Best Motorcycle Helmet For Wide Head That’s Perfect For You!

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Wide Head

Although many excellent motorcycle helmets are on the market, not all are made to fit a large head. Look no further if you’re seeking a motorbike helmet that will fit you well.

It’s an understatement to say that motorcycle riders need to wear helmets. In addition to saving lives, they also keep you safe, some of which can make you appear very excellent. Discovering a motorcycle helmet that fits a big head, on the other hand, is like finding a unicorn in a disaster for some people.

When you’re out on the road, the last thing you want is your helmet squeezing the life out of you. This post is for those who have a head that’s a tad more significant than the average. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best motorbike helmets for wide heads.

Here they are:

  1. Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet
  2. HJC Solid Adult Helmet
  3. Daytona Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
  4. Vega Unisex Adult Half Size Motorcycle Helmet
  5. TORC T50 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
  6. Bell Qualifier DLX Full Face Helmet
  7. YEMA Modular Full Face Helmet
  8. LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet
  9. Shoei RF-1400 Helmet
  10. Shoei GT-Air 2 Redux Street Motorcycle Helmet
  11. Shoei Neotec II Helmet
  12. Arai XD4 Helmet

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Wide Head!

Reviews of Our top 12 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Wide Head

Our Pick

1. Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

Welcome to the Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet, a lightweight open-face helmet. This helmet is quite larger than other helmets, which we like. As a result, it can easily accommodate larger heads.

It comes in a variety of sizes, from XS to 3XL. Although it is only offered in matte black, its minimalism is stunning in its own right. It’s not cluttered with stickers or other extraneous items, so it’s ideal if aesthetics aren’t a priority.

This helmet feels light thanks to its carbon composite shell. It also has an integrated sun visor to keep your eyes protected from the sun. Even better, a detachable neck curtain keeps you warm when riding in the winter.

Best of all, it comes with a 5-year warranty that you can use if your helmet breaks down.


  1. It has a neck curtain that can be removed.
  2. It is lightweight.
  3. It comes in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.
  4. It comes with an internal sun visor.


  1. Some people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the tightness.

Our Pick

2. HJC Solid Adult Helmet

The HJC CS-R3 Street Motorcycle Helmet is a fantastic helmet with many of features that will benefit riders in the future. The CS-R3 Street Motorcycle Helmet is built to provide the best possible protection in a sleek and light package.

The CS-R3 Street Motorcycle Helmet has a unique design with aerodynamic contours. The shell is made of modern polycarbonate and has a lightweight, aerodynamic design.

It has a chin curtain for additional security. For more excellent peripheral vision, it features a large eye port. It boasts a fog-free shield system that can be adjusted quickly. It has received DOT approval.

This full-face helmet offers the best protection for any rider, and an additional drop-down internal sun shield allows you to ride in the sun while maintaining visual protection.


  1. It’s fairly simple to put on.
  2. Reduces road and wind noise.
  3. Extreme lightweight.
  4. Prevents the wind from getting in your eyes.


  1. This helmet lacks a breath deflector and a chin curtain.

Our Pick

3. Daytona Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Daytona Cruiser Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is the ideal piece of summer headgear. The big helmet shell and extra padding are ideal for keeping cool and filtering out the sun.

This helmet has received DOT approval. It comes with a full-face shield. It’s an excellent helmet for people with large heads. The Daytona Cruiser quickly turns traditional to trendy because of its bold, vintage-inspired styling and full-face covering.

For the money, the Daytona Cruiser Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is terrific. It has fantastic visibility, as you’d expect from an open-face helmet, and the old style is beautiful.

It’s great for riding bikes and also really comfy to wear for long periods. The helmet is well-made, and the sizing is accurate. The inside is made of lovely, silky leather that is pleasant to wear against your face.

It’s also simple to change. The Daytona Cruiser Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is a tremendous value and a comfortable helmet to wear. For cruiser motorcyclists, the Daytona Cruiser helmet is an excellent choice.

The Cruiser has a low-profile, lightweight shell with an excellent fit. It provides everything a cruiser rider requires while also looking beautiful.


  1. It’s one of the most compact DOT 3/4 Shell Helmets ever designed.
  2. The interior has been specially designed to provide you with maximum comfort.
  3. With three different shell sizes, you’re guaranteed to get the perfect fit.
  4. A removable, Snap-on gloss black bubble visor is included.


