps:

1) Unpack your GoPro and remove the battery if necessary.

2) Locate the screw that secures the GoPro mount to your helmet.

3) Remove the screw from the mount and place it on top of the camera lens (see photo below). Make sure that the threads on both pieces line up correctly. If they do not, you may need to adjust the screw until they do.

4) Replace the screw on the mount and tighten it using a Phillips head screwdriver Do not overtighten the screw – this could damage your camera!

5) Position your GoPro to face forward (see photo below). Make sure that it is centered on your eye level so that you can see what you are filming clearly (if you are using a digital model of a GoPro, make sure it is synced with your computer).

6) Position yourself so that you are comfortable while filming – try not to lean too far forward or backward while filming, as this will distort footage.

Which GoPro Cameras Are Best for Helmet Mounting?

Here are the top 5 GoPro camera selections:

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Is It Legal to Mount a GoPro on a Motorcycle Helmet?

Is It Legal to Mount a GoPro on a Motorcycle Helmet?

GoPro cameras are popular and widely used among consumers, filmmakers, and photographers for capturing footage and photos. However, their use is a critical limitation: they are not always safe or appropriate when mounted on a person’s head.

 For motorcyclists, wearing a GoPro on the helmet can be dangerous because it can interfere with bike operation and pose a collision hazard.

No federal law regulates the use of gopros on motorcycle helmets. States have varying regulations regarding the use of cameras while riding a motorcycle, so it is essential to check with your local jurisdiction before mounting a GoPro on your helmet.

Some states prohibit using electronic devices while riding a bike, while others allow limited usage, such as gopros with face protection.

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What Should I Do If I Have Problems Putting My GoPro On My Motorcycle Helmet?

If you are having difficulty putting your GoPro on your motorcycle helmet, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your GoPro is appropriately charged.
  2. Make sure your GoPro is correctly connected to your motorcycle helmet.
  3. Check to see if your GoPro is correctly mounted on your motorcycle helmet.
  4. Make sure your GoPro is facing the right way.
  5. Try different angles.
  6. Try different positions.
  7. Try using a different GoPro.

FAQs About How to Put a GoPro On a Motorcycle Helmet

How does the GoPro camera attach to the motorcycle helmet?

The GoPro camera can be attached to the motorcycle helmet in a few different ways. It can be mounted on the helmet using an adhesive mount, or it can be mounted using a strap mount that wraps around the helmet.

The adhesive mount is a sticky pad that attaches to the top of the helmet and has two metal clips that attach to the bottom of the camera. The strap mount comprises two pieces: one wraps around your face’s lower half, and another wraps around your head and fastens with Velcro.

What are the main reasons to use a go pro?

There are many reasons to use a go pro. Some of these reasons are to capture the action and live moment, document a project, take videos for social media, and take videos for a business.

What is the difference between a go pro and a professional camera?

A go pro is a compact and versatile camera designed to shoot high-quality video. It can be worn on a person’s body or mounted to various surfaces.

A professional camera is more complicated, yet it also has many functions and features that make it worth the cost.

What are the benefits of using a go pro?

The benefits of using a GoPro are many.

1. For starters, it is small and portable.
2. Secondly, it is waterproof without needing a protective case.
3. Finally, the footage it takes is impressive.

What are the risks of using a go pro?

There is a risk of camera shake, but there is also a risk of running into someone with your camera or the camera falling and breaking.

Concluding Remarks

Putting a GoPro on your motorcycle helmet is not as difficult as it may seem. You can quickly put your GoPro on your helmet with some practice.

If you are having difficulty, please follow the steps outlined in this article, and you will be on your way to filming some great videos and photos. Thank you for reading.

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