10 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets For Safety And Comfort

Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Every rider should wear a motorbike helmet with optimum airflow on hot summer days. You’ll have to try on a lot of different models until you find the perfect summer helmet with proper airflow.

You must wear a helmet because you must consider your safety. However, everything inside the helmet can quickly get warm on hot summer days. It is risky and uncomfortable to ride a motorcycle while wearing a helmet that isn’t properly ventilated.

Finding the best ventilated motorcycle helmet to wear on those sweltering summer days is your only option if you want to avoid the heat. No need to freak out! I’ve gathered some of the top 9 best ventilated motorbike helmets for hot weather right here for you. Here they are:

  1. Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet.
  2. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet.
  3. Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet.
  4. Shoei RF-1400 Street Helmet.
  5. AHR Motorcycle Full Face Helmet.
  6. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Full-Face Helmet.
  7. Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet.
  8. Bell Mag-9 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet.
  9. HJC Helmets CS-R3 Unisex-Adult Full-Face Helmet.
  10. Shark EVO-ONE 2 Blank Matte Modular Helmet.

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In a Hurry? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Reviews of Top 10 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets for You.

Our Pick

1. Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

This Bell Pit Boss half helmet offers high levels of natural air ventilation, which urban and cruiser riders will prefer. The DOT approves not all half helmets, but this one has passed safety inspections so that you can depend on it in times of emergency.

You can effortlessly adjust the helmet straps for a perfect fit to prevent slipping because it has a cutting-edge speed dial fit mechanism. Therefore, it provides unmatched protection while yet being pleasant to wear.

The admirable thing about this model is that it fits well over the glasses, allowing you to use them to compensate for the visor’s lack. And to protect your eyes from direct sunshine, there is an inside sun shade.

This motorcycle helmet works best in hot weather overall. Bell’s half-helmet uses natural airflow to maintain a comfortable temperature so you won’t ever get hot, even if you’re stuck in stop-and-go traffic.


  1. This half-helmet design will help you stay cool.
  2. To provide the proper level of protection, it is DOT approved.
  3. Speaker pockets are included for attaching audio devices.
  4. To ride in cold weather, it has a detachable neck curtain.


  1. There is no visor to shield your eyes while riding.

Our Pick

2. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

Consider the Shoei GT-Air II item if you enjoy wearing full-face helmets, especially on hot summer days. Despite having a full-face design, this motorcycle helmet offers decent airflow.

Long rides require a lot of relaxation, and this helmet is said to provide the most comfort. It fits well, includes an internal sun visor, and is DOT-approved. The vents work well, and the shell is also lightweight.

Interestingly, there are two switches inside the helmet that can be used to lock the sun shield in place. This helpful feature makes it easier to wipe the shield and is friendly and thoughtful.

It assures lots of airflow through the helmet, keeping your head cool. In addition, the chin bar features enough adjustable venting to prevent perspiration on your face and in the visor.


  1. It has DOT certification.
  2. A seven-year warranty is included.
  3. It includes a Smoke sun visor and a Clear face shield.
  4. It is a sturdy and fashionable helmet that many motorcyclists enjoy.


Our Pick

3. Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet

Regarding durability and style, the Scorpion EXO Covert half helmet is unquestionably the best option. This cutting-edge motorcycle helmet will surprise you with its radical design and excellent durability, allowing you to have an amazing riding experience on the road.

The Scorpion EXO Covert motorcycle half helmet is recognized by its innovative 3-in-1 design, removable front mask, retractable tinted sun visor, and rear sleeve, which delivers excellent protection while riding.

It is constructed using a special formula created by Scorpion EXO, including a sturdy polycarbonate shell to reduce impact and a dual-density EPS to aid energy absorption.

In addition, when light rays directly hit the retractable sun visor, it lessens eye strain. Also, it allows for great vision while riding at night. You can imagine getting all the air through the headgear to beat the heat with a design similar to a half-size helmet.