  1. The extra chin strap does not have a snap.

Our Pick

4. Vega Unisex Adult Half Size Motorcycle Helmet

The Vega Warrior Half Helmet provides great crash and accident protection at a low cost. With your protection in mind, there’s no need to doubt the level of protection this helmet provides.

The design is also just gorgeous. It has a lovely design, and you can add an extra shield to the helmet. This lightweight helmet offers half-coverage for your face and lots of airflows to keep you cool while riding.

This helmet, one of the best motorcycle helmets for big heads, comes in various sizes, ranging from S to 2XL. Even better, it has a dial system for adjusting the size! The strap system is straightforward to use and may be employed at any time during the ride.

It not only fits your big skull properly, but it also comes in various colors. Moreover, the inner liner is moisture-wicking, preventing you from absorbing too much moisture due to sweating.


  1. Price is reasonable.
  2. The best option for riders wishing for a more comfortable and elegant helmet.
  3. This one is fully adjustable and simple to use.
  4. Both men and women can wear the Rebel Warrior skull cap helmet.


  1. Different motorcycle helmets for people with large heads may offer more protection.

Our Pick

5. TORC T50 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Looking for a motorbike helmet with an intermediate oval head shape? It’s the most fantastic motorcycle helmet for big heads, with a large field of view, excellent ventilation, and a smooth face shield.

The TORC T50 open-face helmet securely fits a wide range of facial shapes and gives a wide field of view, thanks to its novel friction-based shield closure technology that allows you to snap the shield open and closed at will.

The Snell M2015 safety certification has been given to the TORC T50 open-face helmet, which meets and surpasses DOT and ECE helmet safety regulations.

The TORC T50 open-face helmet provides excellent protection and elevates rider safety to new levels. This is a lightweight and comfy full-face helmet.


  1. It will give you a classy look.
  2. Worth of money.
  3. Feels comfortable.
  4. Will provide you with a great fit.


  1. Not very stylish.

Our Pick

6. Bell Qualifier DLX Full Face Helmet

The Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet is ideal for bikers with a round head shape. This helmet was created for those who want a lot of comfort in a traditional motorcycle helmet. It fits round head shapes perfectly as if designed specifically for them.

The Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet was created with the big-headed person in mind! The shell is lightweight and smooth, thanks to a new sophisticated print process.

In the summer, the big vents can be left open, and in the winter, they can be closed. The lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind, so you don’t have to be concerned! This Bell helmet has received DOT approval!

The Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet is a popular motorcycle helmet featured in several motorcycle magazines. This motorbike helmet offers an adjustable visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and a customized fit.

The EPS liner in this helmet absorbs impact energy, reducing the risk of catastrophic head injuries. This motorcycle helmet offers a large field of vision and is designed to keep you safe on the road.

This is a full-face motorcycle helmet designed on city streets or in the dirt. It is aerodynamically engineered to allow the rider to wear the helmet comfortably when riding in a tucked posture.


  1. It gives outstanding performance at a fantastic price.
  2. The Department of Transportation has given its approval to this.
  3. Best value for money, nice features, and decent quality.
  4. Helps to prevent wind and road noise greatly.


  1. Only a hefty price tag is lacking from its feature list.

Our Pick

7. YEMA Modular Full Face Helmet

If you’re ready to extend your money a little, the YEMA Motorcycle Modular Helmet is a great option. This is one of the perfect motorcycle helmets for big heads since it has several value-added features that give you more value for the money.

The DOT certification on this elegant and stylish helmet confirms its dependability and level of security. Furthermore, the tough and durable ABS shell will assure no or minimal impact on your head and neck in the event of an unfortunate accident.

The multi-density EPS and adjustable strap design for convenience are also outstanding features. A sun visor is also included, shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays. This full-face helmet has plenty of vents for your optimum comfort.

They’ll provide excellent ventilation and keep your head cool at all times. The inside material, like other helmets, is removable and washable, allowing you to change or clean it as needed.


  1. Very pleasant to wear.
  2. ABS shell is robust and long-lasting.
  3. The liner is removable and washable.
  4. A fantastic mid-range helmet for individuals who don’t want to spend too much money.


  1. It does not have a soundproof feature.

Our Pick

8. LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet

This DOT and ECE-approved modular helmet are pretty impressive for its cost. The LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet is among the best motorcycle helmets for big heads on the market today, with an internal sun visor.

