10 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets For Safety And Style

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

Even if you’re on a leisure trip on your cruiser motorcycle, you must always wear a helmet. A good helmet will protect you in an accident and may save your life.

Yet, finding the ideal cruiser helmet that meets your needs and complements your aesthetic might be difficult. With so many models and brands to choose from, it can be challenging to make a decision and leave your mind spinning.

So, to assist you in your search, we’ve put together this carefully chosen list of our top 10 best cruiser motorcycle helmets. However, suppose you’re looking for a safe and convenient motorbike trip. In that case, I strongly suggest buying the best cruiser helmet that meets your needs. 

So, here they are:

  1. Bell Custom 500 Helmet
  2. Simpson M59XLC Mod Bandit XL Carbon Helmet
  3. LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Half Helmet
  4. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Helmet
  5. Shoei Neotec II Helmet
  6. HJC IS-Cruiser Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet
  7. Bell Rogue Open Face Cruiser Helmet
  8. Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet
  9. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face Helmet
  10. Biltwell Bonanza Open-Face Helmet

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets For You

Reviews of Our Top 11 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets for You

Our Pick

1. Bell Custom 500 Helmet

With time, the Bell Custom 500 has only gotten better. It’s one of Bell’s best-ever cruiser helmets because of its classic style, modern materials, and virtually limitless customization options.

As far as motorcycle helmets go, this is what comes to mind when people think of old-school designs. In addition to its circular shell and retractable sun visor, the Bell Custom 500 also boasts an adjustable chin strap.

For your comfort and safety, the fiberglass outer shell and fast-wicking fabric lining of this helmet are both intended to last.

This helmet’s shell sizes span from XS to 2XL, making it a favorite among riders. This helmet will still fit even if your head is unusually shaped. It has a breathable and soft internal lining that can be removed for cleaning.

The detachable sun visor of the Bell Custom 500 ensures that you can see even on the warmest days.


  • Comes with five years of warranty.
  • Certified by DOT.
  • Comes with a modern design.
  • Worth of money.


  • There doesn’t appear to be any room for Bluetooth devices inside.
Our Pick

2. Simpson M59XLC Mod Bandit XL Carbon Helmet

The Simpson Mod Bandit is an entirely functional modular with a sports and racing helmet design. This helmet is popular among riders because of its full-coverage support and adjustable features.

The scratch-resistant casing material is also quite light. For your convenience, the internal padding is composed of smooth nylon and is detachable and washable.

This helmet can also link to your smartphone over Bluetooth, allowing you to make calls, listen to music, and utilize your navigation system while remaining hands-free. This is a feature available in only a few helmets on this budget.

The visor is comfortable to wear and keeps the wind and rain out off your face. The three tint choices are factory-clear visor, smoke tint visor, and dark iridium visor. These alternatives will help you see in any weather condition and look great.

The Mod Bandit is the right helmet for you if you want a helmet with a sleek design, excellent ventilation, and excellent peripheral and frontal vision.


  • Simpson’s aggressive style is well-known.
  • Ever so far, it is one of the lightweight modular helmets available.
  • It has the appearance of a full-cover helmet with more features.
  • It has excellent ventilation.


  • For motorcyclists with round oval heads, this is not a good fit.

Our Pick

3. LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Half Helmet

The Bagger is made for people with a medium oval head shape. Its outer shell is comprised of a lightweight and protective high-performance fiberglass composite. The detachable, hypoallergenic inside liner is quite pleasant.

The Bagger is equipped with quick-lock technology, offering an extra security layer. Unlike the D-ring, quick-lock is simple and may be used with riding gloves.

Riders will notice the wide ear flaps on this helmet right away. They serve as a neck skirt for the helmet, ensuring that it fits comfortably around your face and neck. This fantastic feature compensates for the lack of front and face protection.

The ear flaps offer pockets for your headphones or Bluetooth speaker, which makes this function even better. The back sleeve is ideal for the wires that come with those technological devices. You can now bike and listen to music at the same time.

The Bagger provides excellent riding visibility because of its iconic half-helmet shape. You’ll be able to see everything around you from every angle.

When you utilize the sun visor with this helmet, your visibility will improve even more. Depending on your demands, it can be swiftly snapped on or off. It’s effortless to use.


  • The neck skirt includes pockets for your MP3 player’s speakers.
  • On cooler days, a zip-off neck skirt is included to keep you warm.
  • It has a 3-snap peak that can be removed to provide eye protection.
  • Worth of money.


  • It’s a little tough to tighten/loosen the strap.

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Our Pick

4. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Helmet

The Scorpion Covert combines three helmet models, making it one of the most adaptable helmets on the market.

The fact that this helmet is made up of several sections has no effect on its comfort. It’s one of Scorpion’s best comfortable helmets thanks to its plush inside lining and snug fit.

This helmet comes in several different versions, each with an extra level of visibility. The most visibility is achieved when the helmet is worn in half or three-quarter mode. Although the full-face option reduces visibility, it does not limit your riding abilities.