  1. Its dual-density EPS liner is removable.
  2. It’s simple to clean.
  3. It features a clear visor and a retractable, tinted sun visor.
  4. Constructed from a durable LG advanced polycarbonate shell.


  1. The airflow isn’t the greatest in full-style helmet mode.

Our Pick

4. Shoei RF-1400 Street Helmet

The Shoei RF-1400 is remarkably quiet. The airtight and waterproof shell, thick face pads, and replaceable ear pads all contribute to this. Furthermore, the aerodynamic design reduces wind noise.

In fact, the aerodynamic shell serves multiple functions. It also helps you stay cool. Wind blowing via the helmet’s two center, two chin, two temple vents, and an exhaust vent with four outlets keeps air circulating through the helmet.

These can be adjusted and closed to suit the environment and individual preferences. It has more features than other top-shelf brands and has ventilation that is unmatched in its class.

Additionally, the Max-Dry lining helps to absorb sweat. You may remove and wash it when it eventually absorbs too much of your own odor.


  1. The Shoei line’s lightest helmet is this one.
  2. Comes with a lot of features.
  3. Its EVO pin-lock prevents eye-shield fogging.
  4. It features advanced and adjustable ventilation.


  1. It is very expensive.

Our Pick

5. AHR Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

When you first see the AHR, you’ll observe its sleek, modern design. The ABS shell’s construction appears to be very superior. However, they didn’t simply make it attractive; they also made it useful.

The air vent system designed to keep the inside of the helmet cool is what really matters. You will receive a helmet that has a pretty comfortable EPS lining that helps to withstand crash impacts but could have been uncomfortable on hot days.

The EPS liner in this one also aids in airflow. The exhaust vent is used to let the hot air go. You feel really safe and comfortable while wearing the helmet.

Also, don’t forget to use the double visors on your helmet. It provides you with a broad perspective of the road. The inside black visor also shields the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.


  1. It is constructed with a lightweight ABS shell.
  2. It complies with DOT safety regulations.
  3. It has an EPS liner with excellent ventilation.
  4. Its aerodynamic design reduces drag and wind noise.


  1. The size of this helmet can be too large for some.

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Our Pick

6. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Full Face Helmet

When you have to accept calls, helmets can be a big pain. There isn’t even adequate space to use a Bluetooth headset under it. Without question, the Bluetooth connectivity it provides will leave the biggest impression on you.

You can make calls, answer them, or call them back with just one touch of a button on the side of the helmet. Not only that, but you can also use it to talk to other riders sitting next to you or behind you.

Don’t forget that you can enjoy music, the radio, or voice-guided GPS without looking anything up on your phone. You also have a ventilation system that you can handle with one touch of a slider on the chin.

The chin guard can be flipped up with the push of a button because it is a modular helmet. 3 colors are available in total, as few provide such a high-quality system as this. Moreover, a ventilation system is controlled by a simple slide on the chin.


  1. It has a built-in Bluetooth system.
  2. It complies with and exceeds DOT and ECE requirements.
  3. You can easily wash and remove the inside liner.
  4. It is simple to use and clean.


  1. The sun visor doesn’t extend all the way.

Our Pick

7. Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

The Arai XD4 model is a must-have if you can’t imagine your lifestyle without exploration or if you’re looking for a well-ventilated helmet for summer riding. It is made possible by a thoughtful design that offers exceptional comfort and protection.

The Arai XD4’s shell has been modified to improve its aerodynamics. However, consider the fact that this item is somewhat heavy (3.66 lbs) and might not be perfect for long journeys.

The manufacturers superbly made the ventilation system. Exhaust ports were added to the top diffuser vents to allow warm air from the helmet to exit. More intake ports and sizable, sculpted side cowl vents on the chin vent increase airflow.

There is a minor flaw in the vent design, though. Vents can be mistakenly opened since they have covers. They might fly out of sight when you ride your motorcycle, and you’ll never find them again.