You’ll undoubtedly find one that fits your head properly, with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. While comfort is highly subjective, we’re confident in saying that we like this helmet a lot. Even with spectacles on, it manages to provide a perfect fit.

The visor’s quality is also deserving of appreciation. It’s scratch- and fog-resistant, so you’ll always have crystal-clear visibility on the road. With moisture running down your face and hard breathing, the amount of air flowing through the helmet will keep you feeling fresh at all times.


  1. The intake ports are fully adjustable, and the EPS is vented.
  2. Assists in keeping the rider cool and comfortable.
  3. Riders created this helmet for riders.
  4. It starts with a single button that is both easy to find and utilize.


  1. It isn’t completely soundproof.

Our Pick

9. Shoei RF-1400 Helmet

It is a modular full-face helmet with many features that lets you be as free as you want on any ride. It has innovative features like a wind tunnel-tested aerodynamic shell and a ventilation system to keep you comfortable and cool while riding.

It is also a lightweight, customizable helmet that is ideal for touring, commuting, and long-distance riding. Because of its sophisticated design, it provides more excellent ventilation and comfort.

Because of its stylish design, it provides excellent ventilation and comfort. This helmet is one of the lightweights on the market, weighing little less than 3.5 pounds.

Shoei’s Neotec II helmet is a superior modular helmet with a hand-laid fiberglass shell. It has a helmet safety rating of class 1-2, indicating that it is safe to use. Its unique design is both fashionable and practical.

The helmet is the world’s first flip-up helmet that meets the DOT’s stringent safety criteria and is built for comfort and performance.


  1. The quality of this helmet is amazing.
  2. For bikers with large head size, this helmet is an excellent choice.
  3. Wind/waterproof seal is provided by all-new, airtight window beading.
  4. Wind noise around the helmet is reduced thanks to its optimal shell aerodynamics.


  1. A bit expensive than other models.

Our Pick

10. Shoei GT-Air 2 Redux Street Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei’s GT-Air II premium helmet is a proper headgear for those with larger heads. This helmet is designed for people who have a round head.

It was created to bring together the best features of the Shoei RF-1100 and the famous RF-SR helmets from earlier versions. The GT-Air is a high-end sports helmet that is suitable for most motorcyclists.

Polycarbonate is used for the exterior shell since it is stronger and lighter than alternative materials like fiberglass. That implies you can protect yourself effectively without gaining weight.

The GT-Air has a wider field of view and more room for eyeglasses, as well as a revised chin curtain and nose vent to help prevent fogging. On extended rides, this streamlined helmet was intended to maximize airflow to keep you cool.

The shield of the GT-Air II has a specific anti-fog coating that can be removed to keep it clean. It’s the lightest full-face helmet made by Shoei. The ventilation system and the contour of the center cushion and cheek pads provide a unique fit.


  1. This one is also DOT approval.
  2. Comes with a lot of great features.
  3. Made of high-quality material.
  4. The significant worth of money.


  1. The quick contact under your chin may irritate you.

Our Pick

11. Shoei Neotec II Helmet

The Shoei Necotec II Helmet is an excellent option if you’re looking to splurge. It’s well worth your investment as one of the most acceptable motorcycle helmets for big heads on the market.

You’ll feel at ease wearing it even if you’re on a long tour. It also has an aerodynamic design that improves everything. This helmet is available in 14 unique colors and sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. It contains a removable, washable liner and cheek padding inside.

On the other hand, multi-layered cheek pads have been specifically developed to limit wind noise while providing a high level of comfort. This helmet has cheek pads in various sizes, allowing you to fine-tune the fit even more.


  1. It has a visor with an anti-fog coating.
  2. The shell is lightweight and very aerodynamic.
  3. Sizes from XS to 2XL are available.
  4. It has a fantastic noise-canceling feature.


  1. It is not something that everyone can purchase.

Our Pick

12. Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai motorcycle helmets are among the finest for big heads. They have a sleek style that makes them feel at ease. These helmets have a very fashionable aggressive appearance about them. These helmets are exceptionally comfortable to wear. 

Arai offers a wide range of sizes. Arai is a Japanese designer brand. The helmets are composed of the best materials available. The Arai XD4 Helmet is ideal for riders of all sizes and levels of experience.

