How to Keep a Helmet On a Bike? A Comprehensive Guide

How to Keep Helmet on a Bike?

When you park your motorcycle at a neighborhood cafe or gas station and do not wish to carry your helmet, you have several options for where to hang it on your bike.

But which is the most secure?

The answer may depend on what kind of bike you have.

The only location where you should not place your helmet is the ground.

Several kilometers down the road, ants or other insects could scurry in and cause havoc if they bite or get in your eyes or ears.

So, where is the safest and most convenient place to store your motorcycle helmet?

There are only two actual options:

  • Transport it with you
  • Attach it to your motorcycle (either locked or unlocked)

The remainder of the essay compares the advantages and disadvantages of these two options.

Should You Keep Your Motorcycle Helmet On You At All Times?

There are three considerations when deciding whether or not to bring a helmet along:

  • Satisfaction & personal choice
  • Where you park your vehicle
  • The length of your absence

Satisfaction & Personal choice

Keeping your helmet in plain view will give you peace of mind that it is not being stolen or tampered with. Therefore, I propose bringing your helmet to reassure yourself that everything is okay.

Where You Park Your Vehicle

Compared to parking next to a security officer, it may be prudent to take your helmet with you if you park in a questionable area. There are no guarantees that it will remain secure.

The Length of Your Absence

Some individuals will leave their helmets unlocked on their bikes if they are just absent for a brief time. If you are away from your bike for no more than five minutes, you should be fine leaving it in the mirror. It is typically unusual for someone to steal it quickly, but you never know.

The Disadvantages of Wearing a Helmet with You

What is the disadvantage of transporting your motorbike helmet? Due to its overall size, it might be a great hassle to take around. It is a cumbersome item to transfer.

Also, if you are forgetful like I am, you may need to remember where you placed your helmet.

Should you leave your Helmet on While Parking Your Motorcycle?

You might worry about leaving your helmet on your bike if you’re a new rider. You probably spent a lot of money on your helmet, so you want to prevent it from being stolen.

If you will be gone for only a brief length of time or if you have a lock for your helmet, leave it on your motorcycle. However, locking your helmet on your bike does not prevent anyone from tampering with it.

There is also the danger of insects creeping into your helmet if you leave it outside on your parked bicycle. If you’ve ever been surprised by a spider after putting your helmet back on, consider leaving it on your motorcycle.

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8 Tips to Keep the Helmet On the Bike (When Off Your Motorcycle)

The Panniers and Roof Rack

The ideal location to secure your helmet is in large, lockable panniers or, if you’re fortunate, a top box.

These keep your helmet out of the sun, out of the elements, and away from thieves’ prying eyes.

Additionally, it cannot be harmed by someone colliding with your bicycle or even knocking it over.

The Helmet Lock

It is secure if your bicycle is equipped with a helmet lock. Unfortunately, some modern bikes lack these.

Additionally, there are issues with hanging it here.

First, it is simple for burglars to cut the strap and steal your helmet. Yes, it damages the helmet, but robbers may use it to steal your bicycle and flee.

On some, your helmet may be able to bounce back and forth in the wind, which could scuff its painted surface or, worse, your visor.

Individuals who squeeze by your parked bicycle may also scratch your helmet or visor. Additionally, your helmet is exposed to the elements.

And because it is either upside down or on its side, you may return to a helmet containing rain, dust, trash, and cigarette butt!

A Seat

A Seat

This is likely the simplest and most prevalent way to store a helmet on a motorcycle temporarily.

Depending on the seat, this might be highly safe or extremely dangerous. A passerby’s bump or even strong wind may send the helmet tumbling, and a fall from such a height could destroy it.

Additionally, it is quite visible and easy to take. Your helmet is also exposed to the weather, but at least it will not accumulate rain like it does when it is on a helmet lock. Remember to close the visor!

If you must store it on the seat, the most secure way to prevent it from rolling off is with the visor facing the sides.

In the Tank

In the Tank

Similar to the seat, it depends on the bicycle and is susceptible to the same security issues.

Attach to the Handlebars

The handlebars are the quickest and easiest way to hang a helmet. This can be secure if placed over bar-end mirrors to prevent it from falling off.

However, this is still a problematic posture in which the helmet can fall quickly if the bike is hit.

If the helmet is hung with the inside foam liner facing down, it may also be compressed. Compressing the liner can cause your helmet to fit less snugly and reduce its effectiveness in protecting your head during a collision.

The Footpegs

The same holds for securing your helmet to your footpegs.

It may appear more “secure” because it is hidden from view, but I witnessed a pedestrian pass past a bicycle and kicked the helmet because it was difficult to see.

It rolled approximately 50 meters down the road. Written off!

If you choose to hang it from the footpegs, do so on the right side, opposite the side stand, as they can slide off the left side due to the lean of the bike.

Alarms and Cables

Alarms and Cables

If you opt to hang or keep your helmet on your bicycle, it may be prudent to secure it with a cable lock. Some are composed of durable titanium, while others are equipped with alarms.

Examine This sturdy helmet lock! Andras and Thomas Torkos with a DSD Helmet Lock

The Strap

The Strap

If your bike lacks a secure location to store your helmet, you may always carry it in its original packaging or purchase one of our simple EZ-GO shoulder straps.

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FAQs About How to Keep Helmet on a Bike?

How do I keep my helmet on my bike?

There are a few different ways to keep your helmet on your bike. One way is to use a motorcycle helmet lock. This attaches to the back of your bike and will hold your helmet in place.

Another way is to put it in the front basket of the bike. Make sure it’s secure, and then you can’t lose it!

 Finally, you can also use a clip or holder to attach it to the side of your bike. Again, ensure it’s secure so it doesn’t move around while you’re riding.

What if I forget my helmet lock?

If you need to remember your motorcycle helmet lock, there are other ways to keep your helmet on your bike. You can use a clip or holder that attaches to the side of the bike. Or, you can put it in the front basket. Just make sure it’s secure so it doesn’t move around while you’re riding.

Should I regularly wear a helmet when riding my bike?

Ultimately, deciding what is best for you and your safety would be best. Some people wear helmets every time they ride their bike, while others don’t feel it’s necessary.

It all comes down to personal preference. Always wear a helmet when riding your bike, even if you don’t think it’s necessary. It’s one of the best ways to protect yourself.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly, wearing a motorcycle helmet is a mandatory part of biking. It has become increasingly important as the number of cyclists has increased.

A helmet can protect your head and neck from injury and helps you stay safe while on the bike. Keeping your helmet on when riding a motorcycle is essential for your safety and the safety of others around you.

By following these steps, you can make sure you know how to keep the helmet on your bike for keeping your helmet on your bike. Read through the entire guide; I hope you find it helpful!

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