This helmet has a Snell safety rating, which is recognized for its rigorous testing protocols. Overall, Arai XD4 is a wonderful option for motorcycle trips in the summer since it offers a high level of safety, comfort, and mobility, as well as adequate ventilation.


  1. It has received Snell and DOT approval.
  2. It is adjustable in three different ways.
  3. The interior parts can be washed and removed.
  4. It is designed with lots of vents and great ventilation.


  1. There is no way to attach a Pin-lock lens.

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Our Pick

8. Bell Mag-9 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

This Bell Mag 9 helmet is a must-have if you want to enjoy your ride and feel the wind on your face. With all the contemporary features this open-face helmet offers, you can enjoy the air.

This Bell Mag 9 helmet’s interior is easily cleanable and detachable. The sculpted cheek pads will also add an extra level of comfort. By the way, they also assist in lowering wind noise during rides. It has a face shield and a peak visor to keep your face and eyes safe while riding.

The polycarbonate shell is durable and only a little heavy. This helmet’s 3.38 lb total weight is ideal for summer headgear. You will like that this helmet can accept the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom if you enjoy listening to music while you ride your motorcycle.

The Bell Mag 9 is the best open-face motorcycle helmet for summer riding. Even the choicest riders will find plenty of beneficial features for increased comfort and better ventilation.


  1. It is DOT approved.
  2. Comfortable and easy to wear.
  3. Gives a stylish look.
  4. Its shell is made of strong, lightweight polycarbonate.


  1. Their size runs very small.

Our Pick

9. HJC Helmets CS-R3 Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet

A few helmets are available for people who require decent-quality helmets at an affordable price. The HJC CS-R3 Unisex Full Face Motorcycle Helmet will pay no more than $150, even with all of its high-tech features and capabilities.

The exterior shell of this helmet is made of polycarbonate, which absorbs severe impacts during a major crash. Additionally, the aerodynamic shell design adds to wearer’s comfort. It weighs about 3.5 lbs., is lightweight, and feels comfortable on the head.

You’ll be happy to know that the helmet’s AC-S ventilation system lowers interior humidity. There are vents on the chin, forehead, and back to reduce heat buildup. You will stay cool throughout every ride, making it perfect for all-year riding.

Without a doubt, this is a decent deal. With its cutting-edge comfort feature, you will continue to feel cool and dry. If you wear this helmet, your journey will be fun and memorable because it assumes responsibility for your safety while you ride.


  1. It’s very lightweight.
  2. Provides a comfortable and superior fit.
  3. Has adjustable chin and forehead vents.
  4. DOT approved.


  1. It fogs up sometimes.

Our Pick

10. Shark EVO-ONE 2 Blank Matte Modular Helmet

The Shark EVO One 2 helmet is claimed as the safest modular helmet available. This item is an excellent safety option for your summer motorcycle journeys thanks to the improved chin-locking system and other features.

Additionally, it is DOT, and ECE-approved, allowing you to wear it confidently. This helmet offers you the choice to use it as a full-face or open-face helmet based on your riding demands.

For safer riding in various weather situations, you can add the provided fog-free lens to this helmet model because it is Pin-lock ready. Additionally, built-in anti-scratch sun protection allows you to drive comfortably in the sun.

The helmet weighs 4.03 lbs, which may make the durable thermoplastic resin shell feel weighty. The CoolMax liner feels good against the skin and absorbs moisture from the air to keep you cool. For routine maintenance, you can also remove it.

This Shark EVO One 2 product is a simple addition to the best ventilated motorcycle helmets. Since you can use this headgear in full- and open-face variants, you can always choose the level of ventilation.


  1. It’s a modular helmet.
  2. Worth of money.
  3. It’s also DOT-approved.
  4. It arrives with a double D design.


  1. It might feel heavy for some.

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What to look for while purchasing the best ventilated motorcycle helmet?