This Arai XD4 helmet has a race-inspired design, a convenient top-of-the-line ventilation system, and a low-profile design for increased visibility.

The XD-4 is the latest in Arai’s “X-Spirit” series, featuring a modified shell shape that aims to provide the rider with the ultimate security, ease, style, and aerodynamics.

It features a cutting-edge aerodynamic shell shape, which allows for its superior performance and greater head size. It has an excellent ventilation system and is relatively light.

A removable neck curtain, chin curtain, and cheek padding are also included with the helmet. For the money, the Arai XD4 Helmet is among the top category of helmets.

For motorcyclists, this helmet is an easy choice. A visor and ventilation system is also included. The Arai XD4 Helmet is ideal for riders who want to have fun while being safe.


  1. The ventilation is excellent.
  2. Great value for money.
  3. Looks very stylish.
  4. The shell is made of a fiberglass composite that is stronger and lighter than steel.


  1. It’s a little heavier.

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What to look for while purchasing The Best Motorcycle Helmet for Wide Head?

Take note of the following characteristics before deciding on a helmet.

Protective and Comfortable

When searching for motorcycle helmets for big heads, it’s important to consider your personal level of comfort as well. With ample cushioning, you will get the most out of the experience. In addition to making you more comfortable, it also shields your head from being slammed on a hard surface.

Size of the Helmet

The helmet’s size is the first thing to consider while searching for the best motorcycle helmets for wide heads. Sizes range from XS to 2XL or 3XL on some helmets.

However, some are available in 5XL or even 6XL if you search hard enough! To ensure a comfortable ride, ensure it’s not too big or too small.


Helmets, especially in warm environments, can become very uncomfortable. If you live in a hot location, you should seek for a helmet with a lot of vents to help you cool off.

Shell Material

Despite the importance of the padding, don’t overlook the shell material’s importance, which protects the pads. Choosing a helmet with a durable shell is essential. The heavier the material, the more pressure your neck will bear.

Visor Quality

Depending on the model, some helmets come with two visors, while others just have a single visor. Always go for a scratch-, fog- and impact-resistant protective case in addition to the one that’s right for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to determine the shape of your head for a motorbike helmet?

If you want to ride safely and comfortably, you need to wear a motorcycle helmet that fits properly and is comfortable to wear. Measuring your head is the best method for this. The widest part of your head’s circumference should be used for this measurement.

Also, make a note of the height of your head. For this, a gadget that sits on top of your head and measures height is required. You may need to go up a size if your head is enormous.

Is it possible to tell when a helmet is too large?

If you’re unfamiliar with the helmet, it can be challenging to find your idea about it. Helmets come in various shapes and sizes, as well as different materials, brands, and weights. The reality is that the best helmet for your head is the one that suits your head.

Even if a helmet is one size too big, some users have larger heads and can still wear it. Buying a motorbike helmet might be more difficult than expected, as we all know.

Helmets are, after all, well-known for their ability to properly suit wide heads. However, this may not be an option for those with smaller heads. When buying a motorcycle helmet, you’re likely to have relied on the advice of friends and relatives who have already done so.

There is only one way to know for sure if a helmet will fit you correctly when you get one: try it on. Using a size guide is one option.

What’s the Best Fit for Me?

Helmet size is best determined by taking a two-finger width measurement from just above the eyebrows to above the ears and around your head’s largest area at the back. Once you’ve examined your head, you may use the sizing information provided by the helmet to determine the correct fit for yourself.

Are there any advantages to wearing a helmet with a perfect fit?

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to get a good helmet, but finding one that fits perfectly is more complicated.

Because almost all helmets on the market are constructed to the same standards, it might be difficult for riders to select a size that meets their head properly because most are made to match a standard mold.

We’ve compiled a list of helmet features to assist riders in making an informed decision about which helmet is best for them.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, many people prefer to get around on two wheels. Motorcycles are a common choice of transportation for many people. Therefore, you must wear a helmet appropriate for your riding style and head size.

It’s like winning the jackpot for some persons to find a motorcycle helmet that fits their large heads.

Sometimes you come near but not quite close yet, and other times it just won’t fit no matter how much grease or Vaseline you put on your head. I’m confident you’ll be able to find a huge motorbike helmet that meets your requirements. Best wishes!

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