This helmet has an EverClear sun visor that protects your face and does not fog up in cold weather. As a result, this helmet is suitable for use in all seasons.


  • Equipped with an aerodynamically optimized ventilation system.
  • When it comes to durability and style, this is unquestionably the best option.
  • Has a soft, comfy liner for year-round convenience and breathability.
  • The helmet is also incredibly light, and well-balanced, and provides good impact dispersion.


  • It’s a bit too snug to put ear-buds in.

Our Pick

5. Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Another Shoei helmet designed for cruising is available. That’s the Neotec II in particular. The complete construction of this helmet assures that every part of your head is covered when riding your bike.

It has also been equipped with noise-reduction technologies. All wind-related noise is reduced to enjoy a better riding experience. This unit does not have any peculiarities in terms of fit or size.

After all, it comes in a variety of sizes. Furthermore, its micro ratchet cushioned chin strap with an interlocking mechanism ensures a secure fit. The Neotec, like the J-Cruise helmets, has a replaceable interior.


  • It is incredibly light and well-ventilated.
  • It has been designed to withstand injuries.
  • The helmet’s interlocking chin strap keeps it from wobbling.
  • It comes with an integrated visor for additional eye protection.


  • In the dark, the interior visor can be distracting.

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Our Pick

6. HJC IS-Cruiser Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC Solid IS-Cruise Motorcycle Helmet is an excellent option for people seeking a cruiser half helmet. This one has a half-helmet design, making it a perfect choice for leisure riding. However, it is not ideal for high-speed applications.

It is, nevertheless, guaranteed to be a DOT-approved helmet. It is long-lasting since it is made of an excellent polycarbonate composite material. It is also lightweight and easy to handle because of its construction.

Furthermore, a D-ring nylon strap retention system ensures that the helmet stays on your head no matter how intense the wind is. The soft and moisture-wicking liner inside this apparel is something to see.

Even if you sweat, the latter guarantees that the helmet does not generate a foul odor. Of course, there’s an anti-bacterial liner to keep your skin from getting irritated.

These liners are certainly detachable and washable. You won’t have to worry about your range of view when you wear this helmet. It has a quick-deployable sun shield that can be activated with a single flip.


  • The shield is transparent and prevents distortion.
  • Colors are excellent, and the entire design is appealing.
  • The strap is durable and comfortable.
  • Internal padding is both comfortable and of high quality.


  • At high speeds, it may wobble, specifically if it is not tightly attached.

Our Pick

7. Bell Rogue Open Face Cruiser Helmet

The Bell Rogue offers removable and washable padding with a round, oval form. The ear pockets are pretty large, and you may easily wear glasses while wearing this helmet.

The helmet’s lower section is constructed of foam. Although incredibly comfortable, it does not offer the same level of protection as a typical three-quarter helmet.

This helmet will provide you a with lot of visibility. A three-quarter helmet will always offer superior visibility than a full-face helmet.

The Bell Rogue is three pounds and has a chin lock system with double D rings. This includes a five-year warranty if you buy it directly from the manufacturer. DOT and ECE have evaluated it; however, it does not have a SHARP rating.


  • Provides a unique solution for superior rider comfort.
  • Built specifically to withstand the elements.
  • A replaceable liner is included in the adjustable muzzle.
  • The composite shell is exceptionally lightweight.


  • It does not have a drop-down visor.

Our Pick

8. Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet

Shoei is also another well-known, respected company that has worked hard to meet and exceed its customers’ high expectations. Their J-Cruise II is the ideal helmet for leisurely cruising and trails on highways and mountains.

Despite the open-face style of Shoei’s cruiser helmet, it performs an excellent job of keeping fog and harmful UV rays out of your riding experience. The J-Cruise II is equipped with a sophisticated EVO lens face shield that ensures maximum visual clarity regardless of how cold or damp the weather is.

And then, consider the Shoei J-Cruise helmet’s comfort. The interior of this helmet is exceptionally comfortable and dry, even after a lot of use, thanks to the durable and soft hybrid fabric. Furthermore, the raised soft fabric reduces rough contact between your head and the helmet’s shell.

The Shoei J-Cruise II is the most excellent cruiser helmet for riders of all ability levels, although it is pretty expensive. It combines all the necessary features for perfect cruising and riding while being comfortable and stylish.


  • The Interior liner is washable, removable, and antibacterial.
  • Various shell sizes and colors are available.
  • Lightweight polycarbonate construction with a compact size.
  • The sun visor provides UV and fog protection.


  • It’s extremely pricey.

Our Pick

9. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face Helmet

The DLX MIPS by Bell Qualifier is another helmet worth packing on cruising adventures. This one is an excellent head-turner because it exactly replicates the style and design of the brand’s Star series.

The Qualifier is more than capable of meeting the needs of any rider. It boasts outstanding engineering that provides long-term durability and toughness. This gear can secure your head from deadly hits in the event of a collision. This is because of the MIPS energy management system installed on the helmet.