The presence of air vents in the helmet does not guarantee maximum comfort. A few factors mostly determine good ventilation. When choosing the best vented motorcycle helmet, don’t forget to consider the following factors. Here are they:

Types of helmets

The type of helmet you’ll wear is the first factor you must consider. There are now several options available in this regard. You can choose from off-roaders, motocross, full jet helmets, modular helmets, jet open helmets, and more.

Choose a full jet or modular headgear if you’re going to buy one for regular use. Both the full jet and the modular ones offer excellent all-around protection. Make a decision and choose the best option for your needs.


You need a well-ventilated helmet to resist the oppressive summer heat. A helmet with many intake and exhaust vents will gulp in the cool air and flush out the warm air in that way.

An interior liner with the perfect grooving will also aid in the best possible ventilation. So, that’s another thing to consider.

Visor Quality

A leaking and foggy visor will never make for the safest bike ride. Pick a headgear with an anti-fog and scratch-proof visor. Giving a clear perspective of the road, will avoid dangerous situations. Meanwhile, high-quality visors block dangerous UV rays.

Comfortable lining

A soft inner lining effectively absorbs impacts and abrupt bumps. Shrill noises are also bothersome to many motorcyclists since they cause distractions during long trips. You will undoubtedly have a comfortable, fun, safe, and memorable trip because of the soft, cushy liner.


Helmets are no exception to the fact that all of your riding gear has to be lightweight. You’ll put extra strain on your neck and shoulders if you wear a heavy helmet. This implies it can tire you after a long trip, cruise, or even multiple commutes.

Because you have to use more physical effort to keep your head erect, a heavier helmet can also become hotter. Additionally, it will impact your skull more forcefully. Get the lightest helmet you can if weight isn’t a concern.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is Good Helmet Ventilation Important?

There are several good reasons to seek a helmet with good ventilation. However, avoiding interior heat is the major reason for purchasing one. In the heat, you don’t need to be soaked in sweat inside the helmet.

Therefore, having a helmet that allows air to circulate through it and release excess heat is always a plus. That is why you require it.

Can the ventilation in a helmet get worse over time?

Yes, if you don’t properly maintain your helmet, you might notice a decline in ventilation capabilities. First, after many kilometers of use, the linens and pads have already soaked a lot of sweat, causing buildups and jams in the fabric due to human slime.

These blockages prevent the interior from absorbing moisture. In this instance, washing or changing the linens is highly recommended. Second, the vents on the helmet like to clog up as well. As you travel, insects and debris can become lodged inside the vents.

Because of this, less air can get through these holes, and you can see that the airflow has decreased a lot. If you clean the vents, you can get the same amount of airflow as before.

Can I modify my helmet to make it more comfortable for hot weather riding?

You may modify your helmet easily to make summer trips more comfortable. The helmet’s lining can be changed, which is one of the simplest things you can do. A new one should feature exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities to enhance your comfort during the summer.

Where Can I Find A Helmet With Excellent Ventilation?

Finding one is not difficult. All you need is an effective helmet that allows cool air to pass through it. You might require intakes for this.

Then within the helmet, you need an excellent lining system in the EPS to allow air to flow and get the warm ones out. And, of course, there will also be a sizable exhaust vent to extract the heat.

Our Final Thoughts

The difference between an enjoyable and a suffocating ride can be as simple as choosing a helmet with enough ventilation. Wearing the ideal ventilated motorcycle headgear will help you stay cool, dry, and hydrated on longer and shorter rides.

The ideal helmet will undoubtedly make your trip interesting and fun, even though it is unsafe to ride without one. I hope this finishes your research for the best ventilated motorcycle helmet.

You will undoubtedly discover a decent option from the range of excellent gears mentioned below. Go for it. Additionally, invest in a helmet that will protect you from accidents and the oppressive summer heat.

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