Aside from these qualities, this gear’s face shield is ordinary. Anti-fog and anti-scratch characteristics are included in the NutraFog II face shield. These are necessary elements to ensure that riders’ vision is not obstructed.

Whether it’s sunny or raining, the face shield gives you the best vision possible. The cheek pads on the helmet, by the way, are sculpted. It ensures a better fit and feel.


  • It has a unique ventilation system.
  • It also has built-in communication ports.
  • Its interior is removable and washable.
  • This helmet’s photochromic face shield is scratch and fog-resistant.


  • It lacks a noise-reducing feature.

Our Pick

10. Biltwell Bonanza Open-Face Helmet

The Bidwell Bonanza will provide an excellent ride at an even better price if you don’t have a lot of cash to invest in a helmet. This open-face helmet is a beautiful deal with its retro design and intriguing features.

The Bonanza is designed for people with round or oval-shaped heads. It has a custom-made EPS safety shell with comfy, breathable padding inside. It has a hand-stitched liner that adds to the design’s comfort.

The ventilation is excellent, as it is with any open-face helmet. However, because the Bonanza lacks a top vent, you have little control over how much air strikes your face and head. This helmet will perform best if you are biking in hot conditions.

When riding in the Bonanza, the noise level is relatively low. Much of the noise is absorbed by the inner padding. If the sound is still too much for you, you can always get some earplugs to drown it out.

The Bonanza is a lightweight helmet ideal for cruising and severe riding. It has a chin strap system with two D-rings. The helmet is light and only weighs roughly two and a half pounds, making it an incredible value for money.

The main criticism motorcyclists have about this helmet is that the bubble shield must be purchased separately. While the shield is not required to ride, it is a nice feature.


  • This one is also extremely lightweight.
  • The helmet is unquestionably comfortable.
  • The sizing fits properly.
  • If you like an open-face helmet, this is a wonderful option.


  • There are no vents in it.

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What to look for While Choosing the Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets?

Having finished our research, it’s time to talk about the features that make a helmet a good fit for you. Look at the following things before you buy headgear for your cruisers:

Type of Helmet

You have a wide range of options to choose from. You can choose from 10 different helmets based on your specific needs. Depending on your level of protection from impact, UV rays, and aeration, you can choose from various types of helmets.

In terms of dependability, full-face helmets are the best choice. In contrast, half-face helmets are more breathable and better suited for leisure travel.


When purchasing a cruiser motorcycle helmet, weight and construction are the most crucial factors to keep in mind. Because of the low level of danger, cruiser motorcycle helmets are frequently the best choice.

They’re simple to put on and use and less prone to create neck problems after long periods of wear. The downside is that they aren’t as durable as heavy-duty ones.

Choosing whether you prefer the simplicity of use or excellent protection is vital before looking at the helmet’s construction material to get an idea of how long it will last.


When you wear a motorbike helmet, your only purpose is safeguarding your head from serious harm. The DOT, ECE, and SNELL helmet certifications can be used to determine the helmet’s safety. 

Helmets that meet ECE and DOT standards are safe and legal for use on mountains and roads. In contrast, the SNELL certification ensures a far higher level of safety than DOT/ECE. It is the most secure headwear for you to wear.

Approval by the DOT

To be clear, I support wearing a helmet to increase public awareness of the significance of safe riding. For your helmets to be DOT-certified, they must meet the requirements.

If a helmet has a grade like this, it’s obvious. A DOT sticker is all you need to know about the vehicle’s status.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 is the DOT criteria these helmets must meet. The helmet must be able to disperse high energy levels, resist penetration, and have a tight fastening mechanism so that it cannot be taken from your head.


Finally, the price of your cruiser helmet is the deciding factor in your decision-making process. At a price point of around $100, motorcycle helmets are widely available.

Make sure you get a helmet that’s both functional and stylish, rather than one that’s only for show.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When cruising, should you wear helmets?

Even if we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet while riding your motorcycle, they are not required for cruising around flat streets. If you plan to bomb and cruise on hills, you should consider investing in a helmet to prevent your head from high-velocity falls.

Which cruiser bike helmet is the best?

Although the most excellent helmet for cruiser bikes varies based on your skill level and inclination, most users think the Bell Qualifier full-face helmet is ideal.

Which brand of motorcycle helmet is the safest?

Over time, many companies have emerged as the strongest and safest motorcycle helmet brands. Still, AGV remains at the top, closely followed by Shoei helmets. Arai, Shark, and HJC are the other manufacturers mentioned on this website.

Final Thoughts

Taking a ride on a motorcycle might make you feel free. Even if four-wheel vehicles have a more extended range than most motorbikes, it is still apparent that these two-wheeled speed demons may still deliver a pure sense of freedom while traveling. For long-distance travel, they are ideal.

Ultimately, our comprehensive looks at the top 10 cruiser motorcycle helmets and our buying recommendations have ended. We hope this post helps you understand motorcycle helmet characteristics in detail and helps you get the proper helmet for your cruiser.

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